Just a Quirk?

They called a change in wind direction “a quirk of nature”. How many times have the enemies of Israel said the same thing? Those who despise Israel’s birthright never seem to learn.

Your “quirk of nature” is the Living God.

The direction of the wind not only thwarted the kites, but also blew copious amounts of Israeli tear gas and smoke from the burning tires toward the protesters, chasing many away.



Worms Made Human!

David, the king of Israel, the benchmark for the people to show them a relationship with the Living God.  

He saw another man’s wife bathing on a rooftop. He commanded that she should be brought to him. He did what is unspeakable before God. Then to add to his sin, he commanded that her husband should be murdered on the battlefield.  

He destroyed the wife of another man. He destroyed a family. He had a husband, father, and honorable man murdered. He was consumed with his own desire, mindless of the lives of God’s people or the sure consequences. Let your mind put the story on the streets of today in America. See it for what it is.  

What is the story to us? It is proof of salvation. It is proof of God’s will to impart life to the dead. In the account, David shows us who we are.  

Do you feel sometimes that you were not worthy to go to prayer? Read the story and understand.  

Do you feel sometimes that there is no way God can save you; you have gone too far, your sin is too great? Read the story and understand.  

The salvation of any man is a miracle. That any of us can believe the promise: that God has made a place for us for eternity other than the grave. This is a vast, boundless, wondrous, and unspeakable miracle. Amazing that what is unholy should believe it has a place in what is utterly Holy.  

It is God’s will that you believe this. It is God’s will that you come to him. We do not go to him because we are worthy to be received. We go to him for the sake of his honorable and righteous Holy name. Remember how he sealed his will with his own Holy blood. We go to him because we believe.  

David has received eternal life. Believe and receive the same.  

For Today

Oh, Israel.  You who are called to bear His Holy name.  You are he who wrestles with God.  You wrestle against the things that wrestle against your Lord.  And inside you are those things that wrestle against Him.  You blessed ones who wake to engage in the holy war of life and death, of suffering and great peace, and of the dispute between truth and lies.

May the blessings of the Living God fall on you today.  May his desire to create a people separate to himself become your singular and most important desire.  May your hands be restrained to destroy the work that he is doing within you.  And may your day provide the great bounty that is due His Holy name.

Let our souls resound in unison.   May we give consent to He who lives forever.  May we be willing to become his great desire, which he sealed in Holy Blood for His Holy name’s sake.

Let us go to him.  Let us willingly fill up in His body the suffering that caused his Glory before the Holy Father.  Let our doings proclaim Him worthy to be King.

His name is Jesus.  He is greater forever than the sum of Man’s Imagination.  He is Glory, Honor, Righteousness, Peace, Joy, Mercy, Justice, and the immeasurably  great Grace of the Living God.  Honor His Holy name.


Silly Little Quibbling Lips

There is a frantic quibbling among frantic men.  Busy little lips accuse God of murder. 

They cite the examples of Israel entering the promised land.  And oh how upset they are, that the peaceful little groups who lived there were viciously torn down.

And now they blame Israel.  “She has no right to exist, nor to defend herself!  She is a bloody blight to the human plight!

And now they blame God.  “He’s the one that put two trees in the garden!  He is the one who was first to shed blood!  He is the one who did not protect Able!  How dare he blame us for murder!

My silly friends of flesh. 

How is it that you never look up? 

You see the sky up there? 

Go ahead,
Tear down the air.

But you complain to one
another with a lofty stare.

When the body is rent,

Where goes the soul?

If you know these things,

Speckle the sky!

When you do these things,

I’ll grant you applause.

Then I’ll say there is
Wisdom in your eye.

By His Grace


Before he sinned, He saw the truth.

As he prayed, He watched in silence.

God gave way to sins of youth.

Then came morning and found him silent.

What could possibly be spoken?

Over time a tear develops.

God stood near, that tear a token.

The Lord’s his God because He cares.

Not just for the sake of religion.

The Living God lives within.

That’s why the man is called a Christian.


Konstantin Flavitsky - Christian Martyrs in Co...

Konstantin Flavitsky – Christian Martyrs in Colosseum. 1862 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have considered how to relate this soul shaking account which Eusebius of Caesarea gives us.  But there is no way to do it here except that I copy the text and let you read it for yourself.  See if this doesn’t seem to have implication to our own day.

This instance is taken from the 8th book of his work.


1. It is beyond our ability to describe in a suitable manner the extent and nature of the glory and freedom with which the word of piety toward the God of the universe, proclaimed to the world through Christ, was honored among all men, both Greeks and barbarians, before the persecution in our day.

2. The favor shown our people by the rulers might be adduced as evidence; as they committed to them the government of provinces, and on account of the great friendship which they entertained toward their doctrine, released them from anxiety in regard to sacrificing.

3. Why need I speak of those in the royal palaces, and of the rulers over all, who allowed the members of their households, wives and children and servants, to speak openly before them for the Divine word and life, and suffered them almost to boast of the freedom of their faith?

4. Indeed they esteemed them highly, and preferred them to their fellow-servants. Such an one was that Dorotheus, the most devoted and faithful to them of all, and on this account especially honored by them among those who held the most honorable offices and governments. With him was the celebrated Gorgonius, and as many as had been esteemed worthy of the same distinction on account of the word of God.

5. And one could see the rulers in every church accorded the greatest favor by all officers and governors. But how can any one describe those vast assemblies, and the multitude that crowded together in every city, and the famous gatherings in the houses of prayer; on whose account not being satisfied with the ancient buildings they erected from the foundation large churches in all the cities?

6. No envy hindered the progress of these affairs which advanced gradually, and grew and increased day by day. Nor could any evil demon slander them or hinder them through human counsels, so long as the divine and heavenly hand watched over and guarded his own people as worthy.

7. But when on account of the abundant freedom, we fell into laxity and sloth, and envied and reviled each other, and were almost, as it were, taking up arms against one another, rulers assailing rulers with words like spears, and people forming parties against people, and monstrous hypocrisy and dissimulation rising to the greatest height of wickedness, the divine judgment with forbearance, as is its pleasure, while the multitudes yet continued to assemble, gently and moderately harassed the episcopacy.

8. This persecution began with the brethren in the army. But as if without sensibility, we were not eager to make the Deity favorable and propitious; and some, like atheists, thought that our affairs were unheeded and ungoverned; and thus we added one wickedness to another. And those esteemed our shepherds, casting aside the bond of piety, were excited to conflicts with one another, and did nothing else than heap up strifes and threats and jealousy and enmity and hatred toward each other, like tyrants eagerly endeavoring to assert their power. Then, truly, according to the word of Jeremiah, “The Lord in his wrath darkened the daughter of Zion, and cast down the glory of Israel from heaven to earth, and remembered not his foot-stool in the day of his anger. The Lord also overwhelmed all the beautiful things of Israel, and threw down all his strongholds.” [Lamentations 2:1-2]

9. And according to what was foretold in the Psalms: “He has made void the covenant of his servant, and profaned his sanctuary to the earth,–in the destruction of the churches,–and has thrown down all his strongholds, and has made his fortresses cowardice. All that pass by have plundered the multitude of the people; and he has become besides a reproach to his neighbors. For he has exalted the right hand of his enemies, and has turned back the help of his sword, and has not taken his part in the war. But he has deprived him of purification, and has cast his throne to the ground. He has shortened the days of his time, and besides all, has poured out shame upon him.”