If we were nothing we would deserve it. If we suffered hideous disease for 80 years what claim do we have to anything else?

But we are something, undeniably. By breathing we disrupt the air. By seeing, speaking, hearing, and the like, we aid in righteous judgment.

It is impossible for someone to be nothing. Unplausible that anyone should be worthless. So if we are something, what then are we?

We are potential. At best, waiting for Christ to do his Father’s work on us and through us. Then, on the day of his great glory, to be displayed as living trophies of his love.

Believing Christ, trusting Christ, despising the lies, happily searching for his beautiful face. This makes us eternally SOMETHING.

The Orphaned Altar

During an exquisite time of visitation from God this morning, I fell upon something that gave me the child’s belly laugh for a while. Though I tried to sober up and stop chuckling, it kept coming back. Much like a living cartoon from the Far Side.

Today’s times are not what they were in the day of Abraham. Such visitations from God inspired those beautiful men to lay an altar of stones in a place here or there. They were a testimony to HIS love and faithfulness. And people well respected them as long as they understood the reason for the pile.

But after this beautiful visitation from our God, shall I gather a few stones and make a small altar to his love? He came upon me in a truck parking lot. Yeah, let me just do that.

There is no place for understanding what is holy in today’s world. A man will come along and see a small pile of rocks on his pristine blacktop. “What kind of a fool would do a thing like this!”

Busying himself with some kind of tool, the small pile of rocks would quickly be moved back where it came from. No understanding. No sense of holy. No one does these things today. And the irony of two different days is a joke before the Holy Throne of He who inspires souls to give endless thanks for His love.

This picture of futility stirred me to pure laughter. Go ahead, someone tell me modern man is closer to God than he ever was before.

The necessity of the Gospel

It is comparatively easy to convince a man of his sin.  It travels with us moment by moment.  Guilt is a majority of our spiritual make up.  And it is the substance that leaks out into our fleshly day.  And by that “awakening” a man becomes aware of a need to cleanse himself.  So, by that means, it is also comparatively easy to convince a man that Jesus is a necessary aspect of this cleansing.

We read and hear of people saying that they need the Lord all day long.  Just a cursory look into the Christian announcement by His people will provide a rather overwhelming view of our sense of need.  And how can that be a fault?  All men know of their guilt.  It is a natural outcome that others should hear us speaking of our need for the Lord’s blood in decimating our sins.

But something less vocal comes up from the horizon of the Christian experience.  We strive all day long to convince ourselves and others that this “something more” is just as essential as the preliminary acknowledgement of our need for salvation.

It is essential that we recognize that we are not just saved to make us  happy folk.   We are saved that we might enter into His suffering.    We are saved that we might become brothers in the Lord’s testing.  We live in the same place He was tested.  He was found to be without sin.  He was found agreeing with His Father in Heaven.  And He was rewarded because of His faithful heart.

We too are living in that same place of testing.  And when we are set free of that pernicious guilt, we are then called to walk as He did.  We have become bonded to His character.  This seems to be a very difficult matter to convey to all who are learning to love the Lord of Love.

As we walk in this place we learn to carry our soul to Him at every turn.  It is in this learning that we recognize that we are far more than just man.  Here we learn that we are to share in His duties here.  Not only do we learn to speak His language.  We also learn to mimic His activity.  Prayer, a certain striving against sin toward holiness, and service to every creature.  These things are far more important than that initial saving knowledge.  Yet few are willing to enter in.

It seems enough for most that they accept the Lord as their Master so that their sins are forgiven.  But to serve that Master seems a bit of a

English: Baptism of Christ

English: Baptism of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

stretch to them.  Yet it is the essential part of our walk.  To begin to walk in the matter of salvation is not the entirety of the message.  To walk and suffer as He walked and suffered is the predominant theme of Christianity.

