Protecting Angels?

It came to me as a flow of understanding.  As I listened to my mouth speak.  I was afraid of the words I heard.

On the nightstand of a child sits a statue of an angel.  Comforting words are given to the little one, and she falls into deep sweet sleep.

Mother and father leave, closing the door softly behind.  Off to watch the horror movie they have desired for so long.

Then my mouth spoke of things I had never heard.  Astonishment is the only possible way to describe the understanding.

For longer than the scientists claim the universe has existed, the Holy Angels have served the Most High God with excellent faithfulness.  Even at the great falling away of Heaven, they kept their place with love for He who lives forever.

How ancient and beautiful are these creatures the statue represents?

Then my mouth spoke of the judgement day, that coming date of Revelation and abject horror.

There are the mother and father, countless mothers and fathers.  There stands the results of their teaching, their children are there with them.

Stands the living God.  The proclamation is made.  And those who spoke comfort to their children, witness these living, beautiful, holy, and righteous creatures come and take them to their rightful place.

I make no statement of prophecy.  I did not see this with my eyes.  I attribute nothing to my words more than surprise.  I cannot say this is a revelation from God.  But it is the truth, certainly, among the ungodly.

Let all who read this ponder these things with sincere, earnest, and sober mind.


God Provides the Way Out

We are not well-intentioned beings.  Even a lot of Christians believe that Man is simply misguided.  “If you explain his misbehavior to him, the wayward soul will rectify his life.”  That’s what the leaders of humanism will tell you.  That’s what the atheist would love to believe, if he had any proof.  Isn’t that the reason for the popular saying, “LIVE UNITED“?

The teaching that we are simply misguided by lack of knowledge, is simply and thoroughly untrue.  If it were true that man was simply a misguided and under educated being, there would have been many communes filled with really nice people  that still exist today.  But that’s not the case is it?

Even Christianity, that religion which is supposed to have the guidance of the Most High God’s Holy Son, is filled with turmoil and unholy behavior.  If man could be successful at establishing a beautiful populous, it would have happened within the first century after the birth of Christianity, and you would be able to find it today.

The problem is, God’s Word is true: even the best of our well-intentioned righteousness is no better than filthy rags.  We not only obey as if under duress for the threat of death or punishment, we invent wicked pleasures from our imagination.  And we do it all the time.

That is why the majority of the things I have written, by His grace, are pointed at the wickedness of Man.  God did not send his Holy Son to pat the righteous people on the back.  The Holy Father sent His only Son to mankind to deliver three messages.
1. Every man is already condemned to destruction before the Lord God Almighty.  All that’s left is to arrive on the Judgment Day to receive the condemnation.

2. The Holy Father has sent his Son as The Teacher of holiness.  He taught as many as would listen when he was here in bodily form.  And he teaches those who believe in Him through the Holy Spirit even today.

3. God caused his beautiful Son to become a Living Sacrifice for any who will claim his strength instead of their own.  For those who are willing to believe this message, God has loved us beyond words.  He has loved us to the very death of his only Holy Son.  And that at the very hands of those the Lord Jesus was sent to help.

If you can’t believe this message, your status before the Most High God does not change.  God the Father has offered up his only Son for your benefit, what more do you expect him to do?

Do you expect him to recieve you just like you are?  Well isn’t that the message I just wrote above?  Do you expect him to receive you because you are a righteous and good hearted person?  How does that stack up to what I just told you?

God has sent His Son to redeem the wicked depravity that is every single man’s filthy soul.  All you have to do is humble yourself and pray.  If you are willing to listen to him, he will transform your life from depravity to holiness.  Jesus is able and willing to offer eternal life to any who will trust him.

A man once said to me, “l don’t need Jesus.  I’ll take my chances at the judgment”.  The problem is, Sir, there is no such thing as “chances” on the Judgment Day.

By His Grace

We Didn’t Know

I was taking my break here, thinking about my service to the Lord.  I was remembering clearly, that is not my responsibility to convert people to Christ.  It’s simply my responsibility to testify about him.  Then I thought of something rather interesting.

I’m not the only one who writes for the Lord.  There are hundreds and hundreds of Christians trying to testify for Christ.  In the vernacular we might say, “They’re everywhere!  They’re everywhere!”

God has already said that men are without excuse.  But there will be people on the judgement day, who say they had no way to know.  Frankly, the answer will be, “Yes you did.  You preferred not to look”.

Please give that some thought.

By His Grace

Godly Sorrow

There is sorrow in me

For the vastness of humanity.

What they seek so deep,

They will not keep.

The riches of religious pageantry.

The folly of drunken revelry.

The science which explains it all.

The buildings which stand; so many and tall.

Relationships they hold so dear,

While hating those who dare draw near.

The wars they fight with all their might,

With blood spilled out, both day and night!

The music of the devil planted,

The voice of God, by ruse supplanted.

Their love of freedom regardless the cost.

Even though eternal life is lost.

And so much more, time will not lend.

This sorrow in me just cannot bend.

When all it takes is humility,

To seek God’s face on bended knee.

While God’s promise remains,

“Destruction’ coming”.

They go on with all their precious nothing.

They have no grasp of the war within.

Or the strength of all their dearly loved sin.

Instead they see there’s nothing wrong,

For humanity to sing the song:

“I’m only man.
That’s what I am.
How dare you call me to holiness!

