Ancient Obscurity 

What is ancient? If something is ancient is it useless? If a people are considered ancient are they also useless?

This generation:

Enjoys peanut butter,

Knows nothing about the personal life of George Washington Carver.  (or the Aztecs for that matter.)

Enjoys peaceful civility,

Knows nothing about Moses.  

Has a firestorm of social trouble,

Knows nothing about Adam and Eve.  

Considers themselves far advanced above every other civilization,

Knows nothing about the Living God who provided all Good things.  

Is taught that the body is the proper center of man’s attention,

Knows zilch about Christ Jesus.  

In your estimation are these things too harsh to write? Prove the value of these words yourself. Make it a point to start a conversation with millennials. What I’ve written here is extremely kind.  

What’s the point of bringing this up? Whose job is it to step out of what is called ancient and prove to the millennial’s that we are viable human beings? Perhaps in conversation we could bring up the usefulness of the generations past.  

I realize that this writing may be completely useless in itself; being of ancient intent.  

“I Believe”, by Brooks & Dunn

​I was happily listening to Brooks and Dunn sing the song “I Believe”.   I love the story about the old man.  I love the story of how the young man took the news of the old man’s death; “I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh”.
     Then the lyrics come what my soul has had trouble with in the past.  I know the words are coming, and so I overlook them.  But today they disturbed  my peaceful mood.  The singer says, “I can’t quote the words, the chapter or the verse”.
     Here’s the rub:  Well why didn’t you look into it before you wrote the lyrics!
     The world always takes as much of Jesus as it wants to.  It knows what makes money, and what doesn’t.  If he had completed the lyrics to that song with a passion for Jesus, I doubt the song would have sold as much.
     That just rubs my soul!  Because the people who love that song likely agree with him.  And because they sing the lyrics they think they have something.

Enough said I suppose.

Harmful Kindness?

Man’s righteousness is without knowledge.  Even though we often hear him boast of how many good things he can do.  In this he wrongfully thinks he is self sufficient

The Lord Jesus told us that without him we can do nothing.  May we open our ears to hear what the world calls righteousness.  May the Lord open our eyes to see our own pathetic state of affairs.

We are encouraged to do random acts of kindness.  Personally, I’m caused to ask why.  Without the Lord, all the good we do may well be harm. 

Here’s a song by Craig Morgan that showcases our inept attempts.

Freedom Fighters?

I see people fighting for freedom (so to speak).

So to speak of fighting; the fight Americans are putting up is more akin to complaining.

So to speak of freedom; the great majority of Americans have never lived under a totalitarian regime.  They have no idea what it’s like to live without freedom.  And they would be seriously hard pressed if you ask them to define what freedom is.

Passion is born of experience. 

The same is true with the Gospel of Christ.  Happy is the average person who calls himself a Christian:

.To go to Church (when he wants to)

.To be accepted in his social situation (as if saying you’re a Christian makes it so)

.To stay out of trouble and to stay out of jail

.To have some future unknown hope (leaving the entirety of heaven in the hands of those who are there; preferring ignorance over understanding)


.To live his life as he pleases “knowing” that the forgiveness of Christ will cover him in the end (such a man has absolutely no reason to fight for anything)

A man fights for what he knows.  The one who knows how precariously he stands as a free man, fights with all he has to keep his freedom.  The one who does not understand freedom, does not fight.  And such a man will not understand what I have just written.

The offer of Christ is free.  Accepting his offer will cost you everything you have.

Knowledge and Ignorance

Knowledge and ignorance are two tar pits along the way of life.

Knowledge can easily lead to pride, consuming all hope of placement in heaven.

But ignorance stands as an unseen monster, even grasping at the heel of those who love knowledge.

Ignorance is so much more vile because it is so easily remedied, leaves its owner vulnerable to every lie, and bolsters the bravado of pride.

Who can divide between the two, that he may walk the favorable path? 

Only he whose teacher is the Sovereign God in Christ Jesus.

By His Grace


abundance, cornucopia, feast, plenitude, plentitude, plenty, superabundance, wealth.

So many voices saying, “This is the way”.  So many claims to truth.  So little time to devote to “shaking out” the differences.  What’s a man to do?

Look what Charles Spurgeon said, I do not come into this pulpit hoping that perhaps somebody will of his own free will return to Christ.  My hope lies in another quarter.  I hope that my Master will lay hold of some of them and say, “You are mine, and you shall be mine.  I claim you for myself.”  My hope arises from the freeness of grace, and not from the freedom of the will. 

No man can save himself.  No man can even be sure that he has ahold of the things of the Living God.  Even as he sets his hand to understanding, others tell him he is wrong.  Not only that, but doubts rise up in the man himself.  To read all the literature of man regarding religion, is too much.  A man will die before he finishes the readings.  Then, if he’s finished reading, will he be any better off?  What’s a man to do?  Then we add all the socially accepted means of pleasing God; and there are billions of those!

I’m not talking about opinions.  I’m talking about absolute, concrete, unmovable, eternal, holy, and vibrant Truth.  How does a man “know” he has the Truth of God?

I said, “Read the Bible”.  But that’s a really large book.  And so many books set themselves up along side the Bible.  I said, “Believe me, when I tell you that Christ Jesus is the Truth of God”.  But why should a man believe me, when there are millions of others who say the same things?  And those millions don’t speak of Christ in the same loving terms.

Here’s the answer:

The truth of God lives in God’s Holy Son.  I know that even that saying is too much for those who doubt.  I know that there are many claims to the truth of God.  But I testify that the power of life from God lives in His Holy Son.  In Jesus’ own words, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day”. (John 6: 44)

What’s it take to get God to show you his Holy Son?  You must humble yourself in prayer.  God will filter out pride.  God will filter out man’s ability.  Requests to God that contain anything more than humility, will not receive His favor.  God protects His Son from the onslaught of man’s violent pride and greed.  It is the hungry, the broken, the humiliated, the lost, the desperate, and the diligent, whose prayers are heard.

Forget about being able to figure it all out.  The mind of man cannot know the things of Heaven except that Heaven is revealed to him.

Ok, you don’t have time to read every written word regarding religion.  But are you willing to pray?  Nothing more I can tell anyone will help them.  The answer to all the confusion lives in humbling ourselves before God and asking for His Help.