Expected Usefulness

My left foot works just fine.  

When I want to open the door, mindlessly, I command my hand to turn the knob and the door opens.

If I want to see where I’m going, all I have to do is raise my eyelids.  

Like almost everyone else, I don’t see the miracle of this very often. My body is slave to my mind. There’s no need for pageantry regarding the foot, hand or eyelids.  But let any of these be injured so that they don’t work as they should, you’ll find me quite concerned for the welfare of my body.  

The apostle John said “The true light, coming into the world, that gives light to every man”.

The light. Have we become complacent about righteousness?  Have we begun to treat it like our body?  We take for granted that we know what is right to do.   Where did we get that knowledge?

Complacency quickly evaporates when we realize we have done something stupid and violently broke the laws of God.  

When is it the proper time to fall on our knees and give thanks that God himself has placed righteousness in our minds and hearts?  Without the Lord Jesus we would immediately fall into disrepair (No matter whether you believe in him or not.).


Eyes of the Soul

I wake this morning to remember that God IS.  Eternity is the “now”.  A pastor once said to me, “This life is not a dress rehearsal.”

Men think there will be a place where eternity begins for all men.  Some to own disgrace and punishment for the life they have willingly led.  Others to receive the completion of the promise of God to transform into perfection.  Truly, there is such a  place.

But is this place different; this place of testing and “Work”?  Is not the Glory of God among us?  Isn’t that the meaning of Immanuel?  We wake to serve as servants of the Most High God through Jesus His Holy Son.  We have slept to hear in dreams the things of Heaven.  We have slept through the night to “see”.

The soul is tied, till death, with the weakness of the flesh.  Which man can find the seam between his flesh and soul?  Blindness covers us in this place of flesh.  But faith has eyes for the soul to see.

Those who love wickedness, love wickedness.  They are relegated to the eyes of flesh.  But those whose eyes of faith are opened are relegated to eyes of faith.  I am not speaking of the faith of men; the faith that hopes without knowledge and does not know “The Way”.   I am speaking of The Faith which is from the Glorious Throne of God through Jesus, His Christ.

Allow yourself to use the eyes given by Holy Grace.  How shall a man walk The Way without stumbling?  It is far to narrow for the flesh to continue in.  The wakened soul alone can walk The Way of God.

My eyes do not work very well.  One eye is far more powerful than the other.  One eye looks slightly up and outward from the other.  When I need to see clearly (not perceiving as vagaries; a meld between the two directions of vision), I close one eye and perceive without deviance.

So it is with the meld between soul and flesh.  Let us close our fleshly eyes by selecting the eyes of the soul.  Let us focus our intent on what is Holy and brings Glory to our Father in Heaven.

Bring Glory to The Son of God.  Bring joy to our brothers and sisters, who belong to the promised redemption.  Let us witness to the world by walking through this place with the eyes of the soul.  God has opened what was before sealed.  Let us use those eyes with deftness.  Let us walk in The Way.

The “New Age” Lie.

In my usual day, I rarely come into contact with the “new age” belief structures.  For those of you who are like me, this might need a moment of explanation.  New age belief structures praise the natural things.  By natural things I mean everything that man can see, hear, touch, taste, smell and consider.  There is a powerful pull to follow after their ways because what they worship is larger than any individual man.  Not to mention that the evil of man has corrupted the natural world by his wickedness.   So, not only does their object of worship have a larger place than man, it also has an enemy that they can identify.

But there is One who is higher.  In the new age religion peace among all men and nature is the objective.  Tolerance is the vehicle of their objective.  And wickedness is only something we can correct on our own.  There are many things to say against the religion of this age.  But these three are enough to build a case against the worship of the created.

Peace among men is a useless desire.  We want peace from a selfish point of view.  We want peace because we want to pursue our own interests.  And though we cloak our desire for peace by saying that we want peace for all men, we are not addressing the peace of God in our search and work.  Peace cannot be accomplished by selfishness.  They are at odds with each other and will never produce eternal peace.  I want what is right for me.  But by wanting that peace which is right for me, I consume, or take away, from someone else something they want.  Given full rein, this work of establishing peace will only end in a war over something trivial.

