Penniless for Eternity

What is mankind like?

He is like a tiny town nestled in the valley of the mountains.  

He plants a vineyard and a crop is yielded.  

He wakes, come the day of the harvest, and excitedly runs to reap his crop.  

He gives no thanks or honor to God. His busy fingers rape the vine, making sure not to leave even a 10th on the ground.  

He and his friends praise one another for the good work they have done. They think they have accomplished the meaning of their life.  

Greatly pleased with their reward, they repeat these things over and over until they lay in the grave.  

When their soul is wakened to give account, even then they are surprised.  

Ever harvesting but never gaining. Ever diligent but the poorest of all creatures.  

The Accused

There are a lot of misunderstandings and superstitions about the gospel. Most people would make a very poor defense attorney. They balance the truth of Jesus on hearsay and supposition. They condemn him as less than useful without giving due diligence to his laws and words.  

If you were innocent of a crime would you want these kind of people to represent you? If we wouldn’t like that kind of treatment on earth, why do we treat heaven with such contempt?

Curiously enough, it’s these lackluster defense attorneys who will be the ones who land in jail. The one who stands accused by them has been released by the judge of all. In fact, the accused has been pronounced the judge!

Common vs Holy

Among the people of this world, Christianity is considered a choice.  “So many choices.  So many variations of Truth.  And if you ask the follower of any religion whether his religion is true, what answer do you expect to get?  I will just pick something because it suits my personality.”

One will be a violent man, because he sees violence everywhere.  One will worship satan, because he has heard that there is power in evil.  One says he believes there is a God, but does nothing to find out what that God desires (That is the man’s religion).  Why should I continue to write about the other myriad of variations?  You know what they are.

And hasn’t God commanded that this is the way it will be.  The blind will remain blind.  The deaf will never hear the Holy nature of God’s Son.  All the generations of men have been this way.  So it will continue to the end.

But what are Christians commanded to do?  Do not be like the world.  Do not offer up appreciation for the foul things the world thinks are beautiful.  Did not say, along with them, “Man is innocent”.  We are to be a separate people to the Holy Living God.

As you look about you, is that what you see?  Who, among God’s people in Christ, will stand up and say no to sin and yes to the Righteous and Holy ways of Jesus?  Who, by their very life, will prove that there is a distinction between Christianity and every other variation of so-called truth?  Is the power of God given through Jesus?  Or is it just a series of words put in the right position at the right time?  If you believe that the others were justified in their selection of what they call truth, it would be good to examine whether you are a Christian.

Faithless Prayer

2 “Thus says the LORD who made the earth, the LORD who formed it to establish it, the LORD is His name, 3 ‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’ ”  (Jeremiah 33:2)

They have said, “Prayer is such a burden”.  They respond to me, “When have we said such a thing?”  The compassionate answer comes:  “Every time you did not do it.”

But this can be given to you: you did not do it because you did not understand.  

You think that prayer is like writing a letter that may or may not be read.   You have no faith so you do not bothered to write.  For lack of faith there is lack of understanding.

God speaks.  But who hears him?  He speaks in what is.  He speaks in what did not come.  He speaks of his Holy promises; those things which will be, for he cannot lie.

Prayer is only a letter if it is given by a faithless soul.  And truly such letters are sent among the wind, to blow to this place or that.  But the faithful will believe and wait.  They will have patience for they know that God is true.

The faithful will live abundant lives.   They will be blessed in all they do.  For what they do is to trust and wait.  What they do, is ask for ears.  They ask for eyes that see.  Ask for understanding, and that their lives may testify.  See how abundance arrives.

A Purposeful Tongue Lashing

How many times do the people of God need to be encouraged before they will take the mantle of the Gospel upon their shoulders?  How easy it is to encourage them to be lax in the things of the Most High God.  They readily embrace social peace.  But war against what is wicked is relegated to a tiny few.

As a child abhores spinach, yet craves the sweetness of sugar, so the people of God have sought peace with the wicked.  And as the sugar will rot the teeth of the child, so this craving for peace has rotted the Church of God.  Where is the healthy mouth?

It is ridiculous to make a call for action for the entire Church.  But let those with understanding mount up for the sake of the Gospel!  To prayer with all of us!  To the things of God, with godly zeal, with every willing man and woman of God!

