The Coming Consumption

Inheritance is the wine.
Social order is the aging wine skin.

It’s nearly time to pour out the contents.
Lest the wine skin burst in a great torrent.

Grapes do not drink wine.
It is the caretakers who consume.

The wine does not know it is contained.
It only perceives itself as preeminent.

Still, the delicacy of human tradition will be poured out for consumption.
Each caretaker to consume his portion.

Who, among men, give this considerable thought?

To “Do”?

The day belongs to you, my God, Christ Jesus.  Then as is right to do, I present myself before you.

What shall I harvest? 
What seeds shall I plant? 
Shall I water,
Shall I weed,
Shall I plow,
Or shall I rant?

Shall I give strength to the weak?
Shall I humble the proud?
Shall I glorify the Living God out loud;

In word,
In deed,
In work,
In thought,
With all my soul attentive?

Or has my mind turned to works of man; that glory is mine on the day of presenting? 

Is not my place a special gift, as according to your wisdom you do?

To provoke,
To provide,
To prosper,
To hide,
All my ways within your Righteous blood.

This day belongs to you my God, Christ Jesus.  Do as you will with your servant, I stand as ready as you cause me to be.

By His Grace



Encased in forced waiting
The leaves crouch for spring.

Those curious buds from a stick.

What was rendered by autumn,
The end of the harvest,

Will blossom about, oh so thick!

Encased in forced waiting
Saved souls crouch for spring.

Those curious men like sticks.

What was rendered by autumn,
The end of the harvest,

Will blossom about, oh so thick!

By His Grace

Sheep for the Slaughter

Does a sheep wake in the morning and decide to provoke his wool to grow?  Does he consider man his friend and even a beloved one?  Does he say, “I love the people.  Come wool grow”?  Isn’t it true that the sheep’s, wool which provides for man, grows without the consent of the sheep?

Even the muscles on his bones, which provide meals, grows without the consent of the sheep.  Never once does the sheep consider the boiling water.  He is content to live and to eat.

In Christ we are as sheep for the slaughter.  How many Christians remember this?  Isn’t it true that we love the promise of eternal life, yet despise the nature of who we are called to be?  Haven’t we developed our own religion, labeling it Christianity?  And in this, haven’t we set our own expectations from God?

How quickly and easily the following Scripture is despatched from our memory.  But let us try to remember.

36 “Some faced jeers and flogging, and even chains and imprisonment. 37 They were put to death by stoning they were sawed in two; they were killed by the sword. They went about in sheepskins and goatskins, destitute, persecuted and mistreated 38 the world was not worthy of them. They wandered in deserts and mountains, living in caves and in holes in the ground.”  (Hebrews 11)  All of this because they obeyed the will of the Most High God.

There is such a thing as faulse persecution.  The place where we perceive others are against us, while no one pursues us for the things of God.  By our pride and greedy ownership, they come to take away what we have. 

But have we appropriated what is good from Jesus?  Have we gained so much from his willing hand that we are worthy to endure such great opposition from sinful men?  Or have we simply remembered the good promises, and like ghostly religions we have melded into society?

Now is our day to be as those for whom the world is unworthy.  Who is willing to step forward and claim such a place?  Who is willing to live that they may die?

They will not kill you because you are religious.  They will kill you because you are of God.  It is the truth of God men hate so much.  Sincerely, they couldn’t care less about a religious man.  Such a man may be an irritation,  but the truth of God is abhorred.

Jesus compared us to sheep.  But we should not be like wild sheep, free to roam anywhere they please.  We belong to a certain flock.  And of that flock man it is currently permitted to harvest.

By His Grace

The Annual Testimony

English: Fall leaves in Eugene, Oregon

English: Fall leaves in Eugene, Oregon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The trees have lost their leaves now.

The crumbling signs of a bountiful harvest produced in better times.

The children find great innocent joy as they play among the piles of testimony.

Even puppies laugh with voiceless mouths as they frolic in the stacks.

But the adults simply sweep them away as if a nuisance.

A stark reminder of knowledge they have gained as they have lived their years.

Purity will soon cover the ground; white and formidable landscape.

A promise yet to come regarding how purity will obscure and receive the harvest from that time of growth.

A Holy harvest approaches and is marked faithfully every year.

Hey, Look at Me! I’m a Grape!

Let’s put man in proper perspective.  The earth is the garden of God to raise a crop of people who will willingly worship Him in Spirit and in truth.  Often in the Bible we are compared to a crop.  It is as though we are grapes, for instance.  If you have an arbor of grapes, do you wail and cry when you pick a bunch of grapes?  Of course not.  They are designed and grown from your garden to consume them.  They provide something for your body after they are ripe and edible. 

A man of God realises that he is part of God’s crop.  He allows himself to be grown specifically to be harvested.  Harvest for us is the point of death.  It is at that point that God is harvesting our bodies to release the soul.  Ripe would be a term applied at the wisdom of God.  We are harvested when He determines it is time. 

Be careful not to consider yourself as anything more than a plant.  God is, in the end, the One who will decide your use to Him.  He is eternal.  We are the ones who are waiting to die.  That is, to be harvested for His Glory.  “What is man that you are mindful of him . . .”  Worship Him.  Serve Him.  It is for that purpose you were born.  And it is to Him that you will return.

By His Grace.