Divine Intervention

Take a peek at the odds in gambling. They cannot fall in favor of the player. There are a limited number of variables in every game, yet those limited number of variables often devastate players

People call it luck. “Good luck” has risen to an almost God like blessing. People believe in luck far more than they believe in the divine intervention of God in every life.

Personally, I firmly believe there is no such thing as luck.

But think about this for a little while: if there was no divine intervention in the lives of every man woman and child, none of us but a very few would live past 30 days. How many would live to be 90 years old?


The Gambler

You sit at a slot machine.  You have invested your money in the hopes that you will get a great return.  Even the greatest fool hopes he will gain something.  Doesn’t such a man dream of Millions?

The Holy Lord Jesus has set us down at a feast of Eternal Truth, with all hope that he will receive a vast bounty from his expenditure.  He knows he has laid his valuables in the hands of Chaos.  But with all Eternal hope he looks with longing to see a WIN.

What does it feel like to lose at a slot machine?  Multiply that disappointment by eternity.  What does it feel like to lose potential?


Luck is for the faithless.

Among the blessed of Christ there is no such thing.

Luck is for the godless.

Among the godly, Christ is all.

Keep your hope that good things might happen,

All you who hold yourselves as gods.

For Christ is sovereign,

All in all,

For those to whom he has been revealed.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no such thing as luck.

By His Grace

Talk to the Hand

Stop! Now talk to the hand

Image by Daniel Dionne via Flickr

With the proper lawyer, enough money, or a good poker face, you might beat the IRS in a court battle.  In the litigation surrounding an incident between you and any other human being, you might succeed in gaining what is not rightfully yours.

But when it comes to the Judgment of God regarding you, the strength you depended on to beat your brothers out of money, power, social standing, or any other highly prized gem of this world will be lost.  Here we stand before men able to keep secrets.  There is no such thing as a secret before the Most High God.  Here, men know when they are using a lie to gain.  There, there will be no such tool of advantage available to anyone.

I urge all men to consider this truth.  For now you can wave all this off as foolishness.  When you appear before Him, there will be no “waving off”, or “Talk to the hand.”

By His Grace.