Where y’all going?

“Are you going to go to heaven?” Someone may ask you that. It’s the answer that I find very interesting. Perhaps we say “yes”. But isn’t that where our minds stop?

It’s not the arriving my friends. It’s the remaining.   We don’t go to heaven as if we mark it on our bucket list; as if someplace we have always wanted to go. 

 Those who trust the Lord Jesus, and count Him as their God, will THERE remain. His promise is to take us to a place we have never seen nor imagined.  Isn’t that true?

One might dare to say, “I’m already there”.  Isn’t his promise that solid and sure?


He gives man a place to do as a man pleases.  

Wickedness thrives and the bloodshed is plentiful; blood of body, blood of soul, blood of mind, heart, and righteous potential.  

But a moment comes.

The soul of every man is required.  

Judgment is made, the man is sent to his proper place; his mouth shut, his hands bound forever.  

Desire and prosper in what you will.  

The Lord has desired and will prosper far above your reach.  

Snatched away in a moment, eternity obeys God’s will.  

The Road

The materials we use to build a road are worthless, and we consider them worthless. Except for the expense of labor and machinery, there is no value in asphalt. It’s just a mixture of tar and rock.  

But come with me in your mind. Look at the streets of heaven. God is the living God. And in his kingdom there is no worthlessness. Everything is of him. Even his streets.  I surmise that everything in heaven is living.  And that there is no such thing as worthlessness.  

What do we know about such a place as this? We travel all the roads without a single thought to the surface we are riding on. We throw trash out the window not the slightest concerned that we are making the road filthy. And every inch we travel is forgotten before we get to it.  

Let me make a leap in thought. If this is the condition of difference between our world and the kingdom of heaven, what do we know about God’s righteousness? If we can’t even conceive the nature of God’s streets, how can we hope to understand the nature of his glorious sacrifice?

Like our roads, we know about Jesus. But isn’t it true that before we experience one moment of his glory, it is forgotten in the chaos of the day?

If we try to think on these things to deeply our brain just gives up. The best we can do is give him the best place of honor in everything that we are.  

I’m not going to go into the contrast between how the world treats Jesus and how we should treat Jesus. But I sense how radically astounding the difference is.  

Familiar Words

In just a short while you will not be here on this earth.  Ask any older person, they never thought they would be as old as they are.  Ask them again, they’ll tell you they regret a number of their choices.  Then press them about what’s absolutely going to come.  If they’re honest, they’ll tell you they know their soul will go back to the one who made it.  

Newsflash!  You’re going to die.  

Extra! Extra!  It will be done to you as you have believed and done in your life.  

Unspeakably astounding proclamation: God has prepared a way to make your death awesomely joyful!


Most people are going to regret their choices for eternity.  What about you?  Do you know what God has done for his glory in Jesus, his holy and righteous son?   I can’t urge you strongly enough, dig into it before your final day arrives.  

There’s no need for you to be filled with regret for eternity.  God, in Jesus, can make your life righteous and holy.  You do not need to appear before God covered in shame.  Believe the gospel and live!  Ignore the message, and you remain like you are forever.  


I was listening to psalm 24. Afterword I thought, “I should say something about this”. But what do I have to say about anything?

Good or bad, I looked in my mind to see how anything I might say would be received. That didn’t help.  

My mind walked away from testimony with disgust. I saw how people treat the King of Glory. I remember how people treat anyone who will speak about him with a good report. Then I saw what people praise; the strong, the beautiful, the rich, the popular, the amazing, all things Man.  

Standing before the words of God is astounding. Looking back at the filth of Man is heartbreaking.  

No! I’ve said enough.  


For every shadow cast there is a light.  The very best of Man’s things are nothing but a shadow of the Living God’s beautiful Son. 

It’s easy to see the shadows.  Have you looked intently and long into the light that makes them?

The shadows will be dispelled.  Soon they will not exist.  What will become of people have never sought the light?  

Nothing familiar.  Abject blindness in a place a perfect sight.  

And what of those who reject the entrancing nature of shadows?   What of those whose eyes are accustomed to the place where they are going?

Perfect sight.  Perfect joy.  Perfect peace.  Accustomed , as they are, to search for what is true.

Does this apply to  you?