Satan Smiles

(I apologize for giving a S in the title. Literary law requires it, or I would not have done it.)

It is said that the Liberals are aghast at the declaration of Mrs. Trump, that she is a practicing Catholic.  

(This small article assumes that the report is accurate. Given the flavor of the day, I tend to think it is.)

I’m not gonna bother to go into a justifiable rant regarding their hypocrisy. Let me simply say this:

If you will come unglued at an honest declaration of religion from your First Lady, what will you do when the Holy Father unveils His Righteous and Holy Son on the day of your judgment. “There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Not only do they make no preparation for the inevitable, they deny it’s very existence and venomously despise any reference to it. Worshipping inclusion, they despise a singular truth.  

This sounds to me exactly like I expect the demons to respond; adoring the darkness, they despise even a sliver of light among them. (and that’s all her decoration is folks, just a sliver of light in this vast coal dark world.)   Who then is driving their worship of “tolerance”?

The advice of God to such people is to drop your pride and humble yourself before Him that HE can give you eyes to see and ears to hear. For now, you are so engrossed in trivial nothingness that you cannot see the approaching devastation of your soul. You elevate nothing as if it is something. But “SOMETHING” is surely approaching.  When the Father speaks “the end”, the something will appear with nowhere to hide.  

And I am amazed at how rare these words are in such a perverse society is this. Even the conservative pundits respond with trivial nothingness. They simply respond to a slap in the face by slapping the face of the attacker. Tell me, what is accomplished? (satan smiles)

This event is so foolish that even a fool like me can see it clearly. On the clock of eternity, what time is it?

By His Grace.  

Christian Marketing

Last night I got passed by two 53 foot trailers.  There’s not a whole lot remarkable about that.  My company truck is held down to 62 miles per hour.  I get passed by a whole lot of product.

But these two trucks grabbed my attention.  It’s fairly rare to see two trucks from the same company at the same time, especially travelling late at night.  Usually trucks that run in tandem carry some relatively important product.  I hadn’t classified this one as that important.

“Well!”  Said my mind.  “There aren’t a lot of products in the world that I would consider that important.  But I’ll give it to these, carrying Christian merchandise for a Christian store rates them pretty high in my book.”

Then I started to think about the inside of a 53 foot trailer.  About 8 feet wide, and 10 feet tall.  That’s a whole lot of room!  And there were two of them!

You would think that would make me happy.  But it didn’t.  Instead of thinking about all the souls that would be saved by that merchandise, I started thinking about how we have monetized Grace.

Leave it to the cynic, huh?

I understand it takes money to produce Bibles.  And it’s only right that a man should pay for the work of another.  But I’ve been in Christian stores.  And the Bible section is relatively small. 

So what is in those trucks?  And why is Christianity so profitable?   Is the power of God among Christians multiplied because of the merchandise being sold?  Personally, I don’t see that.  They might be selling a whole lot of stuff.  But I am witnessing old school Christianity being pushed off to the side.

I wonder what the Lord’s perspective on this is.  If we begin with the following phrase, “Freely you have received freely give”, I perceive a difficulty, albeit small.

There are a lot of products produced that have changed lives.  Refrigerators, stoves, sinks, plumbing supplies, building materials, warm coats, automobiles, and the list seems endless.  But I don’t see Christianity changing the face of America.  I see America changing the face of christianity!

For the big business it has become, Christian marketing has very little impact.  Yet every day, except Sunday, they are raking in the bucks.  Does anyone else smell an oxymoron here?

By His Grace

I wonder

When a man comes to Christ Jesus the guilt of his wrongdoings can flow through his mind more quickly and more consistently than the very blood flow through his heart.  Remorse can flood the man’s sense of history.  And there is a very distinct desire to be able to be go back and right the wrongs.

The reason I speak of that is because I was considering the state of affairs in Detroit Michigan.  And I wondered if the liberal politicians, corrupt leaders, and greedy workers, have considered their part in the state of Detroit today.

I wonder because, with Jesus my conscience will not allow wickedness to live in me without guilt and shame.  But I wonder if these men consider what they have done and feel remorse.

They have stolen and plundered from Detroit whatever piece of the pie they thought was fair.  And they would tell you, if you ask, that they only played the game according to the rules of the day.   A sort of, “Well, everyone else is doing it”.

I have to admit that if it hadn’t  been those certain people who destroyed detroit, the destruction would have come anyway in different names.

But do these people ponder what they have done?

Talk to your child

The billboard says, ” talk to your child about alcohol”.  That’s simply a message from the world telling us to stop killing each other.  Is that really all we need;  talk to our children about the need to limit the effects of drinking?  “Look, son, I know you’re gonna get drunk.  Heck, I do it every day.  But I need to talk to you about how to put a cap on your drinking”.

With the Liberals in charge of America we see a lot of such things:  brush your teeth twice a day, go to college so you can get a good job, remember to have compassion, remember to remember you are special “yes we can”.

As irritating as it is to be constantly told what to do. Such foolish leadership has provoked me to make this post. So I guess it’s possible that they have offered me a good opportunity. Lest I appear on grateful, “Thank you”.

Why don’t they put these kind of things on billboards: don’t forget to tell your child about Jesus, in all that you do honor the name of God, or they could even put up various  quotes from the bible on billboards for us. But you won’t see such things done by the government.  This is an unholy age.  How can I expect to witness holy words from satan’s minions?

What we are seeing in all these things is the religion of man without God. What should this tell us about the direction of America is currently headed?  By the way, it has been headed this way for a very long time.  This is just the last few gasps of air before death.

Can You Say Weird?

It’s ok to have our nation run by serial liars who have a sincere hatred for Christianity.  It’s ok if they just bend every law, as they apparently feel the need to do quite often.  It’s ok to give those people more money, power, and honor. Evidently.

But let a conservative step up to lead and the nation goes nuts.  We’re not even talking about someone spouting Christian beliefs.  Just wanting a reasonable approach to governing, balanced spending, and allowing the people to assume more responsibility for their own lives, is enough to provoke a linch mob.

Weird, huh?  The only reason for this, that I can tell, is demonic activity.  Why not?  Where’s the godly activity?

“They’re Junk! Let’s Go Get Em!” Rah! Rah!

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

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I am noticing something interesting.  There is a tool the political and religious liberals often use that goes a bit undetected.  Let me offer an illustration first.

Just before a game three of the players boasted loudly that their team would surely beat the opposition.  Because the other players were involved with them, and because of their apparent bravado, the bid from the three players incited the others to great joy.  Later, after the game, there was sorrow among all that team.  They had lost.

What is curious about that is how readily that kind of talk is support, encouraged, and demonstrated.  What’s even more curious is that in the political and religious arena the opposition is God.  Though they refer to Him under different terms: conservative, christian, etc..

Now we saw in the example that the players went out right away to face their opposition.  But in the political and religious arena, a man might make boasts all his life and never come to face his opponent, God.  People eat that kind of talk up because God remains silent for now.  However, the wise among us will remember that there is a place where God will speak.  Where will the bravado be then?