The Message Lives


11 “Truly, truly, I say to you, we speak of what we know, and bear witness to what we have seen, but you do not receive our testimony. 12 If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things? 13 No one has ascended into heaven except he who descended from heaven, the Son of Man. 14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, 15 that whoever believes in him may have eternal life.” (John 3)

We do not speak of our glory; as if we are excellent examples of humanity, or heavenly beings sent to earth.  No, we witness to He who alone is Good.  We speak of the Righteousness of God; the Holy Son of God, Jesus.

We testify that Jesus, the Christ, is the singular way to eternal life.  Not only that, but we testify that Jesus will endow His people with power to overcome sins and master temptation.  In the process of this release, His people find companionship with the Holy Father of Life.  As the Sovereign God is eternal, Christ’s people are given eternal life; though they die in the flesh, they shall never die again.  This is the work of Christ in the souls of man.

If, in your looking around, you do not witness those who call themselves Christians overcoming, the message of the Gospel is not lessened.  For the Word of the Gospel does not have its root in the mannerisms of those who call themselves Christians.

The message is an eternal message.  It was before anything was made.  It will be long after all the things of this world, and even creation itself, is utterly destroyed.

Look to the message, do not keep your eyes on Christians.  For each Christian is but a witness to the truth, regardless the fullness of his witness.  The truth lives regardless the measure each Christian applies it.

Deal with it.  It’s your personal responsibility to look into these things.  God will not entertain blame on the Great, Holy, and Terrible day of judgment.  You have a mind.  You have eyes.  You have ears and a tongue.  You have hands.  And the Holy Word of the Bible is not too far beyond your reach to grasp.  Either you desire eternal life, thus looking into these things, or you desire the way things are with you now.

I have witnessed to the truth here.  It will not be taken out-of-the-way of man until the Lord returns to take His people, and seal this place for destruction.  What day that is, no man knows.  But it will surely come, even as your own death will usher you into the Judgment Day of God.

The witness about Jesus is quite abundant in this world.  But the day will come when the message of witness will draw silent.  The pleasure of Man will hold a short-lived triumph.  Grasp it while it is still offered; before the Holy Door is slammed closed on the souls of men.  Believe in the Holy Son of God, or perish in the sinful disrepair that is the flesh and soul of man without the power of God in Christ.

No one can understand these things unless the Holy Father opens their soul to receive it.  Pray, then, that God will open your soul to understanding.  Humble yourself before the Living God, that in due time He will lift you up.




There, it is.

I look within myself, and I find it.  I look at the words of every man, and I find it.  I look at my errant deeds and I find it.  I look at the errant deeds of all men, and I find it. 

It is in the words of the wicked.  It is in the words of the socially righteous.  It is there in every advertisement for profit.  It is in every enticement to sin.  It is in every political statement and desire.  And to the great shame of humanity it is in every religion of man.

What am I finding that is so very replete?  What is it among men that can be so very blatant, yet so incredibly and deftly hidden?  Every man is blind and deaf to its presence.  Yet by his words and deeds his agreement is obvious.

Every man who has ever lived, has desired to put Christ last.  Only those who are driven by the Holy Spirit of God, rightly desire to put Christ in his proper place as First.  Everyone on earth, and everything of men, disagrees with the Glory of Christ Jesus.

Do yourself a favor and ask why.  The Living God, the Holy Father of all life, has put his Holy Son as first of all things.  At the unveiling of Glory, every men will perceive his irrevocable Kingship.  And what a great surprise it will be.  Yes, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

By His Grace

Within the Tabernacle

In this city of holy testing; this town of temptation, there is a tabernacle of God.  This is a place where the children of God; brothers and sisters alike in soul, come to fellowship in what is holy and good.

This tabernacle is placed; built by the Holy Lord Himself, upon the very street where men pass by.  These men, who pass by, go to do their doings; to yearn and follow after the things of sin.

Their passing is a temptation; they pass by without consideration of what lay beyond the Holy door.

Let their passing escape my eyes.  Do not let the sound of their feet reach my ears.  Restrain my eyes from the windows, let them be stained with the exquisite blood of my Lord.


Restrain me, O’ Lord of Life!  Place my back to the door.  Present Your Holiness to me.  I will be overcome with awe.  My knees will buckle and I will bow with a sudden falling.

You alone are life.  Those who pass by are of the land of death.  Dress me in Hope, and I will live in the land of the living.

Let the Gold of your Holy Temple instruct my desire.  Let me crave the fullness you have promised.


I speak many words before you.  But they are not many because I doubt you hear me.  They are many as I encounter your Holy Law.

I am caused to reach up with vigor.  Zeal consumes me.  Holy zeal provides a hurricane of words.

I am not void, for I am here in your Holy Place.  But hunger, thirst and ceaseless praise attends my heart.

By Your Holy Grace I seek your precious face.  By Your Holy Grace I reach to you.


“My Grace is sufficient for you.  For in your weakness my strength is made perfect.”

Then, by all means, let your Holy Wisdom know the limit.  Yet I will crave Your Holy Way.


You are God.  You are the Living God.  You are established from ages past, even to forever.  You will never cease, yet I must die to join you where you are.

