I am an ox in an open field. The yoke upon my neck is made from things I have never seen.  

It was placed there in the night without my consent or desire.  

I am compelled by joy to pull.  

The smell of success is in the air.  

It is the harvest soon to come.  

It is the smell of grass and trees.  

It is the dirt beneath my hooves.  

So I pull with joyous vigor!

The strength of my bones is beyond words to say.  

It is more than an Ox should have.  

For there is no whip to urge me on.  

There is no carrot before my face.  

It is the sound of his voice that drives me forward.  




More sure of his way than the hardest of steel.  


He whispers. 


The Useful Singer of Truth

The one who constantly quotes the Bible to others is not likely to be well received.  If this is the thrust of his “ministry” to God and His people, he is likely to become a rather burdensome companion.  Consider how the Bible is treated in most households.  This one will be given the same honor.

But the one who does what the Bible says, this one is prone to be somewhat accepted.  But doing what the Bible says doesn’t mean that man’s testimony will be heard everywhere he goes.  Such a one might just selectively pronounce the Gospel, according to his own faith.  He might be accepted.  But he might also be rather a useless “Singer of Truth”.

Yet there is the one who does what the Bible says, listens to the timely and focused prompting from the Holy Spirit, and delivers a “living word”.  This one is acceptable.  This one sings the song of Truth with power and usefulness.  This one will find legitimate persecution.  This one is useful to both man and God.

Such a one won’t have to wait long for the world to hate him.  They already hate the One who drives him onward.  And, beyond description, this one will encounter hard resistance from the majority of the family of God.  Not because he is an irritation, but because he speaks what is true to the moment.  Not because he is quoting what is past, but because he brings the written, and blood honored, Word to the present.  The Wisdom of the Living God drives his willing heart.

Let the resounding gong and the clanging cymbal think this through.