What Lives?

There is Beautiful.  

There is justice.  

There is purity.  

There is utter righteousness.  

It is not in religion; those things a man does because Beautiful is.  

It is at the table of the Living God.  

The place where millions come every morning and every night.  

Do not be ashamed of what you eat there.  

Of all the things you hold so dear, the meal prepared for you is an invitation to every man.  

Invite, speak well, encourage, offer the humility you have received.  

His name is Jesus.  

Come to him and live.  

What Kind of Legacy

We all want to leave a good legacy for our children. There is no better legacy to leave them than that our land should be filled with godly love.  

But godly love comes from God alone.  

What better work could we do than to seek God’s face with earnest boldness, willing to receive and sacrifice for his great glory? To purify ourselves by the reading of Scripture and diligent prayer. God will inhabit such people. Godly love will sprout like a healthy crop in spring. And the best legacy possible will be left to our children.  

Could there possibly be a better time?


Thinking about medicines. How we all wish there was one single pill you could take and everything would be great forever. That pill is called panacea. “The fix all to end all troubles.”  

This week I’ve been stuffed full of antibiotics. So I’ve given a Little thought about a panacea. Surprise! Wouldn’t it be great. But it’s just wishful thinking. There is no such pill. But there is a panacea.  

Everybody gets to take it. And it’s strength is endlessly useful. The funny thing is, no one seems to want to take it. But as soon as they do everything becomes perfectly right. It’s called death.  

At the moment we take it, everything is divided into the places it should be and will be forever. Everything evil goes to the place where everything evil belongs (The wastebasket of eternity). And the righteous are released into eternal glory and joy. It is so powerful that once you take it it can never be undertaken.  

Now that’s a panacea!   Who’s next?

Out of the Box

Out of the box.
Get out of the box of normal;
That crate in which your soul is being delivered.

Out of the box.
Get out of the box of normal;
The limits of creation that surround you.

What healthy man asks for healing?
When nothing is apparently wrong.
But when healthy tumbles out of the box, request for help explode.

Do you want to serve the Christ of God?
Do you desire to give honor to the King?
Then step out of the box of normal, into the realm of asking.

I need no faith to breathe.
I need no faith to make words.
I need a little faith to believe.
But I need his help to succeed.

Out of the box.
Get out of the box of normal.
Walk to the place of helpless abandon.
In that place you’ll see God speed.

By His Grace

How Much?

If you want to live forever, seek out Jesus the Christ of God.

If you want to serve Him faithfully, seek out Jesus the Christ of God.

What is the fullness that God is willing to give to man?  Seek out Jesus the Christ of God.  Only then can you begin to know.

If you think you “have”, seek out Jesus the Christ of God.

By His Grace

Victorious in Loss

Among people, who are those who suffer well?  It is those who own nothing of what they own.

These are prepared to lose everything, even while they have it all.  It is the one who is determined, while in wealth and health, to die penniless and miserable.  This one cannot be held hostage to expectations full of error.  If prosperity of possessions continues to a peaceful death in his own bed, such a one will have lived his life without fear of loss.

Though all he has is taken.  Though sickness viciously tears at his body.  Though the wicked greed of man rips his belongings from his control.  This one will prosper.

Yet is it enough to be stoic in our life?  Is it necessary to pass by the loaf of bread while you have money and hunger?  Is it right to purchase the rust bucket chariot so that you will suffer the pains of upkeep?  Is it required of us to live under a pile of leaves in a part of the forest we don’t, and can’t own?  Such people are not being responsible with what has been given them.

What provokes the Responsible life?  Is it the desire of a man to become completely humble among all men?  That mind-set is produced from the pride of life.  Pride can’t, by its very nature, produce humility.  Such a man might feel pretty proud of himself, after all, he has forsaken what other people crave.   But his humility is crushed by a whisper of pride.

Jesus provokes the true strength of life.  His strength in a man is beyond ALL the things of this world.  Because His teaching and “in dwelling” comes from Heaven; a place which has never entertained the temporary wealth of this place.  And NEVER will.

If we want to be strong.  If we want to endure with stellar conviction.  If we want to live that “over coming” life, we will have to appropriate the teaching and character of the Lord Jesus.  While we live in relative peace, it is best to be prepared for the worst.  Let us not compile “things” so that we will be able to endure hardship.  Let us prepare our heart to be God’s champion, even if the entire world comes after us.

How does cancer become a trophy to be desired?  How does molestation become a crown of joy?  How does losing our job, or place in the family,  become a stepping stone to eternally born victory?  All these things, and the myriad of things that can happen to a person, become glory when we embrace failure.  We love our weakness, because it gives us an opportunity to overcome!  Even our own sins can become trophies of Grace.  Such things  can produce a certain kind of humility that cannot be manufactured by the desire of a man.  Nor can it be purchased by any of our possessions.

We encounter hardship for the sake of Christ.  We encounter hardship for the sake of testifying that God’s love and promise are vastly more, and true, than anything the world can provide.  We testify that life can be lived, even while this world has strapped us to a post in the middle of a raging fire.  We can clap our charred hands, even while the skin of our bodies walks toward becoming a lump of coal.  Thus, we encourage others to love the God who bestows such incredible strength.

Let us testify that God in us, is greater than all things.  Prosperity, health, wealth, sickness, persecution, joy, poverty, alienation, or fame,  cannot take away the riches of Christ in any man!  It is the man who counts any of these things as more valuable or stronger than the promise of God.  This is the one who will likely lose it ALL.