Man’s Futile Judgments

There are many who do not know. They have not been able to consider: That the wrath of God is not at all like the wrath of a man.

Man’s wrath, in my mind, is like the senseless blood thirst of a pack of dogs against a helpless prey. Man perceives some offense, in varying degrees of severity. He lashes out with some makeshift judgment. As if he can rid eternity of this perceived offense. “I will destroy you until even God agrees you never lived.”

Sad upon sad, that Man attributes this vile sense of equity to the wrath of God.

I mean no harm to anyone by bringing this up. But I mean to bring glory to The Righteous Living God in Christ. I mean to open the eyes of my brothers of flesh.

Man is born in futility. All man’s doings are nothing more than futility. His judgments are shortsighted, his desire for peace – mired in a tar pit. If he kills a man, he presumes to have simply ended and irritating matter. Perceived righteous judgment turned violent.

But consider the wisdom of God’s wrath, vengeance, “striking out” (if you will). If He does away with a man’s life here on earth where does the soul of that man go? Doesn’t it go to the One who just struck him with death. Doesn’t it go to He who is Love? Man is only striving to still the waters. God is forever trying to impart Life.

There so much more to say about this. But what value are my words to anyone? Wouldn’t it be vastly better for you to go to the One from whom I have received this understanding? He can explain in the blink of an eye what it would take me four years to unravel in the words of Man.

But understand this, nothing God does finds its beginning in futility. It is all for the purpose of Love and Life.

It used to be that if men found someone ranting insanely in panic, they would slap them in the face to wake them up. (today, that’s not PC.). That’s what is happening as the world crashes in on man’s version of prosperity and peace. It’s a wake up call with endless, boundless, intent for love.

There is eternal destruction, yes. But the offer on the table before you is Life. His name is Jesus.


A Sickness Has Enveloped Me.


Disease? (Photo credit: armigeress)

I don’t know who to address this post to.  Perhaps it is simply a complaint of ailment.  But this ailment is no simple sickness.  And from this infirmity I will not recover till the Lord appears before my eyes.

My limbs are limp.  No strength apparent affords movement.  Even my fingers are numb as I type these letters.  Is it a heart attack?  No.  My head is tilted for lack of muscle strength.  It is the onset of some hideous disease?  No.  My gait is slow and rather labored.  It this because of MS?  No.

I see clearly what is about to unfold in America.  And I am aghast at the cause.  To whom shall I speak?  Who will listen?  Who will even care that there is a message of ruin?  I don’t know.  But I will speak regardless my personal knowledge that anyone will hear.

Some time ago, perhaps decades, perhaps a century, America abandoned God for the sake of personal gain.  I won’t go into the particular time.  It would do no good to itemize the problem.  But turn to today and what do you see?  I see a nation at war.  The war is about to be fought on our own ground, by our own people, and the bloodshed, tears, crushed dreams, and ruined families are staggering to behold.  Who is the enemy?  I am weak to speak this truth.  America will fight to the death with her own children.

People of America, when your parents abandoned the Lord they passed down their heritage to you.  As they walked away from Him and chased after personal desire, His hand of protection was lifted.  Foolishness took hold.  Men of foolish descent ascended to places of power and teaching.  And now you are about to reap a fire storm of cruelty.  How I ache for you.  How deep will be the pain of your crying.  Your own babies will crush you now.

Is there hope?  Not for the nation.  The only hope is that you, as individuals, return to the Most High God with a contrite and earnest heart.  What has been grown among us is firmly embedded now.  We will have to weather the storm that is coming.  There is hope if you will surrender your will to His.  But for all who remain rebellious, I am on the verge of tears for you.

I write this because it overwhelms me to sit still and silent.  So it was for many who saw this coming.  So it was for Jeremiah, as he watched in horror at the judgment of God on his own people.  All I can do is sit here limp and whisper, “wake……….. please wake up.”

By His Grace.