Super People

Without a vision the people perish. That is to say: unless someone shows the way, the opinions of man will crush us.

Mankind is miserably vulnerable. Still, the imagination of Man writes stories of super people; people who overcome terror and destruction, rising to hero status.

We desperately need someone to succeed where others have been sunk by failure when a depraved tempest smashes against their hull.

Heroes are made in the quiet times at home. Their bravery sleeps within their heart until that jarring explosion at their front door.

We need a vision of success. We need to see a quiet determination raging against chaos. Who are these people?

Is that you?

The Sudden Nature of Destruction

I saw a raccoon as I was driving along. He was apparently sitting on the side of the road. As I got closer, I noticed he was sitting like a human might sit. I thought that’s odd. Then I noticed that his body was smashed open from the stomach back. He had been run over and was in shock as he looked at his intestines. The sight was so grizzly and horrid that I can’t get it out of my mind. I’ve never seen such a pathetic situation.
In my mind it’s easy to see a lesson from this. I will say this knowing many will disagree. But it won’t matter. As suddenly, shockingly, unavoidable, and inevitable as this raccoon’s problem was, so it will be for all who deny the forgiveness and love of Christ Jesus in this life.
The freedom you feel now to criticise and provoke will be turned into horror and utter shame and ruin come the day you stand before the Lord. I don’t say this to make myself feel good about my own righteousness. I say this as a truth. These things will happen to all who put confidence in their own understanding and “righteous” behavior.
The Lord is true and has opened this day for our salvation, not some future date or place. This is the day of salvation and there will be no other.

By His Grace.