Hidden? No.

They hide behind their eyes;
Concealing their perceptions.

They hide behind their ears;
Morphing what they heard.

They hide behind their arms;
A fake embrace of welcome.

They hide behind their handshake;
Never intending to fulfill their agreement.

They hide behind their lips;
Speaking golden liquid words.

In this they hide from God’s people.  Yet truth reveals enough.

But they cannot hide from God.

If they hide from his people, what will they do when they are face to face with he who has seen all?


There, it is.

I look within myself, and I find it.  I look at the words of every man, and I find it.  I look at my errant deeds and I find it.  I look at the errant deeds of all men, and I find it. 

It is in the words of the wicked.  It is in the words of the socially righteous.  It is there in every advertisement for profit.  It is in every enticement to sin.  It is in every political statement and desire.  And to the great shame of humanity it is in every religion of man.

What am I finding that is so very replete?  What is it among men that can be so very blatant, yet so incredibly and deftly hidden?  Every man is blind and deaf to its presence.  Yet by his words and deeds his agreement is obvious.

Every man who has ever lived, has desired to put Christ last.  Only those who are driven by the Holy Spirit of God, rightly desire to put Christ in his proper place as First.  Everyone on earth, and everything of men, disagrees with the Glory of Christ Jesus.

Do yourself a favor and ask why.  The Living God, the Holy Father of all life, has put his Holy Son as first of all things.  At the unveiling of Glory, every men will perceive his irrevocable Kingship.  And what a great surprise it will be.  Yes, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

By His Grace

A Purposeful Tongue Lashing

How many times do the people of God need to be encouraged before they will take the mantle of the Gospel upon their shoulders?  How easy it is to encourage them to be lax in the things of the Most High God.  They readily embrace social peace.  But war against what is wicked is relegated to a tiny few.

As a child abhores spinach, yet craves the sweetness of sugar, so the people of God have sought peace with the wicked.  And as the sugar will rot the teeth of the child, so this craving for peace has rotted the Church of God.  Where is the healthy mouth?

It is ridiculous to make a call for action for the entire Church.  But let those with understanding mount up for the sake of the Gospel!  To prayer with all of us!  To the things of God, with godly zeal, with every willing man and woman of God!

Let us open our eyes and look around.  Witness the compromise!  Take note of what is unholy.  See how the things of the Glorious Lord Jesus have been brought to such a small affair.  It is considered a trophy to attend church twice a year!  It is considered holy restraint to keep your lips sealed among the wicked!

How near the end of things must it be, that the church has become so complacent?  Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Valentine’s Day, and so many more, have taken the place of the crucifixion and the resurrection.  And suffering for the name of Christ Jesus has become an abhorrent obsession of a few.

So many Bibles in the world, yet so very few read and understand.  So much time for prayer, yet there is hardly a flake of callus on the knees of God’s people.  So many opportunities to speak out against wickedness, yet you would think Christians are mute; at baptism God rips the tongue out of the man!

If now is not the time to rise up for Christ, tell me when it will come upon us.  What are the signs I should look for, that I might see an explosion of zeal for the Living God’s Christ?  Who, among the children of God, will rise up and embrace the things of Jesus?  And do we need to wait another 7 days for this to happen?  Is it necessary to wait even another 10 minutes!

Who will come and die with Christ?  Who will render his life to prayer, a serious and diligent study of the Word of God, and become an ambassador to the Holy Lord Jesus in this wicked and adulterous place?

Is it true that it takes imprisonment to wake up a soul for Christ?  Will you wait for a house to house search before you commit to a boldness for Christianity?  What are you waiting for?  Define the obstacle so that we can speak of it openly!

Look how foreign these words are among what is called civilized Christians.  So very well dressed on Sunday.  But so putrid against holiness throughout the week. 

The debate among God’s people is not directed at how brightly we should burn.  It is more the focus of what can we get away with.  Where is the holy and burning fire of obedience among Christians today?  Has it not been replaced by wealth, social integration, and dedicated complacency?  Unholy lies dance in our streets!  Children murder one another!  And if one man is caught spreading the Gospel, all Christianity feels vindicated!

Decide for yourself if this is right.  Why should we listen any longer to words of restraint?  Who elected the cowards as our leaders?  Will God not support and catch those who step out from the cowering crowd?  Or has faith in Christ really become such a rare and elusive animal?

I am so tired of watching us hide.  It is sickening to the stomach to see the Glorious Lord Jesus hidden like some abomination among men; as if he had been a rapist, a thief, a murderer, and every other wicked thing!  Do you really think God will honor such purposeful obscurity?

By His Grace

Hide These Here

Like all men did I wander, through a dusty blowing land.

Unable to know just where I go, my sight reduced to my trembling hand.

But one Great moment appeared to me, the Holy One came near.

He gave me precious things to own, and bid me “Hide these here”.

So all the days I’ve left to own, are filled with placing dearly:

The proclamation that He Is, and guides so very nearly.

By His Grace

Things Held Secret.

Stories, movies, rumors, whispers, guessing, and foolishness, all surround God’s will.  Man seeks to know Him and there are surprisingly few who learn to know Him.  Yet His ways and will are plain to all men. 

A whole lot of speculation has gathered together in this age.  People making statements about some “secret” they’ve learned.  They write books and make lots of money by peddling their “secret”.  Yet the attributes of God remain open for all who would earnestly seek Him. 

I stepped out to start my day with prayer.  I looked at the bright stars then caught myself.  The fascination with the things created began to capture my attention as I prayed.  But it’s not in those things we see that we find God.  So much for the naturalists approach to Holiness.  I turned my attention to that place in me where I am allowed to cross infinity to meet Him at His Holy Throne. 

Here, we struggle with the blindness God has ordained for man.  And once we begin to see with the eyes of faith we are encompassed by the real secret.  God is not a secret.  And He does not hide Himself from us.  It is we who remain secretive and hidden.  I struggle, as do all who know Him and try to tell His story.  But it’s not a struggle of knowing Him.  It’s a struggle of how to tell His story to a blind people. 

Jesus often said, ““What is the kingdom of God like? What shall I compare it to?”  Even Jesus, who created all heaven and earth was a bit stumped in telling us about what is real.  He was not stumped because He is limited in His abilities.  He found it difficult to tell man what was true because man is so horribly locked in sinful thoughts and realities. 

We are lost in a sea of speculation and confusion regarding the majesty of God.  And this sea causes us all manner of pain.  So I write and write and write trying to capture the unseen nature of He who loves.  The battle between waking up my brothers and rendering a true picture of God’s nature is a sincere war.  Those who Know Him through Jesus are really put to the great task of telling others.  What you read in this blog represents my utmost desire to communicate with a people locked in sin.  I speak as I can.  But it would be best if the reader would seek and find Him. 

So three things result from this post: 

1. I know God the Father and what has been revealed to man through Jesus, the Christ of God.

2. This knowledge is beautifully beyond our ability to voice to others because of  the sinfulness of man.

3. Knowing God and His Holy will and attributes is an intensely personal task.

I cannot give you what I know.  You must receive it from Him.  Then we can speak together of the beauties we find.

By His Grace.