The Other Side

The façade is quite complete. The wall erected between heaven and earth is unmovable by man.  

People stare at the wall. They imagine all kinds of things on the other side. And how quick they are to believe in their own imagination. “My mind can see it.   It must be true!”

Even scientific medicine promotes more imagination. “We can stave off death. We can bring many back from the brink of death.” They proudly say, “We are saving lives”. Still, the wall arrives, and their proclamation falls empty on the ground.  Having spent a fortune, the people still bury their dead. 

Consumed with the trivial and temporary things, people waste the moments of their life without the slightest care. They entertain themselves with an insatiable lust for more. Still, the wall looms like a shadow over Man.  

All the while, the Bible lay closed. An earnest searching for the will of God is pushed aside. The populace prefers their own imagination. Religions of man abound. Science-fiction appears to be more believable than the words of the Living God. The unmovable wall takes no notice.  

Here is today. It is filled with the things that ARE. Imagination is like a boy filled with fear; eyes wide, screaming at the top of his lungs, and arms flailing about. He will not listen to the calm voice of his parents. Lacking wisdom, woven tightly in his fear, his ears are firmly shut.  

Is there a better day to read the words of God and believe what you read? Is there a better day to pray for clarity? Will there be a better day to ask God for sanity?



Mud cakes I make.  Diamonds are His.  

His voice like many rivers.  

Mine is more a hiss.  

I speak like shadows 

From behind the flesh.  

He speaks of Light.  

From Eternity’s chest.  

By nature I am contrast. 

By Glory He is Life.  

By Righteousness He’s free.  

From hiding I am strife.  

So much revealed.  

Vast sums are hidden.  

Yet it’s enough,

To speak as bidden.  

He’s so much life

That even so,

Our tiny words

Produce His will.  

To bring His Glory

Down to us;

To shape His message

From the dust.  

Sorrow’s Repercussions

Word frames to paint the repercussions of sorrow:

How much sorrow in this world is swallowed by humanity? The pain we feel inside never finds a place of release. What is the sound of a wounded heart?  Humanity doesn’t have the ability to voice it.  

How much sorrow is dished out in this world and the people eat it all day long? What is the size of container necessary to keep it all bottled up? I don’t think such a container could be on the earth, it is just too large!

This is the reason the world is isolated from the glorious throne of the living God. This incubator of godly traits will not find an audience before purity.  

If sorrow made a noise what would it be? And if the volume of that noise from one man is loud, what is the sound of all humanity from Adam until now. 

 Once the sound is uttered, or a feeling of sorrow kept inside, it can never be dismissed or extinguished, it can only be ignored. The deed is done and the payment is in the soul.  

It is the mercy of God that we cannot hear the horror of what we do. But God surely hears.  

A wailing is heard in heaven. A constant sound of torture, echoing off walls of peace. It is not so much the volume that should be disturbing, it’s the sound itself.  

Do we think a little sin is no trouble when compared to a large sin? Doesn’t a small sin add to the roar of sorrow? Who are we to divide what is righteous, what is moderate, and what is deadly? 

If God gave us ears to hear what we do, would it subdue our selfish desire? Or would the sound of our own wickedness caused us to wail even louder?

Withdraw from the war against your brothers. Minimize regret.  

Song of Sorrow 

​We all get it from time to time, that incredibly rude person on the other end of the phone.  That driver whose arrogance is near murderous intent.  Those contemptuous looks of people who pass us by.  And doesn’t the list go on and on and on and on and on.

People could have so much!  But they settle for less than nothing.  They don’t take the hand of profitability, they embrace willful destruction.  Do you think that’s the wrong thing to say?

Hasn’t the Gospel of Jesus has been around for over two thousand years?  Doesn’t the power of Christ cause us to be godly people?  

They don’t need to be that way.  They could be infinitely more than animals.  Personally, I am absolutely astounded at the vicious intent of mankind, when so much lays in the hand of Jesus to give.

How serious is it that anyone should utterly ignore the call of Christ?

5 “The ‘gods’ know nothing, they understand nothing.

They walk about in darkness;

all the foundations of the earth are shaken.

6“I said, ‘You are “gods”;

you are all sons of the Most High.’

7But you will die like mere mortals;

you will fall like every other ruler.” (Psalm 82)

When it comes to sharing stuff on the web, why aren’t things like this all over the place?

In the Blink of an Eye

Have you looked into the coming future of Man?   Do you know about the utter devastation of all wickedness?  Do you know how sure it is?  

At the very moment of Eternity when God lips cease speaking the command, a devastating and eternal blow will be sent to all this darkened the creation.  Like a lightning bolt that strikes a pea, the earth and all this black universe will be no more.
Everything man currently loves will become nothing more than a floating ember of ash.  Absolutely nothing, of even the dust, will remain.  
Heaven will move, taking its rightful place.  This place of testing will be no more.  The joy and righteousness of God will prevail forever.
When this happens it will be as if this place has never existed.  All the things men love will be gone.  And it will happen in the blink of an eye.
It will happen faster than it takes an atheist to remember he has said there is no God.  Have you considered these things with serious and vibrant desire?  Or have you been like so many others?
Lashed to a portion of the ship, the man proclaims there is no storm.  The ship is tossed 45 degrees to the left, then is forced the other direction 90 degrees.  All the while he stupidly proclaims, “There is no storm”.  
It’s easy to see there is no common sense in such a man.  Are you living your life like that?  Or are you letting common sense cause you panic?
Such realization ought to send us to the words of God.  Truly believing this ought to make our fingers tremble as we turn the pages.  Is this the way you see people reacting to this News?
It doesn’t matter how we respond, does it?  It doesn’t matter what comes of us when God puts an end to all the things men have loved. 

Heaven will gain its rightful place, that place that this place of wickedness has consumed for so long.  And it won’t matter whether we believed this or not.
I urge you because I love you, think about this.  If I despised you I would say nothing.   Please let your mind think this through.

Seeing and Hearing

I said to a man, “I have prayed often that the Lord would cause you to see and to hear”.  What is his best response?  “I see just fine.”

I know the man meant to be truthful.  And I don’t doubt that he does see.  For he was asking me questions in regard to the Living God.  But what does he see?

Earlier he referred to me as a religious man.  He does not yet make the distinction between religion and faith, lawful and holy.  He does not yet see any differently than any man who ever lived.

We have spoken together about the things of Christ hundreds of times before.  But he has not heard my words.  He still thinks he is a religious man.  He has not yet comprehend it the Eternal meaning of righteous.

Jesus heard the Father clearly, for he is the very Word of the Living God.  And he saw all things from the perspective of Eternity.  For he was sent from eternity into time.  There never was a man who could be said to have accomplished that in his life. 

What locks us in such a place that our eyes and ears can only see and hear the things of man?  Simply put, it is the pride of man; that somehow he is able to save himself.  Perhaps we estimate by percentage; “I am more good than evil.  I am as compassionate as I can be.  And I give to others what I think I can afford.  I strive hard to restrict judgement of others within myself.  All of this because I know God is watching”.

Is that how we find ourselves perceiving the things of salvation?   Is that how we see and hear?