The Power of the Powerless

It is easy for men to divide themselves from those who are wicked.  All it takes are codes of behavior in society, enough money to build fine neighborhoods, and lawful force to deter.  Division is made, and the wicked are forced to live in squalor. 

At their choosing, they can move one of their righteous to the squalor of the wicked.  Or they can elevate a wicked man to a place of prominence.  Why just look at the power they can wield!

But there is an abhorrent  behavior (among men) which they have no power against.  And oh how it galls both the righteous and the wicked to be so powerless. 

They entice with money, but it does no good.  They coerce with position, but it does not end well.  They threaten with squalor, but the victim only smiles. 

They are powerless against the Spirit of God in a man. 

When a man’s soul is set on fire by God, silence is not an option.  Money has no strength against the desire to glorify the Lord Jesus.  And from the fire of God within, the wickedness of man is to profuce to ignore!

They may offer such a man a position among them.  But they will quickly withdraw the offer when they see it has not accomplished the “beautiful” destruction.

They are not allowed to imprison him because of his words (Not today, anyway.)  They are not allowed to beat him into submission.  (As if that were possible.)  They are not allowed to murder him.  All they can do is hope God will take his servant home soon.

By His Grace

Even Me

Reflection from today’s Bible reading:

Yes, even the one who writes this.  Even he will be brought low.  The evil that is in Him will be purged; a consuming fire will burn it away, from the present and from eternity.

Pride will be crushed.  There will be no foothold for it to climb the Holy Mountain of God.  The narrow mindedness of unholy desire will be set on fire.  And what remains will undergo refinement.

Even the one who writes this, will succumb to the Glory of the Sovereign God.  For God’s judgment is against all wickedness in all men.  And he will bring Man’s state of affairs to an abrupt end.

There will be no further place where the Word of God is wedged between brothers for the sake of gain.  For even now many use the word of God to subject their brothers to shame.  Secretly in their hearts they keep count of their victims.  Trophies of battle, line the shelves of their halls.  They have converted what is Holy to what is obscene.  And the Most High God is witness to it all.

Divide, divide, cutaway at one another.  There is a place of judgment.  And even the one who writes this will be purified.  God is no respecter of man.

The pride of life enters into a man’s things, like fine dust in an unkempt house.  Who is he that is diligent to clean?  Who is he who opens the drapes that the light of Righteousness might expose his filth?  Who is he who cleans his house so that the consuming fire will have less to consume?  For everyone will be bathed in the Holy Fire of God’s righteous judgment.

No religion will shield you.  For not one man does the Holy laws he holds up for others to see.  Woe to all men for the sake of their pride.  Blessings and peace belong exclusively to those who do the will of God in Christ Jesus, His holy and Righteous Son.  Yet every man will be cleansed in regard to what remains.

The motivation of the heart will be exposed.  The secret desires spilled out.  It will come upon the righteous.  It will envelop the most wicked.  And all those in between will be dealt with in truth and righteousness.  Yes, even upon the one who writes this.

By His Grace

Within the Tabernacle

In this city of holy testing; this town of temptation, there is a tabernacle of God.  This is a place where the children of God; brothers and sisters alike in soul, come to fellowship in what is holy and good.

This tabernacle is placed; built by the Holy Lord Himself, upon the very street where men pass by.  These men, who pass by, go to do their doings; to yearn and follow after the things of sin.

Their passing is a temptation; they pass by without consideration of what lay beyond the Holy door.

Let their passing escape my eyes.  Do not let the sound of their feet reach my ears.  Restrain my eyes from the windows, let them be stained with the exquisite blood of my Lord.


Restrain me, O’ Lord of Life!  Place my back to the door.  Present Your Holiness to me.  I will be overcome with awe.  My knees will buckle and I will bow with a sudden falling.

You alone are life.  Those who pass by are of the land of death.  Dress me in Hope, and I will live in the land of the living.

Let the Gold of your Holy Temple instruct my desire.  Let me crave the fullness you have promised.


I speak many words before you.  But they are not many because I doubt you hear me.  They are many as I encounter your Holy Law.

I am caused to reach up with vigor.  Zeal consumes me.  Holy zeal provides a hurricane of words.

I am not void, for I am here in your Holy Place.  But hunger, thirst and ceaseless praise attends my heart.

By Your Holy Grace I seek your precious face.  By Your Holy Grace I reach to you.


“My Grace is sufficient for you.  For in your weakness my strength is made perfect.”

Then, by all means, let your Holy Wisdom know the limit.  Yet I will crave Your Holy Way.


You are God.  You are the Living God.  You are established from ages past, even to forever.  You will never cease, yet I must die to join you where you are.

May Your Holy Will be done forever.  For You alone are Good and True.

By the Holy and complete Sacrifice of Your Holy Son, I speak these things from within the tabernacle You yourself have built.  You have done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.


Amen, Amen, and Amen!

Mount Sinai

Every man has witnessed Mount Sinai.  It stands tall enough for everyman to see.  It is a Holy place.  The peak of which burns intensly with Holy Fire.  Many are drawn to it because of its blazing glory. Do not desire to climb it!

God has called one man to stand near its peak.  He delivered to that man the things he desired to give.  If you climb it you will die.  For the LAW of God makes no room for even a shadow of wickedness.

