Just One

How big and bad does something vile need to be to destroy a righteous Man?  

Like a single ant on a pebble in the Rocky Mountain Range.  

What then is the state of affairs for a wicked man?  

Will you really then continue in your way until you were called to give account of yourself to God? Really, will you let your mind relegate the Judgment to the category called religion (conveniently forgetting and pushing aside the things that matter most)?

If you stand condemned for the things that you have done in the past, why add to it by not listening to Him today?

The judgment of God does not sleep. The gospel does not go silent. And your life continues as you choose to make it.  

The Judgment of God will be like an F-5000 tornado. There will be no place to hide. And there will be nothing left untouched.  

Let those who decide to be vile, continue then to be vile. But let those who can hear, hear with sobriety.  


He gives man a place to do as a man pleases.  

Wickedness thrives and the bloodshed is plentiful; blood of body, blood of soul, blood of mind, heart, and righteous potential.  

But a moment comes.

The soul of every man is required.  

Judgment is made, the man is sent to his proper place; his mouth shut, his hands bound forever.  

Desire and prosper in what you will.  

The Lord has desired and will prosper far above your reach.  

Snatched away in a moment, eternity obeys God’s will.  

Comforting Justice

Where does justice begin?   In whom does justice remain?
When the perpetrator owns his crime.   When he lets God’s light on his misdeeds shine.  

When the clouds of self-righteousness are blown away, by the Holy and Steady wind of God.  

Then, the victim’s words are heard. Then, the burden’s shared.  

Then, an anger filled brush from the tip of a feather stings;

Deeper than the cutting of a cat-o’-nine-tails whip.  

Oh!  Lighten the load in his brother.  Justice, worn like a cloak, cannot do better.   

A whisper, a look, and he “guilty”,

Is undone!

No need anymore for revenge. The prisoner of regret knows his place.  

There go we all, but for God’s Grace.

Familiar Words

In just a short while you will not be here on this earth.  Ask any older person, they never thought they would be as old as they are.  Ask them again, they’ll tell you they regret a number of their choices.  Then press them about what’s absolutely going to come.  If they’re honest, they’ll tell you they know their soul will go back to the one who made it.  

Newsflash!  You’re going to die.  

Extra! Extra!  It will be done to you as you have believed and done in your life.  

Unspeakably astounding proclamation: God has prepared a way to make your death awesomely joyful!


Most people are going to regret their choices for eternity.  What about you?  Do you know what God has done for his glory in Jesus, his holy and righteous son?   I can’t urge you strongly enough, dig into it before your final day arrives.  

There’s no need for you to be filled with regret for eternity.  God, in Jesus, can make your life righteous and holy.  You do not need to appear before God covered in shame.  Believe the gospel and live!  Ignore the message, and you remain like you are forever.  

The Path

There is a path 

Upon which there,

No sin can ever walk.  

Truth alone resides there on,


Useless talk.    

Upon that path the Lord himself,

Traverses at his leisure.  

Displaying God the Father’s will,

With His Glory,

Seeking pleasure.  

The proud stand clear and

Yell to Him 

Too hear

Their just and honorable cause.  

He pays no mind.  

Leaving them behind,

Intent with eyes for loss. 

He does not rest.  

Seeking for the best.  

To deliver wondrous hope.

The broken, 



Sorrowful few.  

He’s looking, friend,

For hearts to mend.  

He’s looking for

Me and you:

The purpose of his Holy Mind,

The penitent few to find.  

Be bold!


Approach and know,

The Living God is kind.  

The Plead is Challenged 

Desire lay soft upon the sea.  
Desiring life for you and me.  

Joy abundant thrashes about;

Celebrating what’s come to be.  

The joy dispels as the predators come.  

Each back to his business,

To where he is from.  

Still Desire continues unpraised.  

Praise to the fins.  

Praise to the gills.  

Praise to the waves,

Which for now run still.  

Desire desires to hold and protect.  

But hark to the fishes,

“We consider guile best”.  

Down to the bottom,

Scattered about,

Perplexed, disassembled,

They answer the shout.  

The whisper forgotten.  

Their joy turned to gloom.  

“Better living with trouble 

Than to turn to the groom.”