I was listening to psalm 24. Afterword I thought, “I should say something about this”. But what do I have to say about anything?

Good or bad, I looked in my mind to see how anything I might say would be received. That didn’t help.  

My mind walked away from testimony with disgust. I saw how people treat the King of Glory. I remember how people treat anyone who will speak about him with a good report. Then I saw what people praise; the strong, the beautiful, the rich, the popular, the amazing, all things Man.  

Standing before the words of God is astounding. Looking back at the filth of Man is heartbreaking.  

No! I’ve said enough.  

My Place

Come, listen and perceive.

You are First, and forever so, Holy Father.

For you are Life and Continuing, forever and forever.

And your Glory displayed in your Holy Son, likewise is he; continuing, life, joy, peace, majesty, righteousness, justice, the singular door to Life, the Grace of the Living God.  In all this and more, he is First.

And those who have been faithful to your Holy and Righteous Way, those who did not fall away or think to do so, these are first.

And those who hold your promise faithfully against the wind of sin.  These are first.

And those who have heard of your Great Glory in Jesus, those whose eyes are only beginning to open, these are first before me.

For I perceive my feet, how they stand with heel over the edge.  The pit behind me, the promise under my toes. 

And do I hear you speak to me, yes indeed I do.  “Fall on the Promise.”

By necessity my face finds “Forever Grass”.  And so I cling, with desperate intent.  The precarious cliff on which I lay, is firm and forever by your Holy goodwill.

They are first before me.  Yet perceive precious soul: the place of last is far better the neverending place of fire.

There I will stay, or better.  Arms like steel cables, fingers like chisels staved into the grass of forever. 

My will dressed in his.  Life is his desire.  Unequal to mine, it ascends to forever.

The soles of my feet: from them rises a vapor of destruction.  But cling I will because of his will!

The Living God is Good!


I have nothing to write this morning.  I came here to speak a word of encouragement or two.  But nothing, among my thoughts stands out.  No thought glows with that beautiful holy glow.  Yet, there is one idea that will not dispel as I try to write.  It is the thought of “foundation”.

It was with me in prayer this morning.  It was the “verse of the day” on Bible Gateways app.  It is the sum of understanding when it comes to salvation.  And the permanence of it is astounding as I look back at what I was.

Bible Gateways “verse of the day” is, “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”.

I see so many lack faith in that.  I see so many disbelieve.  I see them worry without ceasing.  I see them move about, frantically trying to restrain the destruction that is obviously their lives.  I try to calm them down.  But to no apparent effect.

The next time I see them, they are again consumed with frantic worry.  I am astounded at this plight of man.  Why will “we” not believe?  Why do we prefer to worry, struggle fruitlessly, hate and be hated in return, all the while we say, “God will save me”.    Why?

Does God lie?  Is God able to cause the entire fabric of heaven and earth to remain, being sustained by his sheer Holy will, yet he can’t help a single person with the things that bite at them like hungry mosquitos?  Are you kidding me?  Is this what Christ means to us?

If Jesus is not sufficient to all our needs now, can someone tell me when He will “become” sufficient?  If we refuse to rest in belief now, can someone tell me when that will happen?  Just when will God be “enough” for us?  Name the time, mark the calendar, set the hour, post it everywhere.  When the moment comes, will you believe then?  If you do not believe now, you are not likely to believe then.

How shameful is the way of man to consider the offer of God’s help as if it were some future truth, or (at worst) a lie!

Faithful Perceptions

So many things to touch and see.

So many things lay out of reach.

The fingers of men will grasp and twist.

But they can never touch what’s His.

Why do you fear, O little flock?

Do you fear the hands of men?

Where are your treasures laid up in stock?

On earth or bound in heaven?

By His Grace

We Love?

The Love of God radiates out.
He does not need anything.

All creation, in heaven and earth, receives.   We who have nothing to offer back. Even what we do is expected service.

Shall we return love?  It is already diluted, for He gave freely from His generous heart.  But we return only that which is left over.

God sustains all.  Even the grave’s foundation rests on a place He built and knows.  Hell is sustained by His Holy consuming Flame.  All life belongs to Him.  What belongs to man?

Sin? Does rebellion belong to man?  Isn’t rebellion simply a physical admition that love does not belong to us?  What belongs to man?

Does God need our praise to be God?  Does He die if we are not thankful?   But we are born needy.  The first breath is of air He sustains.  The last breath releases to go to another place He sustains.  Is God ever lessened by man?

But our thankfulness makes Him more.  His Holy Kingdom expands as another returns in faith.  Love from man may be of duress, but something is made better by He who is everything.

Yeah but, what about what’s up?

Flock of barncale geese on autumn migration.

Flock of barncale geese on autumn migration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was waxing the car and my little dog was standing near me.  I heard some geese approaching.  I told her to look for the bird.  She got busy lookin.  Problem is, she kept looking straight ahead.  She never did see the geese.

Later, as I was driving, the incident helped me in a rather startling way, to understand something from an entirely different perspective.  She help me understand salvation from a dog’s perspective.

The sea is not teeming with animals.  Neither is the sky.  The teeming happens on the ground.  I have heard there are plenty of times you could be underwater and never see a fish.  And more times than not,  I can look up at the sky and not see a bird.  But the bugs and germs and animals and humans and birds and snakes……..  It just goes on and on, on the ground.

There are evil man who never touch the ground, in a manner of speaking.  They do they’re evil deeds out of the sight of men.  They are more of the demonic than human.

The majority of men however live their life in full sight of one another.    These folks just strive to survive.  They are neither overtly wicked nor coveting holiness.  These are the type that if you told them to look for God they would not look up.  They would look for a miracle.

But like the birds, there are a few who inhabit heaven. The majority of these men get their subsistence from the earth but they are not bound to it.  Their natural habitat is the sky.  They do not own the neck of a dog.  To look up and to go up is more natural for them then to remain on the earth.

As for hope for the others: the Lord Himself has made these people who inhabit the sky. And he is quite able to transform any who ask.  Finally, let us remember that there are such things as flying fish and flying squirrels ( not to mention bats and such.)