Man’s Futile Judgments

There are many who do not know. They have not been able to consider: That the wrath of God is not at all like the wrath of a man.

Man’s wrath, in my mind, is like the senseless blood thirst of a pack of dogs against a helpless prey. Man perceives some offense, in varying degrees of severity. He lashes out with some makeshift judgment. As if he can rid eternity of this perceived offense. “I will destroy you until even God agrees you never lived.”

Sad upon sad, that Man attributes this vile sense of equity to the wrath of God.

I mean no harm to anyone by bringing this up. But I mean to bring glory to The Righteous Living God in Christ. I mean to open the eyes of my brothers of flesh.

Man is born in futility. All man’s doings are nothing more than futility. His judgments are shortsighted, his desire for peace – mired in a tar pit. If he kills a man, he presumes to have simply ended and irritating matter. Perceived righteous judgment turned violent.

But consider the wisdom of God’s wrath, vengeance, “striking out” (if you will). If He does away with a man’s life here on earth where does the soul of that man go? Doesn’t it go to the One who just struck him with death. Doesn’t it go to He who is Love? Man is only striving to still the waters. God is forever trying to impart Life.

There so much more to say about this. But what value are my words to anyone? Wouldn’t it be vastly better for you to go to the One from whom I have received this understanding? He can explain in the blink of an eye what it would take me four years to unravel in the words of Man.

But understand this, nothing God does finds its beginning in futility. It is all for the purpose of Love and Life.

It used to be that if men found someone ranting insanely in panic, they would slap them in the face to wake them up. (today, that’s not PC.). That’s what is happening as the world crashes in on man’s version of prosperity and peace. It’s a wake up call with endless, boundless, intent for love.

There is eternal destruction, yes. But the offer on the table before you is Life. His name is Jesus.

What Lives?

There is Beautiful.  

There is justice.  

There is purity.  

There is utter righteousness.  

It is not in religion; those things a man does because Beautiful is.  

It is at the table of the Living God.  

The place where millions come every morning and every night.  

Do not be ashamed of what you eat there.  

Of all the things you hold so dear, the meal prepared for you is an invitation to every man.  

Invite, speak well, encourage, offer the humility you have received.  

His name is Jesus.  

Come to him and live.  

Comforting Justice

Where does justice begin?   In whom does justice remain?
When the perpetrator owns his crime.   When he lets God’s light on his misdeeds shine.  

When the clouds of self-righteousness are blown away, by the Holy and Steady wind of God.  

Then, the victim’s words are heard. Then, the burden’s shared.  

Then, an anger filled brush from the tip of a feather stings;

Deeper than the cutting of a cat-o’-nine-tails whip.  

Oh!  Lighten the load in his brother.  Justice, worn like a cloak, cannot do better.   

A whisper, a look, and he “guilty”,

Is undone!

No need anymore for revenge. The prisoner of regret knows his place.  

There go we all, but for God’s Grace.

The Accused

There are a lot of misunderstandings and superstitions about the gospel. Most people would make a very poor defense attorney. They balance the truth of Jesus on hearsay and supposition. They condemn him as less than useful without giving due diligence to his laws and words.  

If you were innocent of a crime would you want these kind of people to represent you? If we wouldn’t like that kind of treatment on earth, why do we treat heaven with such contempt?

Curiously enough, it’s these lackluster defense attorneys who will be the ones who land in jail. The one who stands accused by them has been released by the judge of all. In fact, the accused has been pronounced the judge!

Three Advantages

​    The ones who love God have three things happen to them.
     They are despised on this Earth while they love the one who made them.  Somehow such open love is considered illicit.
     But when they leave this place they go to be with the one they have loved so dearly.  They are ushered into Eternal Joy with open arms.  For they have proved they love him more than these.
     And the third thing that happens to them is most fascinating.  Their name, their words, their actions, are all rolled onto a pedestal called Legend.
     Man is curious.  He will despise and kill his enemy, then he will raise his enemy to Legendary status.  With the same words he uses to lie, he now tells fanciful stories about this one who is no longer among them.  By this, the work of God’s people is multiplied many-fold.
      In these three things, the love of God is greatly glorified.  See how the wisdom of God works to glorify love, life, righteousness, Justice, compassion, grace, and mercy.  And all these things are in the being of his holy and righteous son Jesus!
So be it.

The Price

There is a price to pay for being stupid, yes.  And as much as we are able, it is good to seek restitution.  Pay back what you owe as best you can.  But some of the things we do are too expensive for us to repay.  What do we do then?

Of all the things we do to others we are in debt to the ears of our souls.  But aren’t we a creation of God also?  And haven’t we done harm to ourselves?  How do you pay that back?

You’re not rich enough to repay everything you’ve done.   Taking money out of your wallet to put it back in your wallet is no repayment at all.  I think this one through. 

To make things right you need a third party who is greatly generous and compassionate, while at the same time being completely righteous and utterly just.  In short, you need someone who is endlessly and eternally rich.

This is what the Gospel is.

God cannot lie.  He said, I will forgive your sins and I will repay.   Only come to me and let us reason together, that we may put a stop to this flood of destruction.  You’ve heard it said that vengeance is mine, says the Lord.  But so is justice, righteousness, mercy, love, and eternal life.

There is great anger in the Lord that he will unleash on the day when he judges all men.  But in this day he is not angry.  This is the day of salvation.  This is the day when he works to secure the hearts and minds and souls of hundreds of millions of people.

If you’ve ever thought something through before, give this one your complete attention.  If possible, give it more thought than you give the things of this world.

People say they want God’s will to be done.  You know what, God wants to make you his holy and righteous child.  That’s what he wants.  If by chance you don’t believe that, then tell me why he sent his only Son to die on the cross.