The Dispassionate Objective of Death

I watch men live.  What am I seeing as I watch us?  I see men prosper in the way of man.

They work to gather food, shelter, prosperity of social standing, and some semblance of “worth”.  They create some form of religion for themselves, individually and corporate.  But do I see them prosper against death?  No.  I see death approach them regardless their toil.

Death has no regard for the diligent work they have done.  Death, not only has no respect for the things of man’s toil, it has no ability to recognize anything but demise.

Rust does not make any apology to metal as it reduces it back to the place from which it was taken.  And the flakes of dust rust causes, fall back to the earth without the slightest acknowledgment of metal’s history or accomplishment.  As it is with rust, so it is with death.  As it is with wickedness, so it is with the best “righteousness” of man’s intent.

Do you think you have become something because you have learned to prosper in the ways of man?  Frankly, you have no more right to consider your prosperity as “something”, any more than death recognizes any righteousness within you.

If you want to be something, appeal to the Holy One, Jesus The Christ of the Living God.  Only in Him will you find any lasting profit.  For He alone has hold of the two keys; the key of Life, and the key of Death.  Only in Jesus will you find direction to do and desire eternally good things.  Without Him, you can’t even read the Bible with any effective impact toward righteousness.

He has spoken a singular truth among us: “Without me you can do nothing”.  The longer I live, and the longer I witness the “doings” of man, the more vibrant the truth of that saying becomes.

Seek Him and learn what fullness of that saying you can.  Only then will you begin to do more than simply provide sustenance until death comes to claim what is rightfully his.  The fullness of what I am saying cannot be understood without His presence.


I’m Not the King.

Delivery Truck

I presented a witness to you.

And you thought you mocked me.

I stood before you and spoke.

And you shot your hatred at my head.

I did not flinch, nor did my soul respond.

While the dust of your words passed me by.

I knew, without doubt, that those words you cast out,

Were not meant for one such as I.

The dust of your words left no trace upon me.

Every speck has landed somewhere else.

It is the Lord you’ve insulted.

I am only His messenger to your face.

And how foolish to dash the messenger,

Then turn and boast that you have killed the King.


By His Grace.


Our hearts are elevated from the dust of our creation by mere inches.  It is by the Grace of God that we can perceive anything more than this dust.  If our hearts soar above the dust, its because He has caused them to soar.  Our imagination can imagine certain things more than our life.  But God promises true life, life removed from this dust.

By His Grace.