What Do You Rxpect?

The religion of the world worships in a temple.  It lay on the sand of ignorance, but temple was built with two materials. One material is expectations. The other material is assuming.  

Here’s the question. Is the temple made of expectations or is it the foundation? Or is the temple made of assuming and the foundation is expectations?

This is not a “chicken or egg” debate. I am personally very curious about the matter. 

Because if the foundation of world religion is expectations, I simply close my ears. But if the foundation is built on assuming, then I can expect that everything I am will be dragged through the mud of suspicion long before I am excepted on any level.

Don’t think the Christian Church is exempt from this trouble.

P. S.  

Expectations are often written down as rules and regulations.

Assuming is a pure derivative of opinion.


The Mechanic

Your car is not running right.  Oh, you get down the road.  But your top speed is 17 mph.  Well now.  You’ve done everything you know how to do and it still won’t do what you want or what the manufacturer says it should do.  That’s going to require some experienced mechanic.

So you make the appointment with Joe and limp the car in for a peek.  After some careful inspection with his eyes and ears, (a few wire wiggling, and a couple screwdriver taps) Joe says what you don’t want to hear.  “We’ve seen quite a few of these problems.  And we’re sure we know what the problem is.  But the fix is both time consuming and expensive.  You’re going to have to sink quite a pretty penny into this ole beast”.

Ok, so we got a problem that’s going to cost us.  But 17 mph isn’t something the “White Picket Fence Dream” was supposed to include.  You were promised far more than these kinds of troubles.  The perfect wife, the perfect kids, the perfect job, and so it goes on for millions of perfects.  The reality is far less than promised, however.  And your brain screams, “IT’S NOT FAIR!”   You expected a few bumps in your life road.  And you were told you can trust that car.  But you didn’t make plans for 17 mph!

We come to Christ with great expectations.  We read and hear stories of wonderful success.  We gather to ourselves the joy of knowing we have it made now.  Jesus is our Lord and we will not falter.  Heaven is our future home and we’re happy about that!  But the reality of our walk in this “place of testing” becomes far less than the marketed triumph we are fed.  How come?  What happened?  Why can’t I experience that greatness I hear about?

Well, like the mechanic, let’s open her up and find out.  Take off the facade of fairytale Christianity and we’ll give her a look.  The mechanic looks past the Bible, after all, you drove it in here.  He pays no attention to prayer, you seem to have had plenty of that.  diligence, love, mercy, patience, no they seem ok.  Wow this is really becoming a bit of a quandary here.  “Ok.  Well, let’s look at the faith module”.  He pulls back the cover and says, “Well, there’s the problem!  You’re not sure you’re saved here.”

Allow yourself to ask an important question: “What would it be like for you, this walk in the “Place of Testing”, if you knew with absolute assurance that heaven was your home?  What would change about your faith and all the other trappings of the Christian walk?”

Now let yourself answer this question: “Does God lie?”

By His Grace.