What is the Measure?

He moved into his new apartment. Of all the things he enjoyed, there was one new thing that intrigued him the most.  The kitchen faucet was different.

The first time he went for a glass of water, the faucet dispensed but a few drops.  Pulling his glass away, he turned it off then on again. A flow came out that would’ve filled his glass.  “How curious.”

He put his glass under the spigot again. Turning it on, he got one third glass of water.  

Over the next few weeks it was like that for him. He asked no one for help, simply enjoying the intrigue.

We approach God in prayer, asking for many things. By our faith we expect a response. And surely enough, we get one.

Sometimes it’s but a dribble.  Sometimes we ask, with the weakest of faith. We walk away from prayer missing the overflow he intended to give. Without possibility of explanation, we know what we missed.  So our intent to gain faith strengthens.

But the giving seems random, doesn’t it.

Here is the understanding I reach tonight. The sum of his giving to us is not found in the small experiences we receive. The sum is found where the sum belongs; at the end of our life.  

How many people give up because they are not satisfied with the small things he gives? Rather than remaining faithful, they turn away in disgust and futility. But the faithful remain, fully believing that God will accomplish those things he promised at the start.  

Of course I want you to ponder these things. Of course I wrote this so that we all might benefit for the sake of God’s glory in Jesus. But doesn’t it break down to this, it is up to each of us to develop the faithfulness required 

There is a wedding to attend. No wedding is complete without gifts.  And no gift will be accepted but those things which have come from God; The profitability of his Spirit at work in those who remain faithful.  Amass a mountain, or a mole hill if you will. But by all means and desire, bring him something.



     ​Did you know that the current divorce rate in America is 50%?
     I was thinking this morning about how I want my life to matter.  In the end, I came to the conclusion that I want to bring gifts to the Lord’s wedding.  It didn’t take a heartbeat for my mind to compare gifts at a wedding today with gifts at the wedding of the Lord.  
     People marry for their lifetime, at best.  The Lord’s wedding to his people will be a “once in eternity” event.  Never has it happened before, and never will it happen again.  It would be good to let that sink in.
     With divorce at 50%, what is the value of any gift we might bring to a wedding?  There’s a 50-50 chance they will only be useful in the division of things.  Our token of love might well become a token of division.
     But then it dawned on me, the importance of the Lord’s wedding to his people.  When the Lord marries us, it will be forever without the slightest chance of disillusionment.  What then is the value of the things I bring him on that Holy day?
     How do I bring him gifts?  What can my hands invent that I can bring him in my soul?  The Flesh, and all I can do,  will be nothing  on that day .  Nothing.  What then are these gifts I’m talking about?  Simply put, the gifts we bring the Lord are born of obedience to him today.  We bring honor to his wedding because we have let him do the work in us that brings his Father Glory.
     We know what he wants.  We know who he is.  And we know who he wants us to be.  I’m really not sure I need to say anymore.

Merry Christmas?

Is it ridiculous to say “Merry Christmas” to the rebellious souls of this world?  Someone would answer, “Why would you not put a smile on someone else’s face”?

Isn’t saying Merry Christmas to one who does not have eternal life in Christ, like trying to make a condemned prisoner smile by telling him the world will soon be rid of a murderer?  Do you really expect him to share in your joy?  Are you right to try to give him a hope that does not belong to him?

What does Merry Christmas mean?  Isn’t it that we take joy in the work of Christ within us?  Isn’t it that eternal life IS, because God cannot lie and has sealed his promise with the blood of His Holy and Righteous Son?  And doesn’t the promise from the Holy Spirit give us a quiet joy that is inexpressible to the ears of Man?  Isn’t this what Merry Christmas means?

For those who believe and receive His guidance toward righteousness and purity, indeed Christmas can be merry.  But for those who simply want a smile, a gift, and a good work, Christmas cannot be eternally merry.  It is impossible for such creatures to grasp the meaning of “Merry Christmas”.

I’m not saying we should be cruel.  But I am saying we should think about what tradition tells us to do.  Falsehood can come in a beautiful evening gown, dancing elegantly in a sparkling ballroom.  Do we really desire truth?

How unpopular this message must be for so many.

Ya is where ya is

In heaven, we are told, there are the least and there are the greatest among us.  There are certainly thrones for the greatest to inhabit.  And of the lesser places the Lord has said nothing, at least to my knowledge.

But every time the Lord addresses the positions in heaven, we hear him speak of the great things a man of God must be.  And why would he not do this in an attempt to provoke us to the best possible servant.

But what if a man takes a look at himself and sees a distinct lack before the Lord?  What if that man, with sorrow, realizes he cannot make the greatest distance?  He takes stock of what he has, and confesses to the Lord that he is of the lesser.

Isn’t it like man to give up if he cannot have all he wants?  But I have come to understand of valuable lesson in these things.

As the Kingdom of Heaven moves forward in this place of testing, isn’t there enough work for even the least to be involved?  It’s good to shoot for the good stuff.  But not many have the wherewithal to make that distance. What then, is a “poor boy” to do?

We will all take our place in the Kingdom of Heaven according to the wisdom of God in Christ.  And what man can say what that is?  As C. S. Lewis had once said, “There will be surprises”.

So rather than to dwell on the things we cannot accomplish, perhaps we would better spend our time seeking out the fullness for our current place.  There is work to be done.  There are gifts of God to receive.  And wallowing in self-awareness is not a wise use of our potential.

You might not raise the dead.  You might not preach a sermon, whether good or bad.  Right now you might be praying like a man with his mouth stuffed full of nuts.  Ok fine.  “Where ya find yaseff is where ya is.”

Up and at it boys!  Daylight’s a-burnin.  Somebody’s gotta run the ranch.  Somebody’s gotta go punch the Cows (Not literally of course) .  Somebody has to mend the fences.  There’s cookin, and cleanin, and tendin to do.  So come on.  Get out of here!   Let’s get busy!

By His Grace