Astounding Warfare

Man goes to war with tools of death, that he may bring a “ceasing” to his enemy.  

God goes to war against the “deceased”, that he may bring them to life.  

Man’s enemy says to him, “We will not die today. It will be you who’s eyes will close!”

God says to his enemy (the dead), “Ask of me and I will open your eyes”.  

Curiously, how many say “NO!”, choosing instead to remain in death.  

What in odd battlefield the Holy One inhabits.  


Of the Entrance to Eternity

A Holy and Fierce Lion stands watch over Eternity.  From a Righteous rite of passage and with iron will, he has conquered all.  He is a Consuming Fire of Life which bars entrance to all that is unholy.  He protects eternally those who are allowed to enter.  And his blessing of strength is endlessly boundless.

Who will dare approach his blazing teeth which cradle a Golden Tongue of Holy Righteous Fire?  With joyful abandon, the Lion does the will of the Most High God.  Respect for man never crosses His Godly mind.

His razor sharp claws are poised to strike.  The speed of lightning is outstripped by the strength of his limbs!  And his Holy Eyes perceive, void of distraction.

The sound of unholy feet touching the ground, as the unholy man rises from his unholy bed, are heard with perfect clarity.  Preparedness for the confrontation was established before creation was created.  To say the Lion is ready, is to speak with a Great meekness of words.

Men may boast before the encounter.  “I am worthy to gain entrance!  Follow me.  I will lead you past.”  But such boasting will dissipate in a flash!  In the place where boasting was king, terror will take the throne.  Their great arrogant pride will never return again.  Where once life strove to thrive, there will come an eternal wasting!

No one will approach the Lion of Judah without a full understanding of the Holy Love of God.  The Righteousness of God will devour all his enemies.  But the Righteous Love of God stands ready and willing to now instruct.

Who is wise to listen?  Who is fearless enough to approach?  Only those who understand the coming confrontation, will appeal to God for mercy.  Only those who count their strength as weakness, will find themselves willing to listen.  And only those who listen find themselves enabled to become.

By His Grace

“The City of Faith”

There is singing and dancing in the streets.

The City of the Faithful resounds with joy and triumph.

All houses are cleaned; prepared for the celebration to come.

Even while the enemy encamps all around its walls,

Preparing to lay siege.

There is an open feast within the City.

There is a feasting on the holy things the Holy Spirit of God brings to them.

Joy belongs to the people of the Lord!

Everlasting joy is brought to those who abide in His Holy Love.

Who will come against us?

Who will dare entice the Power of  The Living God among His holy ones?

They will see the Power of God displayed within their camp;

That camp of wicked intent.

For God’s people will pray.

God’s people will offer opportunity for His Glory to be displayed.

Let their enemies be foolish and darkened in their understanding.

God, Himself, will take them to task.

He will say, “Then they will know that I am God”.


Let us be about our Father’s business!

Who, or what can come against us, that our God is not willing and able to counter?


Pray ceaselessly with earnest heart and full of faith.

We will see our lives testify that our God is able to save.


His eyes are intent on those who do His Holy will among men.

Beware, you who have minds to damage what belongs to God.

God never sleeps!


Show them no fear.

Your God is with you.

The very proof of His Love abides in your souls.


The Living God is endlessly strong and willing;

To build our faith into mountainous strength,

Even within the very fires that threaten to consume us.

He has spoken.

He cannot lie.

His Holy name among us is Jesus, The Christ of God!

Those who put their trust in Him,


A World Void of “Enemy”

Because the Lord lives forever and has dominion over all things, He is humble, gracious, meek, and abounding in mercy.  By the demands of Righteous Eternity, He must remain the perfect Law.  But today mercy is extended to man.

Satan has taken advantage of the Lord’s Lovely character.  Now that one pays the price for his presumption.  And, in the end, he will be destroyed.  There is no eternal use for those who despise the Love of God.

This goes out as a message of hope to the troubled among us.  Any who desire His Love are encouraged to approach that mercy might cover their ignorant ways.  But it also goes out as a warning to all who would use what is given to them freely without even the simplest word of thanks.  He does not relent His tender care over the enemies of love.  He continues to give without regard to honor.  But the day will come when even the word enemy will no longer exist.

Be wise and consider.

By His Grace.