And so, I wrote this post with the matter that matters most.  I can’t make anyone come to grips with this concept.  Preaching is done across the entire world, every day and night regarding this subject.  So few hear it.  So few accept it.  So few do it.   Why?  Because salvation from guilt and sin is a natural desire of the human mind.  But the walk of Jesus comes from the Holy Spirit.  As we learn to listen to the Holy Spirit, we find ourselves compelled to agree with the Father in Heaven.  Thus we begin to understand the necessity to live as the Lord Jesus lived.  He became a servant, though He is the Son of God.  We too are called to become servants, though we are sons of the same God.

By His Grace.

Dear Non-Believer (and other such creatures)

Funny Chinese Child Playing Boy

Funny Chinese Child Playing Boy (Photo credit:

You approach like a child though you’re mature in your own eyes.  You wear skin just like me.  So, by this, I know your vulnerabilities.  Yet you act as if you’ll never hurt, fail or die.  We both know better, however.  You will, like me, do all three.

I speak of God and you turn your hating eyes toward me.  If I spoke of sin you’d embrace my words.  Doesn’t that tell you something about who you have become?  When you actually were a child such things did not inhabit the dark regions within you.  But you have embraced every lie as you grew up.

Well now you’ve encountered me.  And what should I respond to you?  I will laugh at the lies you think are so powerful.  I laugh because I know the One who is truth.  If I did not know Him I would have no support for my laughter.  But there lies a rub.  What good is it to laugh at you when you are in such helpless state?  Though I know you’re not likely to accept my words, I will explain (with earthly words) the beauty that is “serving the Lord”.

He is tender when we enter prayer.  His manner is humble and accepting.  He does not accept to allow us to remain full of lies.  But His teaching is incremental.  Where we find ourselves is addressed.  And suggestions are given to guide us away from sin.  His commands are life.  But He does not chide us for being foolish.  His words are filled with hope, therefore He is unlike any earthly teacher.

He is truth.  And if we admit our lies, He is faithful and just to forgive us our lies and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  We are allowed to enter into the presence of the Most High God through the effective cleaning of Jesus’ sacrifice.  I know you’ve heard those words before and they mean little to nothing to you.  I got that.  Let me try to put them in terms you can grasp.

The forgiveness we receive from Him is real.  One moment I’m feeling particularly filthy and worthless.  The next moment my soul feels happy and free.  And it’s not for just a moment.  It lasts all the day long.

If I trust Him I don’t need to lock my doors.  Not because He will restrain the thief, though that has been true often.  But because He causes me to cease desire for the things I would normally want to protect.  He causes me to desire the things you and I can’t see yet.   He teaches His people to live as if they are already present in heaven.  And according to the faith I can muster, that becomes the life I lead.

Lots of words my friend, lots of words.  The short of it is, Jesus is worthy of all our attention and devotion.  It’s up to you to respond.   Either you continue to hate Him or strive to learn to love Him.

By His Grace.


Church of the Living God

Church of the Living God (Photo credit: jimmywayne)

Christians rightly say they are looking forward to the Great Wedding Banquet.  But we are forced to see only that far.

The age before man was just as real as is now this age of salvation.  The wedding is the beginning of another age.  And I rest assured that the Living God is already planning ages after that.

This is what we throw away when we reject the Lord Jesus’ offer of salvation.  What sorrow will attend those who reject Him now.

Time spent well

First page of the Gospel of Mark, by Sargis Pi...

First page of the Gospel of Mark, by Sargis Pitsak, a Medieval Armenian scribe and miniaturist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do not waste my time weeping for the dead.  Millions more will die before it’s my turn.  That would be a whole lot of weeping.

No, I spend my hours trying to cheat hell of a few souls.  I find this activity far more consuming and profitable than wasting away for what is “A done deal.”

If the dead are with Christ, then they are more alive than I.  If the dead are in hell, there’s no bringing them back, and they are more dead than I.

So I will spend my energy trying to convince others that life in Christ Jesus is immeasurably better, regardless the apparent loss or pain.

By His Grace.