The Currency of Man’s Traditions

Will you enter into heaven by virtue of your own religion?  Will you set your own standard of righteousness and accomplish it, saying to the Holy guard of heaven, “I am a righteous man let me enter”?

Have you been to heaven?  Have you seen the surpassing glory of the creatures there?   Have you understood the nature of their holiness?  Have you understood the Holy commands they have received?

Will you now, you who are so feeble of mind, hold to the traditions of your own?  Or will you seek the unmovable, Holy and pure traditions of eternity?

You cannot spend the currency of Man’s traditions in the store house of God.  In that place, by your own strength, you can be no more than a beggar.  

Deserving Honor?

What have we done that God should honor us?   What consistent holiness do we display that we should expect anything from His Righteous hand?

But I perceive the Lord Jesus; The Word of God eternal, who delivered the words of God which spoke of his trial to come.  

“Awake, O sword, against my shepherd,

against the man who stands next to me,”

declares the Lord of hosts.” (Zachariah 13:7)

Who is your God?   How honorable is he?

The Firm Distinction

The water of a well worn river rides on rock. It spent it’s time gouging out the temporary. It has found its place and has no need to seek another.  

The River of Life from God has gouged out the temporary among us. He not only found his place upon the permanent rocks, he has become the foundation of the Waters of God.  

People use cute phrases to sum up what they call “good things”. But that’s like assuming that sand can be a good foundation for a permanent river.  

No one is good but God alone. No good thing exists but that which is the will of God.

What should we do about this? Doesn’t God say that he will give us wisdom without judgment? Doesn’t he command us to make a distinction between what is holy and what is common? Doesn’t God expect us to pray earnestly for all the things that are good?

Does more need to be said?

The Good Ritual

I said to the Lord, “I am a liar and a fool. The only good I have is imagined honor. Imagination is not food.  

But you Holy Father, in Christ your Holy Son, are righteousness and purity forever. In your wisdom you created mercy. In your Holiness you created justice.”

Then I said, “Let me own my sins. Let justice rain on my soul. Let the condemnation of my doings come and cast me to the ground. Let me see the damage I do so easily. Let me understand the murder I inflict.  

It is then that I will seek mercy. It is then that I will cry out to you. It is then that you will offer your gracious hand of love. It is then that you will forgive my sins, allowing no punishment to come to anyone else because of me.  

Let the matter be finished in the blood of your Holy Son. Let my legs find strength to stand. Let my folly be replaced with wisdom and restraint. Let me bring you honor by believing your Holy Word; your promise to bring life through forgiveness of sins.”

And so begins another day. And so the next morning will hear these words again.  

By His Grace.


Mud cakes I make.  Diamonds are His.  

His voice like many rivers.  

Mine is more a hiss.  

I speak like shadows 

From behind the flesh.  

He speaks of Light.  

From Eternity’s chest.  

By nature I am contrast. 

By Glory He is Life.  

By Righteousness He’s free.  

From hiding I am strife.  

So much revealed.  

Vast sums are hidden.  

Yet it’s enough,

To speak as bidden.  

He’s so much life

That even so,

Our tiny words

Produce His will.  

To bring His Glory

Down to us;

To shape His message

From the dust.  

A Little Here a Little There

Every once in a while, mama would take me to the five and dime in Salem Oregon. We would walk through, buy a few things, and then she would take me to the tiny restaurant. I always had a hot chocolate. I was too young to remember what she always ordered. I suspect it was coffee. And didn’t she loves her coffee.  
We didn’t go there on Monday. Or any other day during the week. It was always on Saturday. But I remember when that changed. And I remember it made me happy.  

One time we went there on a Sunday! I remember the year when America broke it’s pact with the sacred day. And yes it made me happy.  

It was a small change in the fabric of America. But it was a dynamic change that introduced all these things we see today.  
They didn’t love God enough to even give him a time of rest from all their greedy pleasures. And once they took the small step, seeing he did nothing, they went on to gain more for themselves.  
I grew up despising God’s ways, just like I’d been taught. And I see how ashamed I am of the life I led. But here I am writing about the reason why America is so messed up. My testimony is that God has come to me to love me despite the things I did. And by the end of this writing you will see why that’s important.  
Every time someone turns away from God a little, a little more turning away is coming. I remember the year America turned away a little and I have seen it plummet from there. They are not finished turning away a little more. I wish I had a better word for the people of my own country. But they don’t offer any further truthful choices.  
I don’t want to leave today’s writing as if on a sour note. I want to leave a specific encouragement: return to God and he will return to you. Throw off the teachings of society and return to the things that are good.  
I know the odds. But It is right to say the following. It is not too late for America if they will strive to return to God. And isn’t this a strategic time? I have it on good authority that Donald Trump will be a just president. Justice will be his focus. What an opportune envelope of time for America to reach to the God of justice.  
As a nation we may well be finished. I can’t say I trust my fellow citizens ambitions. But I didn’t write this primarily for the nation. The primary purpose of this writing is every individual who will read it.  
What is the first and greatest commandment? Isn’t it that we should love the Lord our God with all our heart and all our mind and with all our strength and with all our will? Then we will be able to love our brothers properly. 1, 2…… not 2, 1. Get the Commandments in order. Or the chance of anything changing is nihil (A Latin word meaning nothing).  
Don’t just know about him. Come to know him. As long as we are ashamed of him he will be a shamed of us. Brothers and sisters, I assure you that matters.