The Beginning of the Last Days

Keep them all guessing. Feed the imagination with lies. See how they call it entertainment. Fantasy supersedes reality.

Keep them busy with “nothing“, whilst they ignore the truth of God.

Let them believe in aliens and watch men challenge restraints while they throw away the only truth there is.

Let them ignore the only truth there is. For they have chosen the way of death.

Let them believe in good works. Let them believe that man has the ultimate command upon himself, “save the world“. With that they pay no attention to the grace of God.

Is there a price to pay? It’s already being extracted. And there is no gain left for them to receive.


They say, “yes”.  

“We live in a land of shadows.  Reality and forever is beyond our comprehension.”  

They say “yes”.

“Eternal reality has come to walk among us.  He brought the incomprehensible to live in our language.”

They say, “I’m not sure”.

When the Lord promised to bring beauty to the ugly.  Though true light was brought to us we prefer to live in shadows.  

They say, “I don’t know”.

When they wonder, “Does this apply to me”.

It applies to everyone. How are you not included? And if we have been included, how can we possibly remain silent and timid?

Is it wicked for a man to eat a marvelous meal in the comfort of his home while the beggars crouch around his steps?

The Twilight

​Two things matter.  But each in its proper place.  The things of Heaven and the things of this world.

We struggle through the day.  (Think me now, about both.)  There is the daylight of this world and there is the daylight of Heaven.  Each Place demanding and delivery what is useful to its own.

The articles of each place have their proper usefulness in the life of a man.  Though each is distinctly, radically, and eternally different.

So easy it is to allow our eyes to see the grass and nothing more.  But when your eyes have seen the things of Heaven, the things of grass fade to oblivion.  You endure them out of necessity, but your yearning is somewhere else.

The things of this world are nothing but shadows; tempting, beckoning, distracting, drowning.  But the things of Heaven release into perfect freedom.  The one who lives by the eyes of this world is a slave to a cruel master.  But the one who sees with the eyes of Heaven is set free to really live, by the One who lives forever.  Everything the world gives you, it also takes away.  Not so with the things of Heaven.

What I’ve said here is absolutely true.  Have you been to the place of divide?  There is a place a person can stand, the twilight between the two.  God can show you where that is.  And once you have stood there to witness the difference between night and day, sleep and waking, understanding and ignorance, permanent and passing, you will never be the same again.  You will become “A Believer”.

The majority of people never leave this darkened place of transient shadows.  At best, most people turn to religion and consider this as satisfactory.  The majority of people don’t even know there is a place of twilight reality.  That’s why so many are consumed with the passing glimmer of hopeless bobbles and trinkets.  (Do not be deceived, science is a religion.  It is the pinnacle of satan’s achievements.)

I can’t tell you how to get there.  Somehow God transports us in our soul.  But I can tell you, humbling yourself before God in prayer is a good place to begin.  And I can tell you the journey is not easy or quick.  But it is worth every moment of your time.  And when you are there, the difference between lies and truth is as obvious as noon and midnight.

The place I’m speaking of is real.  And there are many variations people offer, calling it the same thing I’m describing.  But understand this: the place of twilight between this world and Heaven can only be inhabited by those who call on the Living God by the name of his Holy and Righteous Son Jesus.  And no one will ever stand there unless God himself allows it.

There is a righteousness of this world, and there is a righteousness of Heaven.  Seek out the place that lays in between.  Then you will know the difference.

You will not believe or understand what I have said here unless the Lord opens your eyes to SEE.

Hidden? No.

They hide behind their eyes;
Concealing their perceptions.

They hide behind their ears;
Morphing what they heard.

They hide behind their arms;
A fake embrace of welcome.

They hide behind their handshake;
Never intending to fulfill their agreement.

They hide behind their lips;
Speaking golden liquid words.

In this they hide from God’s people.  Yet truth reveals enough.

But they cannot hide from God.

If they hide from his people, what will they do when they are face to face with he who has seen all?

I See Your Fear

I see you everywhere you go.  I do not judge you, but I see the signs of your fear.  You hide behind your things, so sure that no one notices.  But even a man like me see through your charade.

You have become so adept at hiding from truth, that you wouldn’t understand it if it were explained to you.  Why?

You’ve heard the saying, “He’s bought into the things of this world”.  But that isn’t true, is it?  You haven’t bought into anything.  You’re simply afraid.  Why?

You’ve got your music, your favorite  television shows, your job and aspirations.  You have your friends to hide with.  You have all those trophy trinkets you’ve gathered.  And in spite of all these things you don’t know the truth.  Why?

The truth is not hidden.  It’s just that you refuse to look.  It’s so easy to think of yourself as a good person.  But if you stood before God you would know better.

Do you think you will stand the judgment of God without the help of the Lord Jesus?  My friend, you don’t know the living God.  And you don’t know the Lord Jesus.

God is the very truth you are hiding from.  Yet he is a truth that never ceases.  This is why you are afraid of him.  This is why you love lies more than truth.

But you will meet him very soon.  If you hide in this place, where truth is but a shadow, what will become of you when there is no place left to hide and truth is no longer the shadow?

Yes, I see how you push others around to get what you want.  I see how you manipulate truth with lies.  But my friend, you will not push God.  And He will laugh at your attempts to manipulate His truth.

You love your excuses.  Why?  Isn’t it because they help you hide?  In a great variety of ways you say, “I am this way because. . .”  And you fill in the blank with any number of reasons.  Why?

You don’t have to answer to me.  I couldn’t help you if you did.  And what good would your confession be to a mere man?  Your confession would only become another tool to hide behind.

I will tell you this in the form of a warning, but remember I am not judging you.  You’d better get it right with the Holy Lord Jesus.  He’s not that cute fuzzy little teddy bear you’ve heard about.  He is a blazing fire of righteousness.

No one on earth is beyond his willingness to have compassion.  But he absolutely hates lies.  He will put up with your faults if you are willing to learn.  But this offer is only extended while you are still here.

So that brings up the old question.  How long do you have yet to live?  Perhaps 40 years?  Perhaps 10 seconds?  Regardless the time, when you leave this place you are immediately under judgment.

Don’t listen to the liars my friend.  There is no such thing as a good man.  You will not receive eternal life for the good things you think you’ve done.  It’s either His way or death.

And as a passing note, dear friend, it doesn’t matter whether you agree or not.

By His Grace