Sober minded

Fires, pestilence, disease, floods, earthquakes, storms, Financial uncertainty, and all those bad things. They leave us quite unsettled don’t they.

In the midst of our unsettled minds, do we realize that it is our sin that has unsettled The peace of eternity?

Even so, many people still blame God for all their trouble. Truth is what it is.


The Currency of Man’s Traditions

Will you enter into heaven by virtue of your own religion?  Will you set your own standard of righteousness and accomplish it, saying to the Holy guard of heaven, “I am a righteous man let me enter”?

Have you been to heaven?  Have you seen the surpassing glory of the creatures there?   Have you understood the nature of their holiness?  Have you understood the Holy commands they have received?

Will you now, you who are so feeble of mind, hold to the traditions of your own?  Or will you seek the unmovable, Holy and pure traditions of eternity?

You cannot spend the currency of Man’s traditions in the store house of God.  In that place, by your own strength, you can be no more than a beggar.  

The Challenge of Complexities

You know the language of Man in all its various translations; superstition,  fiction, history, sports, entertainment, finance, politics, social etiquette, music, slang, death, pleasure, elegance, and a million more subdivisions.  Why do you not know the language of God?

We will pass away.   This earth will pass away.  Superstition,  fiction, history, sports, entertainment, finance, politics, social etiquette, music, slang, death, pleasure, elegance, and a million more subdivisions will all pass away.  How is it that you do not know the language of eternity?

No “Crap” Can Help!

Yes, I’ve decided to use the word.

With all the “Crap” that man imagines, to heal and to make life valuable, Christ Jesus is the answer.

I testify with all the strength of the Living God, Jesus’ strength is endless.  There is ZERO shame in me for saying so.  Is there too much shame in you to believe it?

You have faith to go to the doctor.  You have faith to believe in the pills he gives you.  You have faith to lie on a table and let him cut you to pieces.  Do you have the faith to believe that simple message I just wrote?

You will consider your life every moment of the day.  You will look at all your problems and all your troubles.  By some fairy tale hope, you think that man can heal you.  But I am telling you an absolute truth; Christ can heal you from the inside out.

He may not heal your ailments.  He may not take away all your troubles.  But he will teach you how to have joy in the midst of them.  He will take your tiny belief and make it an absolute fact.  You will come to believe that you will never die again.  You will come to believe that you are loved by the very one who can never lie.

He will teach you how to use all your difficulties for his Great and Magnificent Glory.  He will show you how to perceive this world from his point of view; love for His Heavenly Father, was the strength that allowed him to endure the cross for your sake.  He will teach you how to have that same strength.  He will show you how to love him.

Believe and pray.  Read his Holy story in the Bible.  Commit to Christ and He will commit to you.  That is the only release that is offered to mankind.  Who will take it and live life to the fullest?

By His Grace

A Letter to My Brothers of Flesh

human dimension

human dimension (Photo credit: ηeliʘ)

Dear Man:

You sigh with deep concern about what you see around you.  Your nerves are constantly tense because of what you perceive coming upon the entire world.  I am one of you, and I have seen it coming for quite a while.  I have a message for you that you might not have allowed yourself to realize.

Listen to the noise in the world now.  Watch as men frantically strive to right the ship of humanity.  It lists precariously to port.  Yet, instead of removing the excess cargo men keep adding to it.  In their lazy approach they have not evened the load within the ship.  And the lazy have drawn up their chairs on the port side of the deck to watch the commotion.

We are about to undergo a very deep trouble.  Finances will collapse around our ears.  Poverty will strike the richest among us.  Drought, disease, war, earthquakes, storms, and intemperate climates will embrace our waking from sweat laden beds.  Violence will become the norm.  And death will become desired by millions.

From centuries past man has thought he can create his own world.  And we are reaping the result of their foolish and greedy ambitions.  While we should be turning from the very building blocks of sin that has caused the present problems, we are doubling down on their ambitious greedy ways.

I am one of you.  I have no right nor need to accuse you of anything.  I will suffer along side my brothers of flesh.  But this is the message:  “There is no remedy for what is about to happen.”

I desire you peace.  But not the peace of man.  I desire you that certain peace of Jesus that soothes the nerves, heart, mind, and soul, despite the conditions around you.  This is what I desire for all men.  Just as my Father in Heaven has desired it for all men through out every age.  But now we must endure the results of godless ambition.

Come share with God’s people in the eternal life after this place of testing.  Enter in.  Allow God to prune your greedy heart until greed is just an unwelcome nightmare in your past.  Get clean now, despite the circumstances that are unfolding before our very eyes.  Only those whom God teaches to become like His Son will enter into eternity free of condemnation.  Beware!  It is not religion God is looking for.  It is a transformed life He rightfully demands.

By His Grace.