One day you make an unexpected friend of a previous enemy. It’s happened to everyone of us.

When will we learn? When will we stop pre-judging? When will we give room for the hope of God in others? When will we forgive past deeds so that life can come?

From where comes your next unexpected friend? Life never comes to us as we expect it to be painted. Yet, when will we learn what we already know?

Be wise in Christ toward evil, but do not close the door to hope.

Astounding Warfare

Man goes to war with tools of death, that he may bring a “ceasing” to his enemy.  

God goes to war against the “deceased”, that he may bring them to life.  

Man’s enemy says to him, “We will not die today. It will be you who’s eyes will close!”

God says to his enemy (the dead), “Ask of me and I will open your eyes”.  

Curiously, how many say “NO!”, choosing instead to remain in death.  

What in odd battlefield the Holy One inhabits.  

Conquer TIME

People like short and poignant observations.  They make it easy for us to agree and just move on.  They are like delicate carvings on the lid of a golden box.  Ya gotta open it up to see what’s inside.  Don’t be afraid of many words.  Isn’t that what’s in the box?

Reach forward.  Open this box.


The dashes represent our linear thoughts.  The solid line represents the unforgiving nature of time.

We are pathetic creatures who must reach, every moment, to our memory to add the next thought.  There is no such thing as multitasking.  We are only adding our thoughts together quicker.  Our ability to think more than one thought at a time is nothing more than an illusion.

And we are all aware that time never stops to wait for us.

If you make a mistake, time does not stop and wait for you to catch up.  If you try to think ahead, preparing an ease for your burden, time doesn’t nod with appreciation.  To us, time is a Relentless Beast.

To add to our trouble, our frantic “work” will run out.   All the while time itself will move on.  Struggling from birth to death, our lives end up a useless carcass.  Isn’t this the plight of life in this place?

Isn’t this the reason for Man’s expectations?  Isn’t this the reason for his frustration?  Isn’t this the reason for every act of violence, whether great or small?  In our frustration we lash out with whatever tools are at our disposal.   But time doesn’t even notice.

In all this however, time is not the enemy.  It is only the physical standard by which we measure our weakness.  It is only the physical standard by which we capture some perception of strength.  We are the ones who are weak, my friends.  Time is endlessly and ceaselessly strong.

You need help from beyond the boundaries of time.  You need help from the One who made time.  When do you need His help? 

All the time!

When should you call out to Him? 

All the time!

The Glorious One’s name is Jesus.  Of all the things we study, how important then does the study of God’s Holy Son become to us? 

It is inevitable that we will waste time.  But the measure of that waste belongs to us.  The Bible waits to be read.  God is patiently waiting for your prayers.  His generosity is waiting to gift you with immeasurably great things. 

Stand still.  Let time tick away.  Seek His face with great diligence.  Conquer time.

The Singular Enemy

I have an enemy who stocks me day and night.  Nothing I do, ever escapes his notice.  He is more agile than any beast of the field, and can do more damage than any lethal weapon of man.

Though I do the very works of God, he stands ready to destroy.  With the slightest of movement from his vicious hand, he can undo years of accomplishment.  And my only hope of escape from his prying eyes is death itself.

What kind of creature is he?  And what name should I give him?  I am not speaking of the father of lies.  I am speaking of myself.

By His Grace

From My Point of View

From my point of view, God is indescribably great. 

Some may call my point of view theology.  But in saying that, I think they would have a hard time nailing down what I believe.  Even I would have a hard time finding supporting scriptures.  But then I’m not a scholar.  And my knowledge of Scripture is usually pointed in the direction of application, not theology.

What I believe has come to me by Bible reading, faith, prayer and diligent observation of God moving in my life. 

In the way of Bible reading, I am relatively fluent.  But there are certainly masters of the art.  I may well remember what it says, but I likely can’t tell you chapter and verse.

I say faith.  I’m afraid you need a microscope to find mine.  If faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain, how much can I hope to brag.  The Rockies are still where I found them.  The Appalachians are still filled with trails to hike.  And there are still enough hills in America to hide gigantic wheat fields.

As far as prayer is concerned, I am no prayer warrior.  I am more the man who will pray as he knows, and ask to be taught.  It is here that God has revealed enough to make me able to walk as a Christian. 

I am no prophet as some define Prophets.  And I am no teacher, but for the fact that we all teach by the way we act.

And as far as diligent observation goes, I see with what bleak eyes God has chosen to give me.  I watch the wind blow.  I listen to the words men speak.  I take note of the way of men as opposed to the way of God.  And I even listen to the birds.

All of this was written to admit I know nothing.  All of this was written to avoid a war of words and ideas.

With all that said let’s get back to the idea of how great God is.

We are a product of an answer to an accusation.  The accusation is that God demands too much and does not provide sufficiently.  (this is the specific belief that may draw conflict)

How great is God?  God is so great that he allowed an enemy to amass, in a place that he willingly created. 

God is so great that he entered this mass of enemy.  He assumed their form and there was nothing beautiful about him that he should be desired.

God is so great that he willingly taught this enemy about a way to live instead of die.  All this he has done knowing what would happen. 

God is so great that he allowed his enemy to take him by force. 

God is so great that he did not complain while they mocked and beat him. 

God is so great that he allowed them to strip him of all his glory.  He let them flogg him to the point that he was no longer recognizable as a man.  And in this he made no complaint or accusation.

And here is the crowning achievement of the greatness of God:  that when the Word of God assumed his place as the rightful King of kings, he reached down to his mass of enemy, and continually offers salvation for those who hate him.

Yes God is great!  Men may dispute his existence.  But for those who believe, he is the supreme power of salvation.

Oh how my soul wants to continue.  There are so very many reasons why God is great.  But I’ll leave this to stand. 

May the spirit of God strengthen, convict and convert as the will of God dictates.


By His Grace

The reason for Christmas


Christmas always gets out of hand.  This is because it has been stolen by people who have absolutely no idea regarding the Majestic reason for it.  I do not say this to blame them.  A sinner corrupts where it can because it is a sinner. 

But I thought it might be helpful to remind us of the reason for Christianity.  Perhaps then the Majesty of our celebration of Christmas can find renewed appreciation.

We are saved because we have no rightful claim to rival against God.  The sin of our enemy is that he thought equality with God was something to grasp.  It is utterly impossible that we should foster such thinking. 

With this in mind we perceive correctly what is our place among God’s eternal kingdom.  Consider the love of a man toward his generous enemy.  Though he deserves to be destroyed with the rest of his countrymen, he is offered a lavish and peaceful life in his enemy’s kingdom.  Such love is presently being tested among all who will respond to the invitation from God.

He will utterly destroy all claims toward His throne.  He alone is vital.  God alone is righteous.  The Living God alone is good.  Nothing will ever secure an accusation against Him.  Thus He has prepared One who will minster between all creation and Himself.  Yet look at the very nature of the One God has chosen.

5 “In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus:

6 Who, being in very nature God,
did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; 7 rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.  8 And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death—even death on a cross!
9 Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
and gave him the name that is above every name,10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11 and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”