Conquer TIME

People like short and poignant observations.  They make it easy for us to agree and just move on.  They are like delicate carvings on the lid of a golden box.  Ya gotta open it up to see what’s inside.  Don’t be afraid of many words.  Isn’t that what’s in the box?

Reach forward.  Open this box.


The dashes represent our linear thoughts.  The solid line represents the unforgiving nature of time.

We are pathetic creatures who must reach, every moment, to our memory to add the next thought.  There is no such thing as multitasking.  We are only adding our thoughts together quicker.  Our ability to think more than one thought at a time is nothing more than an illusion.

And we are all aware that time never stops to wait for us.

If you make a mistake, time does not stop and wait for you to catch up.  If you try to think ahead, preparing an ease for your burden, time doesn’t nod with appreciation.  To us, time is a Relentless Beast.

To add to our trouble, our frantic “work” will run out.   All the while time itself will move on.  Struggling from birth to death, our lives end up a useless carcass.  Isn’t this the plight of life in this place?

Isn’t this the reason for Man’s expectations?  Isn’t this the reason for his frustration?  Isn’t this the reason for every act of violence, whether great or small?  In our frustration we lash out with whatever tools are at our disposal.   But time doesn’t even notice.

In all this however, time is not the enemy.  It is only the physical standard by which we measure our weakness.  It is only the physical standard by which we capture some perception of strength.  We are the ones who are weak, my friends.  Time is endlessly and ceaselessly strong.

You need help from beyond the boundaries of time.  You need help from the One who made time.  When do you need His help? 

All the time!

When should you call out to Him? 

All the time!

The Glorious One’s name is Jesus.  Of all the things we study, how important then does the study of God’s Holy Son become to us? 

It is inevitable that we will waste time.  But the measure of that waste belongs to us.  The Bible waits to be read.  God is patiently waiting for your prayers.  His generosity is waiting to gift you with immeasurably great things. 

Stand still.  Let time tick away.  Seek His face with great diligence.  Conquer time.

Frustration Unleashed

Not one single man has ever lived that was able to please the expectations of the Most High God.  I exclude the Holy Son of God from this mass of men, for he came from heaven and has ascended.  But not one man has ever done the will of the Holy Father in heaven.

Do you think you are a righteous man?  I’ll get right up into your face, eye to eye with vast boldness, and whisper through clenched teeth, “You are not”!  Respond as you will, I can’t afford to care.  Go ahead be offended.  What is that to me?  Hate me if you like, for saying this in your face.  With what payment can I be made to care?

Do you think these words are too harsh?  Do you think my boldness is unwarranted from a man?  You likely do.  Very likely.  And if you knew the man I used to be, you would hate me all the more.

Does it incense you, that a man should confront you like this?  Do you ponder my sanity?  Why would you not?  Today’s people simply don’t do such things, do they.

I have used soft words.  I have displayed my life openly to all.  I have served with the diligence of the Christ that lives in me.  Still it is as if no effect at all.

Is it hatred to accuse a man of the truth?  Isn’t it the love of God to let you hate me?

God Himself has spoken,  10 “None is righteous, no, not one;
11 no one understands;
no one seeks for God.
12 All have turned aside; together they have become worthless;
no one does good,
not even one.”
13 “Their throat is an open grave;
they use their tongues to deceive.”
“The venom of asps is under their lips.”
14 “Their mouth is full of curses and bitterness.”
15 “Their feet are swift to shed blood;
16 in their paths are ruin and misery,
17 and the way of peace they have not known.”
18 “There is no fear of God before their eyes.” (Romans 3)

Why should I beat around the bush, trying to flush you out?  Why should I not risk damage to myself and crawl in there to get you?  What is death to me?  

The hatred of man is not priceless!  With a few simple words I can purchase more than I can handle.  Of this commodity there seems to be no end.

It is right that I should be hated by men for speaking the truth with boldness.  For they hate the Living God and His Christ already.  How should his people be treated any differently?

Do you know that you will die if you do not turn to Christ Jesus?  Do you know that God will not accept the testimony of men in regard to their own righteousness?  Judgement Day is not a day for debate!  It is a day reserved, that men should receive the righteousness of God.

You have demanded that the gospel wear softer gloves, for you cannot bear harsh treatment.  And look how you’ve gotten your way! 

You filthy people who have perverted the Gospel of Christ!  You have loved men more than God!  You have feared what man can do to you more than you fear the Holy Living God!  And now you demand that I wear fuzzy gloves also?  I WILL NOT!

God does not want to see you die.  He has proven it by allowing man to murder his Holy Son.  And again he has proven it, by raising up men such as I.  (Of whom it can will be established, I am the least.)

If you will heed the warning, then good.  Join me in this bold proclamation which is the Christ of God.  If you desire to refuse, then by all means refuse.  This one day I have had my fill of wearing fuzzy gloves!

I have made a fool of myself here.  I have let my frustration be vented in your sight.  I care, but then I don’t.  For as I look around, this message is not being proclaimed with enough intensity to shake the world.  There are thousands of preachers who simply want everyone to “Just get along”.  And such things turn my stomach!  Don’t give me numbers!  Provide proof that the fruit of the Gospel is blatantly apparent in those you convert!

I write this propelled by mercy.  I do not hate my fellow men.  I gladly risk everything you can throw at me, if by chance one of you will humble yourself before the Living God’s Christ, and truly become his disciple.

May the will of God to save men be done.  May the Glory of Christ Jesus be furthered by my folly.


By His Grace


The Apostle Paul made tents.  The Apostle Peter was a fisherman.  There are not many of God’s people who inhabit glorious occupations.  And those who do are often assailed with temptation and corruption.  They are humble occupations which often provide for humble men.  For it is God’s will that his people become servants.

All day long people are irritated at big trucks.  They occupy their space with formidable threat. The trucks obscure one’s vision.  They always seem to be in the way.  You know sooner navigate around one truck and there appears another.  They are slow.  They are fearsome in their size.  When it rains they spew bath tubs of water on your windshield.  And when they blow a tire it seems all hell breaks loose.  Why would anyone not be frustrated by big trucks?

One would think that big trucks are an unholy aberration; frustration sent among men from the very bowels of hell.  In a large part men have no idea how correct that is.  In the beginning it was not God’s will that’s such things should be.

But do not judge the driver by the frustration he leaves in his wake.  And do not judge him when you see him dismount from his Stallion of Steel.  He is shabby in appearance; not at all the mountainous and evil man you presumed.  He is an emblem of surprise; that such a man should cause such havoc in your life.

All the while you are frustrated and on the verge of anger, you envision some hideous monster behind the wheel.  Surely he is full of hatred.  Surely he has no kin.  His mother was a rock in the forest.  And his father was but a needle pine.  He is a troll among men; a demon filled and pitiful excuse for a man.  No decent man would cause such pain.

I am a truck driver.  I take note of your fear and anxiety all day long.  I see that you are impatient.  I see that in your impatience you have no regard for law.  For you push with all your might just beyond what is lawful; that you may vanquish this enemy of rubber and steel.

But mercy attends my hands.  The Son of God sings beautiful things to my soul all day long. I spend my hours with no radio playing.  No one to speak wicked things to me.  And my days end as did the days of the Apostles’; in prayer of praise and thanks to the one who has delivered me from incident or injury to others.

I know you cannot help the way you feel.  Life demands a great deal.  But the next time you are navigating around a truck, consider that one of them contains the Holy Word of God.