Read what Moses has brought back.  Consider yourself carefully; can you do the entire law?  Have you done what is perfect from birth?  Can you assail Mount Sinai without failing?  If not you will die.  Everyone who lives by the law will also die by the law.  And no one of blood alone will fulfill the entire Law.

We are of wayward desire.  But the desire at the top of Mount Sinai is perfect, unblemished, without fault, eternal and Holy.  Those who attempt to climb will be destroyed along the way.  You will be chared to fine ashes before you arrive at the Holy Fire.  And the torrent of Holy Wind will blow you away.

There is One who has assailed the height.  There will not be another.  He is the Holy Son of God.  He was with God from the beginning and has known his Father’s ways forever.  Though he is a son of man, he was not so by the will of man.  He alone has performed the law of God perfectly.  And now he sits enthroned at the right hand of God forever.

Without him we are but animals.  With him we become immeasurably more.  And we remember that it is written, “If even an animal touches the mountain it must be stoned or shot with arrows.”  The rock of God’s salvation will crush him.  Or he will die for the piercing guilt he wears. 

Therefore do not attempt to climb Mount Sinai.  Rather approach the mount at its base and plead with he lives above.  He is full of mercy, but he will test every heart.  Leave what is Holy to he who is Holy forever.  Do not presume that you can grasp what is far beyond your reach.  Do not insult the Most High God.

In time, if you persist in service to him, he will grant you the holiness his wisdom dictates for you.  Revere the Lord Jesus!  Humble yourself before him in his Holy Place.   In due time he may lift you up.

Climb the mountain of humility.  Its base has roots in the grave.  Pride is of the grave.  Therefore this mount suits us perfectly.  It is sufficient for a man to climb this mountain. 

This mountain of humility is often unperceived by man.  Pride and desire cloak the eyes.  And there is no blazing glory visible at its peak.  It is not desirable to the eyes and pride of man.  It’s base begins in darkness.  And its peak is in but shadows.  Though it is not perceived by many, it remains the will of God for man.

This mountain is the Mount of Olives.  Here a man comes to prepare himself for death.  Here a man comes that he may be stripped of all that he owns.  It is here that pride is beaten, humiliated, scourged and murdered.  Here a man comes to proclaim the glory of God in Christ Jesus.  Here a man comes to say, “May your Holy you will be done.”  Here a man comes to learn that God alone is good.

Mount Sinai will kill you; soul and body.  The Mount of Olives will burn away your sinful nature, while setting fire to your soul.  It is here that faith finds blazing life.  It is here that man has no glory.  It is here that we find the will of God for all men.

May God grant wisdom to those who read, according to his excellent purpose.

Sickening tendencies

From the perspective of Christ within me I look out on the world in which I live.  The name of our God is rarely heard in praise.  No, they use him to curse.  Among the mass of men Jesus is used in every way but Holy.  They call on him in times of trouble, but when they get their way he becomes forgotten.

They eat to their pleasure without thought of its source or thanks.  They advertise, without ceasing, the glory of man.  The news never carries any message from God’s Word.  He is not news.  His word does not sell well.  So they relegate all that is God to fully unimportant.  The very One who made us and sustains us all has become fully unimportant.  And they think this is acceptable.

If they bow down to worship, it is in a place where such activity is socially acceptable.  Therefore their worship verges on useless.  Among them no one asks, “Why do we bother to do this if we are not sincere.”  All the while, the tender Lord pricks their conscience in this regard.

If man understands anything about God he keeps it to himself for fear of rejection.  What possible reception can they expect when they appear before the Most High God?  They will surely receive what is do them in full!

Let us, who are bought by his blood, refine our will to serve the Holy Lord Jesus Christ.  Let us be the inverse of the world.  May God become everything important.  May our bowing before him be an extension of our life before him.  May our worship and life be a holy fire.  May we speak and act of him without cost to those who hear and see.

There is a sickening in me to witness these things in the world.  I am only man, and so I cannot see as God sees.  If this is unpalatable to me what is it to God?  For I understand the gospel in as far as he has taught.  But the Lord Jesus IS the gospel!  How does the rebellion of this world appear before his holy throne even now?

By His Grace

Unquenchable desire

There is a desire in me that I did not put there.  I did not gather the fuel.  I did not strike the spark.  I had no means to fan it into flame.  But an unquenchable and immense flame rages in my soul.  The roar of it threatens to explode my body.  The desire to share the Gospel will not cease. 

One day I said I will bottle it up.  Fear that I was misled, misled me.  “I will give it no street on which to leave.  I will lock closed my lips.  And I will restrain it with all my might.” But it burst through my bonds as if a hurtling ball of iron through tissue paper.  I am helpless to contain it.

So I said I will give it all room, all help, all speed and all attention.  But I find it is not enough.  Where are those who hear?  Where are the changed lives to dance through this world before my very eyes?  However, even while I ask, understanding blazes forth with a great and unmistakable roar.

The unquenchable desire of God to save souls is not concerned with the appearance of one or two.  He desires that all should be saved.  He will not subside the blazing inferno within until I leave this place.

Then let me rest in discomfort.  Let my soul be disquieted with desire.  Cause my will to explode, O Lord!  By all means may the Holy will of God be done!

By His Grace