May Your Holy Will be done forever.  For You alone are Good and True.

By the Holy and complete Sacrifice of Your Holy Son, I speak these things from within the tabernacle You yourself have built.  You have done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.


Amen, Amen, and Amen!

While You Slept (a prayer for help)

While you slept I could not.  But my waking was not as it is in the city that never sleeps.  For there they plot to maintain their wealth.  There they plot to cheat, murder, rape, and gain what does not satisfy.  Their waking is to flesh.  Not so with mine.

My heart has heard the warning of demise.  The words come from Holy lips.  But the sound is softer than the landing of a feather.  It is a whisper.  Yet the gravity of their sum is like the sounding of a cannon.  So I do not sleep.

Perhaps to pray, a sufficient response and expected.  But does prayer require bent knee?   How, then, could we obey what is spoken to us, “pray without ceasing” ?   No.  Prayer is here with you now as you read this.  Our hearts are bent together in unified terror for the losses most certainly to come.  As reeds in a wind storm, let our hearts bend toward The Holy Throne.

This I will offer.  “Amen” if you agree.  Then, if the burden finds root in your soul also, leave your own words to Him here that we might mutually agree.

“O’ Holy Father in heaven,  Yours is might of might.  It is said of Your Holy Son that He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  So it is.  For this He is worthy.  For He is the exact representation of You, His Father.  What we see in Him is that of You.

You teach us to love as You love Your Son.  So be it!  This is good and right.   You teach us to care for the weak.  We watch You raise up help for all men in need.  You show us how to be kind to our enemies, for we witness how you provide food, clothing, shelter and strength to those who abhor Your Holy ways.  We witness these things and stand in awe Your Majestic heart.

Father, our nation is willingly killing itself.  Your people are to blame.  We shut up Your perfect words behind closed doors on Sunday morning.  We said little or nothing as the nation around us began to decay.   Now, You have allowed liars to lead us the rest of the way to destruction.  We did not keep Your word.  We counted Your mercy as if You would shelter our sin.  May that NEVER be!

Now, I present these words of truth to You and all who will read them.  We ask that we be shown if there is anything that can be done to save this place from what is beginning to take shape.

“Horror approaches.  Godless days among the godless!”


You rightfully ask, “Do you love Me more than these”.  Yet when asked if fire should be called down on the wicked, we were told we do not know the God we serve.

Holy Father, You are mercy!   Kick Your people awake as was done to Peter.  Open the steel bars over our sleep encrusted eyes.  Show us our sin and folly.  We have neglected what is our duty before You.

Lord, You are tender.  Your touch is life and precious.  Please touch us.  Your name is Jesus.  You are the God who saves.  We ask, humbly and with understanding, please wake us.

By Your Grace.  Amen.

The Time Has Appeared

Fire consuming an old brochure

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Holy Father, they die all around me.  I see with eyes not my own.  I hear the cries they do not cry.  I feel the shaking of earth from the horror in their breasts.  How they cower in the light!  And how terrible it is for them.  They have met the God they have spurned.  With no place to hide they now beg for mercy.  But no mercy will be extended.

I do not accuse Your Holy ways for the terror that now belongs to them.  You have spoken from the time of Adam to now.  But they have refused to listen.  Now they face You on a foreign ground.  They are overcome by eternity.  Before my eyes they stand with a consuming fire.  Their guilt melts their flesh with fear.  And all this they endure because they desired rebellion over Your Holy Ways.

Please Father in heaven, dress me to deliver the message of sure doom to a people without ears.  No man perceives Your Holy Son unless You open their eyes.  I ask You to go before me that I might not walk in vain.

By Your Great Grace I pray.



No Legs to Stand

You thought you were expected to right all wrongs.

You considered the power of God a “noneffect”.

It was written about you,

“They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly.”

Then you will stand and present yourself for inspection.

You will give account of yourself and all the things you thought you did with righteousness.

But what will be said?

Perhaps you will say that you gathered all information and stood your ground against wrongs.

Perhaps you will point to others and say that they did not allow you to perform godly actions.

Perhaps you will render all your deeds and realize that God was not part of any of them.

When you are asked to give account of yourself, what pocket will you reach into to draw proof?

What chance will you have to say, “May I have a moment to reflect?”

Your tongue will betray your fear and words will come regardless your desire to stem their tide.

Before Him you are standing, on that day.

He who has provided the power to accomplish God’s will.

But you decided here to do all things according to your own imagination.

You read the Bible and determined that you could obey the Holy Law of God.

How’s that working out for you?

You see social injustice and take it upon yourself to correct the flood of lawless men.

You made a “good” life for yourself and your family.

And it is your hands which have constructed the house you now live in.

Have you never heard the Gospel?

Will you recount, on that day, that everything you have to present to the Holy Father has been done by Jesus His Son?

Perhaps you have not heard this:

 Unless the LORD builds the house,
   the builders labor in vain.
Unless the LORD watches over the city,
   the guards stand watch in vain.
In vain you rise early
   and stay up late,
toiling for food to eat—
   for he grants sleep to those he loves.

May God grant you understanding before you stand before Him.