Fake Food

People struggle all over the world, all day long, from birth to death. They all desire peace. I am put in mind of all the useless trinkets of religion this world offers as a pacifier. Are the people satisfied? Can a baby survive on a piece of rubber stuck in his mouth? Isn’t it the obligation of adults to feed the children?

God brought you to His Holy Son that you may have peace. He delivers you everlasting confidence before Him all your days.

Gods people eat from an overflowing banquet table filled with all the beautiful things the impoverished nations need.

Shall we sit on the front steps of His exquisite house and eat the good things in full sight of all the people who are starving? Or should we spend our lives here trying to convince the starving that what we eat is LIFE?

Let each of God’s people wrestle with the answer.


We are the sum of what we have done and what we are currently doing.  

The people loved the Lord Jesus when he gave them food to eat. But they crucified him for giving them his Father’s food to eat.  

All focus on the body, isn’t it? Is it really any different today?

They adore a politician if he gives them everything they want. They despise another because he requires them to work.  

“I can’t work”, they say.  

They adore the Lord Jesus because he offers them forgiveness for their sins. They despise him when he says, “Become like me”.

Show me what there is to love about humanity.  

What Lives?

There is Beautiful.  

There is justice.  

There is purity.  

There is utter righteousness.  

It is not in religion; those things a man does because Beautiful is.  

It is at the table of the Living God.  

The place where millions come every morning and every night.  

Do not be ashamed of what you eat there.  

Of all the things you hold so dear, the meal prepared for you is an invitation to every man.  

Invite, speak well, encourage, offer the humility you have received.  

His name is Jesus.  

Come to him and live.  

Inhumane Cruelty

The world is cruel and inhumane.  By the structures of its society it creates incredible need.  So it rakes in money for police, psychologists, psychiatrists, and all manner of medical profession.  It creates all kinds of instruments for dealing with food, clothing, and housing.  Still it makes no headway against the horror it creates.

Then it advertisements remedies for the trouble it causes, showing pictures of saddened and agonized faces.  It is as if they say, “You deserve to feel this way, and we can help you”.

All the while, they make rules and regulations that bar worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Righteous and Holy Son of God stands ready and willing to repair all these insane troubles.  But the world would rather manipulate the broken hearted and elevate their own pride. 

Shame on you!


Utter Love of Poverty

How needlessly the people suffer under an endless variety of oppressions.  How uselessly they cry out for release.  How hopeless are the cures offered by Man.  They are no cures at all.  They are simply pain killers.

How unspeakably lovely is the release of Christ’s strength!  There are no words among men to describe the wonderous release He offers.

They want freedom.  But see how they love the shadows.  They want riches.  But see how they desire those things that do not last.  They want to be well fed and clothed with security.  All the while they feed the body and purchase what protection the flesh can provide.

How long will they wait?  How much more violence must the soul endure?  Is there a limit to “want”?  Where is the place of submission?  Where is the place of receiving?

What Word?

Oh!  People of the world; those who despise the Rule of the Holy One.  What do you have to show for all your toil?

Your people melt in the streets from the demands you place upon them.  They rot in their flesh and soul, for the strength of your demands.  What do you have to show for all the chaos of your toil?

Isn’t the Word that can heal among you?  Isn’t the power of Salvation from God extended?

Why will you not take it?  Why will you not ask?  Why will you live like abandoned children?

Why will you honor the unholy gaggle that you yourselves have glorified?  Why will you not humble yourselves in prayer?

Why is the Holy Scripture left untouched, day after day?  Why do you not speak to one another about pure things?  Why are lies vastly more abundant than God’s commands?

See how you falter and fail.  See how you lack the strength to continue.  Yet you continue; as if this continuing is righteously demanded of every one of you.

The leaders of the people die.  They thirst and will not drink.  They hunger, yet waste away like those who fast to death.

The children are not fed, for the parents have no food.  Filth is the delicacy on the table at night.  Precious and good food is kept far from the front door to every house.

What more can be said to a people who desire death and abhor life?  Do you want a sweet word from the Living God’s Holy Son?  How shall He who tells the truth speak a lie?  You have what is true to say.