Man’s Futile Judgments

There are many who do not know. They have not been able to consider: That the wrath of God is not at all like the wrath of a man.

Man’s wrath, in my mind, is like the senseless blood thirst of a pack of dogs against a helpless prey. Man perceives some offense, in varying degrees of severity. He lashes out with some makeshift judgment. As if he can rid eternity of this perceived offense. “I will destroy you until even God agrees you never lived.”

Sad upon sad, that Man attributes this vile sense of equity to the wrath of God.

I mean no harm to anyone by bringing this up. But I mean to bring glory to The Righteous Living God in Christ. I mean to open the eyes of my brothers of flesh.

Man is born in futility. All man’s doings are nothing more than futility. His judgments are shortsighted, his desire for peace – mired in a tar pit. If he kills a man, he presumes to have simply ended and irritating matter. Perceived righteous judgment turned violent.

But consider the wisdom of God’s wrath, vengeance, “striking out” (if you will). If He does away with a man’s life here on earth where does the soul of that man go? Doesn’t it go to the One who just struck him with death. Doesn’t it go to He who is Love? Man is only striving to still the waters. God is forever trying to impart Life.

There so much more to say about this. But what value are my words to anyone? Wouldn’t it be vastly better for you to go to the One from whom I have received this understanding? He can explain in the blink of an eye what it would take me four years to unravel in the words of Man.

But understand this, nothing God does finds its beginning in futility. It is all for the purpose of Love and Life.

It used to be that if men found someone ranting insanely in panic, they would slap them in the face to wake them up. (today, that’s not PC.). That’s what is happening as the world crashes in on man’s version of prosperity and peace. It’s a wake up call with endless, boundless, intent for love.

There is eternal destruction, yes. But the offer on the table before you is Life. His name is Jesus.


What Hour Has Come?

The bugs and worms celebrate as the crop of Man fails.  No longer is there a mass trampling of the field of faith.  Food is promised plentiful, as the creatures of the ground applaud.

There is a vast drought of will across the land.  Who fills his bucket with living water to carry out his duty?  Who provides bounty for the Lord?  Where is faith?

Man has forsaken his duty to farm his soul for God.  He uses what water is left for the beautification of his body and the disposal of his waste. 

Where is the sacrifice of labor?  Where is the earnest heart in prayer?  With all the accomplishments of man, the garden of God goes unattended.

A great proliferation of imaginary religions prospers across the world.  There is celebration among the demons, for so many lend their bodies to their use. 

Understanding wanes near death.  Attention to the Holy Word is nearly obsolete.  Willingness to listen is replaced by a love of deafness.  The transformation of man is almost complete.

666, perfectly man without God.

The spiral to hell is in full swing.  The plummet is now irreversible.  As if in slow motion, the mouth of hell opens wide.  Insatiable, the appetite of destruction welcomes a great banquet.

How long oh Lord?  How much longer will you tarry?  How much more patience does your Holy will require?  How long before what restrains is taken out of the way?  How long before the point of no return is passed, irreparably?

When the Son of man returns will he find “The Faith” on this earth?

By His Grace

Anxious Eyes

I look to the sky that I may see clouds rising over the sea. 

There is a drought upon the land; a vast unholy drought.

The souls of men are shriveled up with the dryness of sin, yet they do not perceive.

I look to the horizon, and my ears strain against the breeze.  Will I see the water of life give life to what is dead?

Will men fall on their shriveled knees to beg for the mercy of God?  They already stand proudly, defiantly, dead.

Where is the blazing glory of God among all men?  Where is his name first among the words of men?  Where is the boldness of life?

I look toward the rising sun. 

I watch to where it sets. 

I peer with failing eyes at where the moon will rise.

With anxious heart I wait.