Belong Together?

If the substance of God was only the opinions of man, perhaps even the sum of them, 

. . . The world would be exactly as we find it.  

Every man pursuing the best of his own mind;

Mindless of the minds around him.  


from murder to war 

from jealousy to revenge

from specialized inclusion to utter distain

from dutiful servitude to despicable rebellion.  


If the substance of God was only the opinions of man, wouldn’t we see exactly what we do?

Scatter the people so that they cannot construct together. Destroy solidarity.  

The nature of what we worship matters intensely. 

Define Christianity.  

Satan Smiles

(I apologize for giving a S in the title. Literary law requires it, or I would not have done it.)

It is said that the Liberals are aghast at the declaration of Mrs. Trump, that she is a practicing Catholic.  

(This small article assumes that the report is accurate. Given the flavor of the day, I tend to think it is.)

I’m not gonna bother to go into a justifiable rant regarding their hypocrisy. Let me simply say this:

If you will come unglued at an honest declaration of religion from your First Lady, what will you do when the Holy Father unveils His Righteous and Holy Son on the day of your judgment. “There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Not only do they make no preparation for the inevitable, they deny it’s very existence and venomously despise any reference to it. Worshipping inclusion, they despise a singular truth.  

This sounds to me exactly like I expect the demons to respond; adoring the darkness, they despise even a sliver of light among them. (and that’s all her decoration is folks, just a sliver of light in this vast coal dark world.)   Who then is driving their worship of “tolerance”?

The advice of God to such people is to drop your pride and humble yourself before Him that HE can give you eyes to see and ears to hear. For now, you are so engrossed in trivial nothingness that you cannot see the approaching devastation of your soul. You elevate nothing as if it is something. But “SOMETHING” is surely approaching.  When the Father speaks “the end”, the something will appear with nowhere to hide.  

And I am amazed at how rare these words are in such a perverse society is this. Even the conservative pundits respond with trivial nothingness. They simply respond to a slap in the face by slapping the face of the attacker. Tell me, what is accomplished? (satan smiles)

This event is so foolish that even a fool like me can see it clearly. On the clock of eternity, what time is it?

By His Grace.  


He gives man a place to do as a man pleases.  

Wickedness thrives and the bloodshed is plentiful; blood of body, blood of soul, blood of mind, heart, and righteous potential.  

But a moment comes.

The soul of every man is required.  

Judgment is made, the man is sent to his proper place; his mouth shut, his hands bound forever.  

Desire and prosper in what you will.  

The Lord has desired and will prosper far above your reach.  

Snatched away in a moment, eternity obeys God’s will.  

Futile Response

The eyes of a man see the things of a man. And from his perspective he is locked forever.  

He will live and breathe, move and die, locked in a futile perspective of hopeless wasting. All the perspective of man can give us is its end result, death. And don’t we see the futility of that perspective being played out as people trying to grapple with the results of the election.  

From gloating to riots, the perspective of man seeks violence.  

All the while, the Mercy of God whispers, “Come to me and see these things from my point of view”.  

Who will stop long enough in the morning to listen to the whisper? Who will let the grace of God massage their mind and heart? The answer is obvious as you see people dance in futility all day long; not many.  

Jesus, the Christ of God, offers release from futility. To know about it is not the same as receiving it. Please take the time to think that through.  

By His Grace.  

Love Everybody

How many times I’ve heard it and knew there was something wrong.  “Love everybody no matter what they’re doing.”

According to sentimental value I would rate that about a 10.  But as far as truth goes I rate that below zero.

Love does not let you stand at the edge of a cliff and smile while you jump to your death.

Love does not ignore the truth of the Living God for the sake of your injured pride.

Love will gladly take your ridicule and hatred, for don’t you already hate the one who sent us.

Love is for life, eternal life.  Love does not cater to the pleasures of sin.

See the bee sitting on my jugular vein.  Wouldn’t the one who loves me brush it off quickly.  Should I despise him because his slap hurt?

God challenges us to love the sinner enough to sacrifice ourselves so that we may wake them up!  No, we can’t all just get along!

Pathetic Silence

It makes me sad to look about.
Our cities under siege.
The “dead” in homes,
Lives like drones,
Amazed at what they see.

The Devil comes and takes away.
No words are spoken.

“No way!

If we speak,
He’ll take us too!
Then, tell us what we all should do.
We’ll leave it to the likes of you.”

The bully on the playground
Pounds and pounds and pounds.
Daring those who watch him work
To make a single sound.

Is this the life you want to lead?
Are shadows giving what you need?
Why can’t you see the pitiful plight
Of he one who bleeds and has no fight?

Be silent then!
Your days well spent,
Watching Death on your TV.
The challenge is there in front of you.
The challenge is up to you and me.

See how the gospel is hidden.
Even surely by those who know!
See how the evil one has risen.
Without striking a single blow.