The Lord, The Sovereign Lord, the Source of life, ever-present Righteousness, Glorious mercy and justice.  He has all things, doesn’t he?  He lacks nothing, how true.  That’s what Sovereign means.

But let me speak to the rich man.  Let me speak to the perverted drunk.  Let me speak to the beautiful woman.  Let me speak to the greasy whore.  Let me speak to all those who have a place among Man, whether glorified or horrified; those with clean hands and those whose hands are covered with blood.

God has all things for he is all things.  Yet what he does not have, he has poured out his life to gain.  He does not have your love.  He does not take first place in all your days, though he is first in all eternity.  All creation honors His Holy Name, except here.  His name is Jesus the Christ, look into it.

“You ask too much of us!  You sit in your religious Chapel, carved of pure Ivory, and judge us.  You have forgotten the demands of life that are far more then we can bear.  We cannot put God first we must defend our home!”

Your home?  Your home is a soleless pair of old shoes.  Your home is a worn-out pair of jeans filled with holes, and leaving your buttocks bare.  Your home is an umbrella missing it’s purposed fabric.  Your home is a cave filled with Wolverines and poisonous snakes.   The floor of your home cannot be cleaned!   Why can’t you smell the stench of your household enemy’s feces, which lay in the crags you can’t reach?  Precious place, isn’t it, this place you call your home.  The place where you fear even in what you call solace.  You light a lamp, but still darkness pervades.

8 “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.”  (Micah 6)

He is your potential friend.  He is your potential Guardian.  Already he provides what you call your home. 

Who causes the lava to harden?  Who plants the seed of a tree in its craggy niches?  Who brings the beautiful erosion to cause a paradise?  Who gave you this place?  Who dressed you with skin?  Yet you would fear and keep him far from you?

Trust him and do the things that belong to him.  Then you will have a home that is not filled with stench and death.  Your home provides you no pact with death.

A Bear of a Time

Psychology only tells you what’s wrong.  It may or may not be able to identify how the wrong got there.  But it has no strength to help you defeat what’s wrong inside of you.

You’re in the woods.  You see the grizzly bear.  You know he sees you.  You know you’re about to die.  What good does all that knowledge have, if you can’t destroy the grizzly bear?  You need a gun, not knowledge.

Christ is the power to overcome your troubles.  He not only knows what’s wrong, and knows how it got there, he knows how to fix you from the inside out. 

Turning to psychology won’t help you.  Turning to religion won’t help you.  Turning to pacifiers of every sort, won’t help you.  Turning to the Living God’s Holy Son in prayer can help you.

By His Grace

The Remedy

Oh how the list grows long, when people let the world get them down.

The remedies range from busy to murder, from sleep to whatever is found.

I have tried them all, short of blood on my hands.

From drugs, to the movies, and nothing commands

My joy.

Do you dare hear my words, will you let them be true?

Or must trial and error come visit you too?

To enjoin my heart to remember, His word, Holy firm as spoken.

To consider his promise established, and never, no never, be broken.

Then to speak with my mouth, a request to the Lord.

Revealing my heart as he sees:

“Come help me my God lest the darkness surround me.

Come grant me your promise of peace.

There is quite nothing here that can equally blessed me,

As when you’re sweet presence, kills fear .”

You don’t need the drugs, nor trifles, nor murder, when gloominess calls your name.

He responds to the earnest, the humble, contrite, who call for relief from the games.

His name is Christ Jesus, compassion his fame.

Those who call out in earnest, restrain.

By His Grace

The Dent

There’s a dent in my hand,

In the palm near the side. 

I did not know it was there. 
But to my surprise,

A glorious great joy

Has appeared!

An object was taken by prayer. 

It does not impede my usefulness. 

To the contrary,

Now I can work.

But I marvel at the dent,

As it is;

That mark that had gone unnoticed. 

It has distinct markings

Of a well worn rope. 

Well formed calluses tell the tale.

I would never have known

The dent was there,

But that He took from me

A great heavy care. 

How pleased now

Is my soul to see!

To take note that He

Has sprung me


To serve him faithfully!

What would you have

My dear friend,

Oh so loving,

Dear friend?

Oh I’m willing! 

Employ me.

Restrained as I was,

The profit was half. 

But now when I lift my arms,

They extend to equal length. 

Now each

Embrace of Mercy is full.

Glory to God in the highest! 
All praise to his Holy Son!

He has set millions free for his service!

And now I perceive I am one!

By His Grace

The Profitable Child

I considered myself wealthy.  So much that I could not spend all that I had.  So desire was conceived in me to raise up the child.

I am no amoeba.  And I have no partner in “The love”.  So I ask the Holy One to give me a child.

His response was quick and the child was born far before its time.  It was born in the night when my strength was spent.  So I put the child to rest and went to rest myself.

In the morning I woke to see my child in the daylight.  With my mind and eyes sharpened, the vision came much clearer.  To the eyes of man this child is ugly, misshapen and obscure.  But to my eyes of love and desire it is beautiful to behold.

There is no place of nursing.  The child is able to fend for itself.  The birthing was longer than the child’s maturity took.  So I gave it clothing and set it on its way.

My desire for a child was not that I may have a place to love, but that my Lord may benefit from my life.

So now the child is set among the many.  Let it be gawked at.  Let it find ridicule.  Or let it be embraced and cherished.  The child belongs to the Lord.

He has given me my desire that he may have his.  And in our mutual desire, many others prosper also.

As oddly as the child was conceived, so is its name.  As is its state of letting go, so is the place it remains.  Maturity, prominence, acceptance or rejection, who cares?  Let those who love him benefit.

This is the name of the child:  https://hiwaychristian.wordpress.com/2014/11/03/the-righteous-state/

By His Grace

The word

The Word is life.  The Word is joy.  The Word is hope and help.  How should those who have received any portion of all that keep it to themselves?

We moan and groan at the display of wickedness among men.  Have we discharge our duty to share what we know?

The world hates God because it is blind.  A simple fearless word to them can begin the opening of the eyes.  But if we keep our mouths shut, can we truly say we see?  If we live in fear have we appropriated grace?