Fear of Fire

How can God save us from trouble if we always play it safe?

How can he prove his powerful salvation if we never confront our sins?

How can he save us from the murderous lion if we always stay in our home?

We say that God is powerful.

Do we have, have we become, a living testimony?

Fear is not from God.

But he is a consuming and Holy fire.

Look in your imagination.

Do you see the raging flames?

He has not set up the fire to test us.

The fire is what he is!

Those with faith do not stand still.

One foot in front of the other,

They walk into the fire

Allowing it to burn away that which is not God.

Fear and timidity belongs to the flesh.

Boldness, sobriety of mind, fearless trust, and every other good thing, is of God.

Choose to die for the sake of Christ or live in fear all your life.

Choose the latter and that is what you will be on the great and terrifying day.



From it comes willingness to learn. Complacent curiosity cannot produce one spark such as that raging fire of zeal.

Zeal sets the brand. It causes an indelible mark on the soul. A wisp of smoke rises up, and the man will never be the same.

Complacency can cause religion; the result of a casual stroll through truth. But zeal is a consuming fire. Mindless of himself, the man with zeal exudes true religion. Helplessly in love with the God who made him, he cares nothing for what men think.

Let us look around in our things. If we have misplaced zeal let us be frantically zealous to search for it and find it again. Isn’t the honor of Christ within us worthy of all we have?

The reward? The reward is the blazing presence of Christ.

Spring Eternal

Spring will soon come to the Northern Hemisphere.  And if the Beautiful Lord tarries we will see all the grandeur that is new life here.  In this I speak of new leaves, flowers, babies a plenty, and a comforting season.

And if the Lord moves to close the window of opportunity in this place, His people will see a Spring that never ceases.  Everything dressed in eternal splendor, that is the place of his promise.  The joy of lambs leaping, and all beautiful things.  Hearts that never cease to be glad.

Having said that, I consider what His moving means.  How glorious things will be Life (Eternal reality) for so many; the sure promise of God unveiled to his people.

But I consider the meaning of his moving for those who have despised His rule.  A winter of fire forever.  A place where Spring is no longer spoken.  A place where the warm rain is tears falling down.  A place where hope is never realized.  A place where impossibility is king.  A place where ownership means shame.  A place of horror and oppressive fear.  As surely as they have chosen, alienation from the Living God’s beauty, is theirs forever.  If they have suffered in this place, rejecting God’s offer of Help in Christ, how much more will they suffer for having despised the Grace of God?  I have no right to speak of God’s promised Eternal Spring, without exposing his promise of destruction.

In my mind I meant to write this article exposing the beauty of God’s glorious Spring, as opposed to the glory of Man’s work.  But I got caught up in his promise, for good and for shame.

What is of God is obvious.  What is a Man is likewise.  For I know that he has said that we are without excuse.  So perhaps it is perfectly reasonable that my mind was turned to the glory of God’s wise and righteous judgement with pure justice.

I wish I had the words that would turn every soul for the love of God in his good will to save us all.  Then I would have no need to speak of the promise regarding destruction.  Then I would be full of joy that could be shared to the prosperity of all who could hear.  But the word wish is proper.

God will grant eyes and ears to those who will humble themselves and seek His Holy Face.  He has promised to lead all such people to his Holy Christ .There is a righteousness that is given.  That is the righteousness that belongs to the Christian.

Let this be enough for this place of writing.  By what I have written, I am not full of joy.  For a vast number  will see destruction.  This is not my opinion or speculation, it is the word of the Living God’s Holy Son. 

The Living God has promised to give strength to those who begin and continue to call out for mercy.   Please do so, that you too may taste the joy that is Spring Eternal.

Water and Fire

Who can explain with words, those things that come from the Living God’s Holy and Righteous Son Jesus?  Yet haven’t we been given that “perfection” of words among us to testify?  And isn’t the testimony also given, more accurately in our doings?  Thus is the language of Heavenly Things among us and forever.

Water and Fire combine to provide Life.  They are deadly alone.  But with the Holy Wisdom of God, He has prepared a place where they become one.

How can that be explained by the words of man?  How can the mind of man understand these things without God’s revelation to his soul?

He has spoken the Words of Life to Man.  But the doing of those words requires that Man should enter the Fire of war against the flesh.  Water and Fire.  Who can explain it without the “Doing”?

The Power of the Powerless

It is easy for men to divide themselves from those who are wicked.  All it takes are codes of behavior in society, enough money to build fine neighborhoods, and lawful force to deter.  Division is made, and the wicked are forced to live in squalor. 

At their choosing, they can move one of their righteous to the squalor of the wicked.  Or they can elevate a wicked man to a place of prominence.  Why just look at the power they can wield!

But there is an abhorrent  behavior (among men) which they have no power against.  And oh how it galls both the righteous and the wicked to be so powerless. 

They entice with money, but it does no good.  They coerce with position, but it does not end well.  They threaten with squalor, but the victim only smiles. 

They are powerless against the Spirit of God in a man. 

When a man’s soul is set on fire by God, silence is not an option.  Money has no strength against the desire to glorify the Lord Jesus.  And from the fire of God within, the wickedness of man is to profuce to ignore!

They may offer such a man a position among them.  But they will quickly withdraw the offer when they see it has not accomplished the “beautiful” destruction.

They are not allowed to imprison him because of his words (Not today, anyway.)  They are not allowed to beat him into submission.  (As if that were possible.)  They are not allowed to murder him.  All they can do is hope God will take his servant home soon.

By His Grace

Re-member the Glory

I lay two pieces of wood into the stove.  The fire has gone out during the night.  All that is left is a small bed of lightly glowing coals.  I sit before the glass and wait for the flame to appear.

While I knelt before the stove waiting, I pondered the will of man to produce obedience.  All the while I watched for the flame to appear.  Then it struck me.

If I allow the power of God within me to dwindle to warm coals, it will take some time to rekindle the flame.  But if I am not lazy, I will get up in the night and add what is necessary to keep the fire burning hot on cold nights.  I do not need to lay shivering under the slim covers of a warm room.

How shall I continue the flame?  Do not be lazy.  Get up and pray.  Go to the Word, that you might Re-member the glory which fades with neglect.  Get your will assembled before the Lord and consider His desire.  Refine dedication to godliness.  Be diligent in the things that stoke the raging flame of the Gospel within.

Time steals what is useful by consuming what is provided.  Recapture, then, what is useful.  Add fuel to the holy fire that brings life.