Let us open our eyes and look around.  Witness the compromise!  Take note of what is unholy.  See how the things of the Glorious Lord Jesus have been brought to such a small affair.  It is considered a trophy to attend church twice a year!  It is considered holy restraint to keep your lips sealed among the wicked!

How near the end of things must it be, that the church has become so complacent?  Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Valentine’s Day, and so many more, have taken the place of the crucifixion and the resurrection.  And suffering for the name of Christ Jesus has become an abhorrent obsession of a few.

So many Bibles in the world, yet so very few read and understand.  So much time for prayer, yet there is hardly a flake of callus on the knees of God’s people.  So many opportunities to speak out against wickedness, yet you would think Christians are mute; at baptism God rips the tongue out of the man!

If now is not the time to rise up for Christ, tell me when it will come upon us.  What are the signs I should look for, that I might see an explosion of zeal for the Living God’s Christ?  Who, among the children of God, will rise up and embrace the things of Jesus?  And do we need to wait another 7 days for this to happen?  Is it necessary to wait even another 10 minutes!

Who will come and die with Christ?  Who will render his life to prayer, a serious and diligent study of the Word of God, and become an ambassador to the Holy Lord Jesus in this wicked and adulterous place?

Is it true that it takes imprisonment to wake up a soul for Christ?  Will you wait for a house to house search before you commit to a boldness for Christianity?  What are you waiting for?  Define the obstacle so that we can speak of it openly!

Look how foreign these words are among what is called civilized Christians.  So very well dressed on Sunday.  But so putrid against holiness throughout the week. 

The debate among God’s people is not directed at how brightly we should burn.  It is more the focus of what can we get away with.  Where is the holy and burning fire of obedience among Christians today?  Has it not been replaced by wealth, social integration, and dedicated complacency?  Unholy lies dance in our streets!  Children murder one another!  And if one man is caught spreading the Gospel, all Christianity feels vindicated!

Decide for yourself if this is right.  Why should we listen any longer to words of restraint?  Who elected the cowards as our leaders?  Will God not support and catch those who step out from the cowering crowd?  Or has faith in Christ really become such a rare and elusive animal?

I am so tired of watching us hide.  It is sickening to the stomach to see the Glorious Lord Jesus hidden like some abomination among men; as if he had been a rapist, a thief, a murderer, and every other wicked thing!  Do you really think God will honor such purposeful obscurity?

By His Grace

Peace, of God!

Man is not ashamed of his greed.  He is only fearful of being exposed. 

The zealots of false religion do not hide their zeal.  They are only fearful that their lies are exposed or denounced. 

The timid are not ashamed of their fear.  They are dressed in false peace.  They are only fearful that someone may rightfully ask “too much” of them.

Man pursues what he desires.  And with all his strength he is zealous to gain or retain.  But make no mistake, so is God! 

Why should God’s people not be zealous for the things of their master?  It is like man to be zealous for all He desires.  Why can’t that zeal be reigned in for the Son of the Most High God? 

What right do we have to fear?  Where is it written that God’s people will fear?  Is there such a thing as cowering in the Kingdom of the Most High God’s Holy Son?  Isn’t it true that he has spoken exactly the opposite?

Men desire what they want, and with all their strength they pursue it day and night.  All God’s people are purchased from man.  How is it that when a man becomes a Christian he loses his desire to pursue?  Before we belonged to Christ we fought tooth and nail to keep what we desired. 

Who told us that the Peace of God rips desire from our heart?  Capture such who say these things and put them to open shame!  For the fruit of their false words diminishes the Army of our God.  Our brothers fight with less strength, because the liars turn away their fellow warriors from the battle between righteousness and ungodly wickedness!

There is a war that has been since before you were born.  This war will continue until God says “Enough”!  Do you desire to take part?  Then by all means, with what is left of your ability, move yourself to the fracas!

If you are an able Christian, with healthy arms and legs, run to the battlefield.  If you were wounded and nearly dead, grab hold of rocks and grass, and slither yourself to the field of blood.  Let your soul stand for Christ!

Let us endure the “holy pain”, for the sake of the glorious Lord Jesus.  Let us put our selves in a conspicuous place.  Let us swallow fear.  Let us fight for Christ!

This place of testing is nearly finished.  Will we be caught as desirous of “peace”?  When the Son of man returns will he find us amiable and willingly among the ungodly and the wicked?  Will he find us embroiled in friendship with the world?  Or will he find us being ripped to shreds on the battlefield of godly intent?

By His Grace