Fear of Fire

How can God save us from trouble if we always play it safe?

How can he prove his powerful salvation if we never confront our sins?

How can he save us from the murderous lion if we always stay in our home?

We say that God is powerful.

Do we have, have we become, a living testimony?

Fear is not from God.

But he is a consuming and Holy fire.

Look in your imagination.

Do you see the raging flames?

He has not set up the fire to test us.

The fire is what he is!

Those with faith do not stand still.

One foot in front of the other,

They walk into the fire

Allowing it to burn away that which is not God.

Fear and timidity belongs to the flesh.

Boldness, sobriety of mind, fearless trust, and every other good thing, is of God.

Choose to die for the sake of Christ or live in fear all your life.

Choose the latter and that is what you will be on the great and terrifying day.

A Resolution

Resolutions to change usually die on January 2. Well this is February 6.

A resolution is not a state of mind, where by we make some empty pledge to become something. In that case, a resolution is no more than the job description of a hypocrite.

A resolution is a commitment to a higher state of mind than we could possibly own. It’s a mind of a hero. It’s the mind of someone vastly greater than we.

Remember when you decided to follow Jesus. Remember the mind you had; a determination to make change by building a foundation with the shovel he gave you. You believed his pledge to guide your every move. So can you tell yourself what happened? Do you know where you laid that shovel? Are you willing to go get it and pick it up again?

No foundation is built in a day. Every foundation is built one shovel load at a time. Resolve to retrieve the shovel. Resolve to walk back to the line he drew for you. Resolve to dig. Resolve toward calluses (on your hands and kneecaps).

Our goal is not the peak of the roof. It’s simply the next shovel load.

I don’t care what happened to you. I don’t care how old you are. I can’t care how long you will live here in this world. But we can care that he receives what is rightfully his.

Resolve to be resolved.

Super People

Without a vision the people perish. That is to say: unless someone shows the way, the opinions of man will crush us.

Mankind is miserably vulnerable. Still, the imagination of Man writes stories of super people; people who overcome terror and destruction, rising to hero status.

We desperately need someone to succeed where others have been sunk by failure when a depraved tempest smashes against their hull.

Heroes are made in the quiet times at home. Their bravery sleeps within their heart until that jarring explosion at their front door.

We need a vision of success. We need to see a quiet determination raging against chaos. Who are these people?

Is that you?

Do you hear what I hear?

“When anyone hears the message about the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in their heart.”

Do you hear what I hear?

“A child, a child, 

shivers in the cold 

let us bring him 

Silver and gold.”

What good is our profit 

When the cross is in sight;

When he strained so hard 

That glorious night?

Let his body be covered 

With bleeding sweat.  

Father’s will to be done!

And yet.

The pageantry of Christmas.  

Some shiny toy, a new dress.  

Does this keep warm 

The Word of God?

Does this help the message

Be cast abroad?

Or is it something deep within;

Someplace that’s hidden

From our sin.  


Do you hear what I hear,

Whispered in the streets?

The silver and gold 

He desires so

Cannot be carried 

By feet.  


Believe! Believe!

Deep down in your soul.  

Let the seed of Word

Have a place.  

“Come in, come in.  

Come out of the cold.  

Let me taste 

The meaning of gold.”


I am an ox in an open field. The yoke upon my neck is made from things I have never seen.  

It was placed there in the night without my consent or desire.  

I am compelled by joy to pull.  

The smell of success is in the air.  

It is the harvest soon to come.  

It is the smell of grass and trees.  

It is the dirt beneath my hooves.  

So I pull with joyous vigor!

The strength of my bones is beyond words to say.  

It is more than an Ox should have.  

For there is no whip to urge me on.  

There is no carrot before my face.  

It is the sound of his voice that drives me forward.  




More sure of his way than the hardest of steel.  


He whispers. 


Successive Keys

1. Figure out what matters. 
2. Apply all resources to gather the basics. 

3. Eat, sleep, work, play, speak and live them constantly.  

4. Expand on the basics, keeping perfection in mind, never allowing yourself to stray afield.  

5. Live like you know what you know; be that professional you are sure exists.  

This is how to become excellent at anything. Good, bad, wicked, ugly, beautiful, they all use the same formula.  

Above everything, remember this:

Every one becomes absolutely perfect at what they do. Most succeed at being worthless. Some come close to excelling. Few continue to drive to excellence.