“Where’s the Glory!”

You can’t live with me in the truck.  For one thing, there isn’t room.  You can’t find your daily meal from cans of soup and beans.  The stove and refrigerator would be jealous.  You can’t be isolated from Humanity but for an occasional confrontation here and there.  6 days a week.  Then home, as a stranger.

No!  This place is for me.

But don’t you have your own, your house, your family, your home.  And isn’t THERE, things “Too much for you”?  Don’t those things clamor like tiny chicks noisily begging for worms. 

No time for rest, or your glory will die. 
No time to compare,
“Who has it better than I?”

Should we think that the Glory of Christ in us is limited “someplace else”?  Is it right to think that if you were someone else you could bring him what is Honorable? 

If you did all the things that a day’s work demands.  What would be said of you?  What would be said of your Lord?  What right would you have to speak among the people then?  And wouldn’t your diligence, honorable and true, be speech enough; not only visible but audible in deed?

His Glory stands waiting in your “house”.  Be dressed.  Serve.