I have written, and rightly so, that God is able to make us holy.  But we should not assume that it is a one time accomplishment.  Rather the holy I intend, is a continual cleansing.

The truth of God approaches a man.  It catches him where he stands.  And the holiness, of which I speak, is the humility to receive correction.  He teaches us to humble ourselves before His Great Majesty.

Because I am still locked in the flesh, you may catch me at an inopportune moment.  If such is the case, correct me.  It is not seemly that a man of God should refuse correction.

But is it is neither, that any man should refuse the truth simply because it come dressed in a fellow man.  God has given the gospel to men.  Perceive this and we should all prosper in his holy way.

By His Grace

To All Who Lead

How very typically pompous of men to create division in religion, or even civil matters.  Yet by the very nature of things in creation, hierarchy necessary.  For there are things among us that are holy.  And to our shame, there are things among us that are debased and thoroughly wicked.

Regulation of rebellion is required for the simple sake of life.  For the sake of even a semblance of order, hierarchy among men is required. 

You leaders of people; hundreds, thousands, or millions, have you considered what has given you your authority?  Have you considered what seals life among us?  Or do you believe that you have attained your position by your own strength of strategy?

The will of man can produce nothing but continuous death.  How then can hope prosper among us if the leader’s only visions produce destruction? 

The ways of Man are nothing but death.  Do you know this?  Have you even considered this? 

You are set in place by necessity.  Have you taken the time to consider the meaning of the word “righteous”?  Have you considered that there is a storehouse from which all things righteous come?  Have you appealed, continuously, to the Holy One of God for help in the decisions you make every moment?  If not, how can you hope to produce anything good from the very place you have been given to inhabit?

Holy Father I ask you to broadcast this message.  Even as you have done with all things in creation: glorify your Holy Son, that Your will may be accomplished among men.  I place this message in your Holy hands.  My hands have strung the letters together.  But the message belongs to your Holy Son, Your Righteous One, Jesus the Christ. 

May Your mercy allow understanding according to your excellent will.  By Your Grace alone my God, and this through faith, may Your Holy will be done forever.


By His Grace

Which Way

Sweet God in heaven, help me know.
Which way this son of yours should go.
This dream I had, it touch me so.

If it comes true, I’ve choices to make.
A split in life, what path to take?
The choice is made before I wake.

Your will is first, as always Lord.
For I am tied with holy chords.
Just let the split become Your road.

May your will be done forever, O’ Sovereign God of heaven.  As you are first, so may be Your will.  What loss is mine if the bounty belongs to you?  Yet whose tears shall fall, mine or someone elses?

What choice is there?  You have given me promise on promise.  So if someone should cry or suffer, let it then be me.

By His Grace