Why Such Choices?

Why does someone say there is no God? Why does someone believe they cannot be saved, even though the testimony of the Gospel says otherwise?

Why does someone continue to trust their own strength, even though they have seen themselves fail miserably time after time, and have no hope that that will change? Instead of looking up to God and asking for help, in everything, they resign themselves to failure.  

Scarred through and through, they continue to lead a helpless and hopeless life.  


I don’t have a PhD in psychology. I don’t even have a Masters of anything. But I’m going to take a stab at the answer with one word, and I am absolutely sure I’m right.  


The Startling Memories

Regrets are easily pushed aside by simply dwelling on something pleasant. But I have in mind a place where pleasant things are no more. In this place, even the memory of pleasant things has been evaporated. In the brilliance of this place, hope has become an Eternal arid desert.  

As I wake this morning, one or two of these regrets come to make a visit. The power of them is devastating.  

Accused! I am accused and have no recourse. I am accused and I am undone. Not only do I remember them, I am forced to admit my guilt.  

And I realize something more. Not only do I remember them, those to whom they were done remember them also. And the witnesses! I dare not forget the witnesses! The testimony against me is everywhere, waiting in silence. The entire world has been witness to my doings!

Then I realize something utterly astounding.

These are just two items in my soul. There are hundreds of thousands more I have forgotten. If these two can devastate my heart, how would I stand against the onslaught of things I have done?

But for the strength of the forgiveness of Christ, I am a walking dead man. Not only I. But every man who has ever lived. Our sins are a mold of guilt that covers our soul. It comes with us to the throne of God. Unseen for now, do we dare be dressed in the filthy things we have done as we stand before him to be Judged?

We need the strength of Christ. More than anything in this world, we need the strength of the forgiveness of Christ!   

Every day that goes by, in which we do not take note of this and respond, is another day that adds to the mold. All the while, the moment of our appearing before the Holy Lord God Almighty does not tarry. It stands in place, where it has always been, and will not be moved!

I don’t write this to scare anyone. The fear will come on it’s own. I write this to wake as many souls as I can. Go to Christ. Accept his mercy. While you can still voluntarily do so.  

Yes we have an option. Remain as you are and appear before God, naked and ashamed.  

ATM’s, Modern Idols

I know I’m not a good writer.  And if I can’t write well about simple things, how can I possibly expect to write well about the best of things.  But I’ve given this a reasonable shot (as meager as my tiny mind seems to be).   I can only hope that the reader will think it through for himself.  

Yes, that was an apology.  Have mercy on yourself.  I’m just a gate.  Walk through me and see if what I write about is true.  If it’s not, you’ve wasted no time at all.  You would’ve spent that time investigating something else that’s just as fruitless.  But what if I write about the best of possible worlds? Then if you don’t investigate, you’ve lost absolutely everything.  


Standing in front of an ATM, asking it to have mercy, then expecting it to pump out $400 for you, is rather ridiculous. You’re going to walk away confused and broke.  

There are people who have figured it out: Read the directions. Get a job. Start an account. Deposit your money. Ask the bank for a debit card. Then ask how to use the ATM.   Relatively simple.  I’m sure the bank is eager to help you.  

Isn’t false religion and superstition just that ridiculous, when the Lord’s people are so eager to help anyone learn. Not to mention that the Bible is so easy to understand. The Gospel is preached in every corner of the world. And the Lord Jesus himself promises to guide his people into understanding and profitability.  

But don’t be like those people who read the directions on the ATM alone. If you simply stand in front of the bank, you still can’t get what you want. Success requires continual and faithful work,  a face-to-face encounter, and a live agreement.   

Most people think they will wait to the last minute. Somehow they believe all their sins will be forgiven and they will become glorious creatures. How misguided and sad. There’s a life to be led. There are gifts from God to receive. There is glory to be generated for the Lord of Mercy.  

“Without me you can do nothing.”

The Lord may very well have mercy on deathbed confessions, or awareness instilled by imminent death. But think about all the days that are lost in worthlessness forever. Selfishness may gain you what you want. But it gains the Lord nothing. If your life is not fruitful for God, you have nothing, and are nothing.  

“Many are called but few are chosen.”

Freedom or Chains

I wanted to be careful about how I wrote this. But then the Lord reminded me, “Every word of God can be misused”. So I’ll just write what I saw and let be what will be.  

It is not the size of our sin that condemns us to hell. It is the size of our faith to receive his desired gift of forgiveness.  

We were dead in our trespasses. We can’t possibly know the grandeur of that death. Likewise, with his forgiveness we are offered eternal life. We can’t possibly know the grandeur of what he holds in his hand.  

But what if someone holds onto remorse and shame, thus spitting into the hand who offers life? Hiding in the shadows, not daring to draw near.  

Do you believe? Then take his joy. Take his strength. Take his fearless abandon. Take his dedication. Take his wisdom. Take his godly and never ending love.  

Aren’t those the things that are spawned by the forgiveness he offers? For by those things we approach the throne of the living God with confidence. There we learn things we did not know. There we are strengthened by the touch of his hand or the smile on his face. But without forgiveness, God remains no more than a religion. And the shadow of death is our closest friend.  


​All the world wants to avoid sorrow.  They smack down poverty of every kind, as often as they possibly can; material things, financially, social, and poverty of the soul.  Yeah, they go after poverty with a vengeance.
But in my life I’ve noticed something interesting.  When I had things, and life seemed to go well, I tried to rest there.  “This is good enough”, I thought to myself.  I figured I could easily live this way all the rest of my life.  But sorrow came back.  The joy of peaceful stability was ruined.
Sorrow is a friend, it is not an enemy.  It does not come to destroy, it comes to teach.  Look how Innovative we become after a serious bout of sorrow.
Humanity is like a poor student in school.  No matter what needs to be learned there’s always resistance.  Humility and wisdom is the key.  They both force us to realize we don’t understand hardly anything.
Has your life been a series of sorrowful exploits?  Did you find that you just gave up?  I did.  I became innovative with the mud of my own mire.  I didn’t think it would ever stop.  
I have to say it was Jesus who transformed me.  His interaction with me through the last decade  would take volumes to write.  But I can summarize how he did it.  
He taught me how to make the bed in the morning.  He taught me how to do the dishes when I was done eating.  He taught me that when I see something needing picked up or done, do it.  He lifted me out of my mud pit by teaching me to be dutiful not dooless.
I still face sorrow.  It comes to visit nearly every day.  But I no longer look at it as an enemy.  It is filled with the lessons my teacher desires me to learn.  Prosperity is only an honest prayer away.


​If someone will inherit the things of God in Christ,  why wouldn’t he or she be extremely passionate about the coming promise?  Even if that person’s faith is extremely small, you would think there is an unquenchable joy and yearning for the things of God’s promise.
But if that person truly believes what God has said about his people, how could they possibly resist sharing the joy?
Maybe they don’t understand what God has said.  Maybe they don’t know what God has said.  Both of those can be rectified by reading the New Testament.
But why would anyone who believes these things choose to live like the world lives?!  How could such a joy be pushed down to silence?  How could such a person have so much fun in the ridiculous and useless trivia of this world?  You would think their longing for the place God promises is so intense that none of the things here give them any joy it all.
I’m trying to help everyone see.  And I just don’t understand why they don’t.  I don’t want to infer yucky thoughts toward people.  But I’ll admit I’m running out of excuses.