If God is true,
Then contempt is for you.
May all your religions be damned!

For there is no God
On our precious sod,
To teach us the way you proclaim.

So then righteous hatred
To you is directed,
There’s no mercy attached to your name!

Now just leave us alone.
Treck on to your home.
But you’ll die like the rest of us.

Eternity’s there.
Will grant you, that’s fair.
But science alone will save us.

You tire out us.
Provoking disgust.
When time’s proper we’ll seek your demise.

Go up old bald head!
Ascend to your home,
Past our beautiful clear blue skies!”

I hear that song sung

As each day has begun.

To avoid it, I am not fit.

So I counter their din

By praying to HIM:

“Please, Great God,
Teach me how to respond.
Lest their blasphemous words destroy me.

For I know you are True.
And within me is You.
Grant me words that release, not restrain Thee.”

Then I wait for a time,

With my soul so inclined,

To hear his most precious response:

“From the time of Adam to the present,
The rebellion of man has ascended.

Men will do what they do!
It’s not up to you,
To stifle the seed that was planted.

I have heard their proud words.
I’ve considered them fully absurd.
For they think that their words can destroy me.

But I raise up my own,
From My Holy Home.
Keeping blind, those fools who offend me.

But write down what’s good,
For its proper we should
Lay fast the vast great testimony.

Soon enough I’ll descend
To bring complete end
To their fully abhorrent false revelry.”

So I started to write,

As best I might,

A recounting of things that are true.

And by all means I’ll fight

To reveal He whose Right

That the Lord may save his sweet few.

By His Grace

“Keeping” our Brother

Have Christians coddled one another to the point of eternal death?  Have many gone to the grave destined to suffer eternal loss?  And has the reason been, that no one confronted them in regard to the seriousness of rebellion?

let every man do what he knows the Gospel demands.  If our brother displays a weakness that is inherent from his former life, then let us encourage him towards strength.  Let us fill his mind with the promises of God for those who are faithful.  Let us continually remind him of those who have gone before us through great sufferings.  Let us strive to point out how trivial our sufferings of this day are, compared to that which is to come.  By all means let us encourage such a one.

But let us make a distinction between weakness and rebellion!  Is Christ in us not wise enough to make the distinction?

Coddle weakness in the hopes of overcoming.  But confront rebellion for what it is!  Even our unwillingness to distinguish between the two, is rebellion in itself.  For God has promised us the gift of wisdom, given freely and without judgement.

We do well to point out rebellion as an abomination before the Living God.  We do well to encourage such ones with Holy Terror.  Let us bring a simlatude of the Judgement Day before their eyes.  Let us help them perceive their destiny as eternal death. 

We will most assuredly regret our fear of confrontation.  Gather together the boldness of Christ that lays dormant within you.  Strike out with confidence, and Christ will bless your way.

Jude said these things best.  22 “Be merciful to those who doubt; 23 save others by snatching them from the fire; to others show mercy, mixed with fear—hating even the clothing stained by corrupted flesh.”

But I must also add this.  Do these things with the utmost of godly care.  If the beam in your eye remains, you will not weild the wisdom of God with reliability.  But if you are submissive to the will of God in Christ.  If you have endured the purification offered by the Holy Spirit.  If your own life begins to depict the righteousness of Christ.  You have an obligation to apply these things. 

The putrid reply of Cain is unacceptable.  Yes we are our brothers keeper!  Yes we will be held accountable the death of many.  If you are not willing, then prepare yourself for the rebuke of God.

Amen.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.

By His Grace

To Marvel is no Proof at All

What value is the man who only marvels at Christ Jesus?  We are told that every man who ever lived will do that.  Even the most vile of humanity will bow his knee and give glory to Christ Jesus.

What can be said of the man who marvels and obeys?  We are told there are few who will ever do that.  What makes the difference between the few and the many?

We can do nothing without him.  And what we do is an extension of who we have become.  What can be said then of the man who marvels, yet becomes nothing?

If I see a king and marvel at the things he has, I need give him no respect in order to marvel.  But if I adore the king, I think it right and just that he should be adorned in royalty.  Yet how can I adore him if I do not know him?

The wicked man may look on the riches of the king and desire them out of greed or envy.  But the righteous servant will love the king, and rightly desire him to be blessed.

The wicked man will be a difficult citizen of the land.  But the righteous man will be a blessing to the one who rules.  True righteousness then, is not a product of citizenship.  True Christianity is not a membership in a club.

As such things are so here, they will be vastly more so in heaven.  If you do not love the Lord Jesus, it would be good for you to fall in prayer and confess.  Let him dress you in love, as he reveals who he is.

The wicked man will never hear, ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant”.  But the one who is taught to love the Holy Lord,  can look forward to such a kiss in his ear.

This transformation is not something a man can conjure up from his own mind.  If that were so, the ingenuity of man would make the few many.  It must be received; it must be revealed from the Lord Himself.

No man has ever truly loved a woman he has never met.  How can a man be married to no one?  But let the man meet the woman who rings true in his soul, and he will love her unto death.  A willing love is provided by true respect.

This provokes the difference between religion and “The Faith”.  This provokes those coveted words from the Holy One on that great day.  This makes the difference between the few and the many.

By His Grace