Tolerance cannot be the vehicle to that which is pure.  We tolerate everyone regardless of their actions, thoughts, desires, and ability.  But we cannot do that in order to establish purity and eternal happiness.  For in the toleration of many things we are upholding sin.  Wickedness is sin.  And there is no wickedness or sin which will remain eternally.   Those who willingly accept this idea that tolerance will produce eternal peace are fooled.  And those people are only willing to accept something less that perfection.

Many stories which come from these people portray an age where everyone gets along.  Even though their dreams depend on technology to bolster their manufactured peace, they don’t see that this is not the way into eternity.  They don’t desire to be rid of their weakness, they support or hide it by use of their own hands.  They imagine that they can invent a machine which can transform a criminal’s mind into a righteous man’s mind.  What they believe is false.  It will never happen.  They are trying to create what God has said cannot be.  All men are corrupt and are in need of a transformation that can only come from God.

And finally, the only great success this new age belief accomplishes is that they rid themselves of an awareness of God and His Holy demands of all men.  He has created us.  It is not the other way around.  They worship what He has created as though it is worthy of eternity.  But God says this place of testing will one day be rolled up like a scroll to make way for the eternal.  To you who practise this new age religion in it’s many forms I have this to say to you.  You can do anything you wish for now.  You can believe and say that anything is true.  It’s been given to you to pursue any lie you want for now. 

But you make one grave mistake.  You mistake this life you now live as an end to itself.  God has given this life in this place as a testing ground.  He is watching and will judge every action and thought of the heart.  A day is coming when what we see will be evaporated.  Right now you look at what is created, even your children, and see something “good”.   You balk at my words of warning and say to yourself, “It is not right to think of destruction of all this around us”.  You look at yourself as special and worthy of God’s approval.  But you have not sought the One who made you.  Rather, you turn to the work of your own hands to supply what you call holy.  You have no idea at all of the Holiness of the One who made you.

Even Christians are tempted to fall into your belief.  Yet it is He who corrects our understanding and continually urges us to submit to His Holiness.  In that way we do not worship what is created and keep our focus on Him.  He is willing to teach all men how to worship and follow Him.  But you must lay down your own religion.  If you earnestly seek Him you will find Him.  But if, along the path of your search, you settle for something built by man you will stumble. 

Jesus is His name.  You will find the account of Him in the Bible.  From the first page to the last, Jesus is the name.  Anything less will not survive what is coming from the Most High God.

By His Grace.

Awakened, At Last!

I wake in the morning by my eyes and my ears.

I wake in the morning to remember my fears.

Sleep was my refuge for my weakness of flesh.

And as wake comes upon me I remember He’s best.

I woke one spring morning to my last breath of death.

By the evening He’d awakened, a new heart in my chest.

In body I sleep, but my soul needs no rest.

He’s bought me with blood; Righteous and best.

He is all!  He is all!  He is all my soul will need!

The Holiness of God now covers me!

Oh Jesus, my Lord, my Savior and Friend,

You’ll cover me wholly till my flesh finds it’s end.


By His Grace.

Come to Me

How beautiful, from sovereignty, what God with glory did.

He set us here against the cliff, then, “Come to Me”, He bid.

He gave us eyes that cannot see, yet offers sight to all.

“Come to Me and you will see!  All men, both great and small”.

“Come to me”, He promises, “And I will give you ears”.

How do we know His words of life? It’s faith alone which hears.

“Come to Me”.

By His Grace.

Here. Have an ear.

I got ears.  So how come I don’t hear so well? 

I got eyes but all I see is mud. 

I thought I had learned that good things are within my reach.  

So how come my hands are empty with riches of this world? 

Here comes Jesus, the Glorious One who is called “The Ancient of Days”.

In His hand are two ears and two eyes.  How strange, I thought, that these should be in His hand.

He said when He returned His reward would be with Him.  But ears and eyes?

“Here, put these on and follow me”.  OH WOW!  What a difference!  Now I both hear and see!

By His Grace.