With agreement of purpose they came to the place chosen by the Most High God. “Here The Confrontation will begin.”

So it began; Jesus said to them, “Whom do you seek”. They were compelled to state their purpose: “Jesus of Nazareth”.

Do you want to see the power of God? Look at what the demon filled people did at the Lord’s response: “I Am He”, Jesus said. At that the mob drew back and fell to the ground.  

Demon filled?  Do not forget, when Judas left the dinner he left under the command of satan who was in him.  The ruler of the kingdom of air against the ruler of all eternity.  Yes, the minion was present in that garden.    

The people themselves were unsure of why they had come, they were simply following a nondescript order, “Bring in Jesus of Nazareth”. But the demons in them knew they had come for a singular purpose. They had come to murder the Word of God.  

When they fell away from God at first, they murdered the Word within them. Now they come as if to complete their wickedness.  They came to complete their challenge to the Majesty of the Living God.  

It has been said that the people drew back for fear of the destruction that would surely come to one who blasphemes the Holy Name of God.  But I know I can say with confidence; their appearance in that place at that time was most conspicuous.  

A physical manifestation of reality.  A fight to the death.  The drawing back shows the dawning of sobriety, the realization of why they had come.  It was the beginning of culmination for the desire of God’s enemy. “Force the Son of God to recant his position.”  God willing met them in that place!

In the passage, we are not looking at religious men gone crazy with a lust for blood. We are looking at the beginning of the greatest possible conflict in all eternity.  

Christ is LORD!


Mud cakes I make.  Diamonds are His.  

His voice like many rivers.  

Mine is more a hiss.  

I speak like shadows 

From behind the flesh.  

He speaks of Light.  

From Eternity’s chest.  

By nature I am contrast. 

By Glory He is Life.  

By Righteousness He’s free.  

From hiding I am strife.  

So much revealed.  

Vast sums are hidden.  

Yet it’s enough,

To speak as bidden.  

He’s so much life

That even so,

Our tiny words

Produce His will.  

To bring His Glory

Down to us;

To shape His message

From the dust.  

Alpha and Omega

I wake and consider what heaven is; what eternity is made of.  

I know you, like me , have heard all the stories 100,000 times. Still we can’t understand the Majesty of Jesus.

The nature of his Majesty is faithfulness and righteousness. He has always done the will of his Holy Father, and he always will. 

No one else has ever been that faithful. No one ever will. No one can. No one else has been with God from the beginning. No one else has been tested as he, yet found blameless and pure. He is first and best in absolutely everything. That’s why he is perfectly trustworthy.  

We can’t perceive his glory. It’s simply not possible. And even though we know the nature of the wilderness in which he was tested, we can’t possibly understand his strength of love for God to endure with absolute purity.  

These thoughts are just a beginning to the things of The Faith. But from this place, the glory of God among us explodes into every possible good thought and deed.  

As foreign as it is among men, it is appropriate to speak words of glory for Jesus. Even while we debate what people would think of us if we spoke like that, all of creation in heaven has been doing it since the beginning. And without the slightest embarrassment or hesitation. 

I know I’ve said these things before. I know I’ll say them again. And I know a time is coming when I won’t stop.  

These are not just words. They are a door to joy. They are a window to eternal glory. They are a hand extended from heaven to lift us up from this place of death and trouble.   They are the pure strength we’re looking for. 

Entertaining Them to Death

It would be very pleasant if this post were to reach a certain set of ears.  But I’m not stupid.  The ears that need to hear this aren’t listening.  I’m writing this post because I passed by a church put a small rodeo on its property.

There is a rather popular belief in today’s church.  It is a belief that says, “If we provide entertainment the people will at least have an opportunity to listen”.  So these churches provide all kinds of entertainment for the masses.

I could go on and on about how ridiculous this approach is.  But for the sake of bland truth, I’ll just make the following statements.

All day long, everyday, every night, everywhere without ceasing, entertainment is king of this world.  How deeply and irrevocable is the desire of the flesh to be entertained.  But the desire of the Spirit of God is to bring men to understanding in the things that are not of the flesh.  It is God’s desire to reveal the grandness of His Majesty.

We do men no favor by giving them what they want.  In fact we harm them.  What is it about the Living God that is similar to Man’s ways?  What right does man have, to throw the mud of men’s filth on the body of Christ?  Isn’t the revelation of the Living God’s Christ stupendous enough in its own right?  And isn’t that simple laziness to revert to entertainment.

I guess we have to ask the question, are we lovers of men or lovers of the Most High God’s Holy Son.  The answer is quite personal, for we will be commanded to give a personal accounting.

Endless Majesty

I could hold a straight pin in my fingers on one day.  For a moment, I could describe what I perceive.  It is an object for specific use, and has certain provable dimensions.  Then, I could hold that same pin on some other day.  With the Majesty of God within me, I could perceive an entirely different description of that same pin.

Endless is the Majesty of the Living God.  To say His beauty is rich in variation is to speak like a little child; not understanding the fullness of those words.  But here is what He provokes His servant to say this morning.

Will any man or woman dare to say they have understood all things?  Will the sum of your own religion (understanding the meaning of the word, religion) be the true sum of what God is willing to give?  Will “you” be satisfied with such a trivial basket of truth?

Do we perceive that God is endlessly Majestic?  Or do we gladly keep what we have, without desiring what is More?  Will we ignorantly restrict the Living God’s testimony to a world that knows absolutely nothing about the Sovereign One?  How can that be proper.

Yesterday morning, I was considering the saying, “What would Jesus do”.  I could not give that saying the same quality of respect that others have done.  For I perceived it to be more incomplete than true or useful.  A man might perceive that saying as if it were a guess from the history available.  If that is what the saying comes to mean to a man, he will live his “life” with such restraint as to be a useless life.

God IS.  He is not the history of being.  He is the current moment.  He is all moments to come.  And, in the history of moments, He is so richly dispersed with Glory that no one can live long enough to decipher His fullness.  Even with written record of history in the man’s hands.

Is the Majesty of God, that which He holds out to us all, truly summed up in what we have become?  Or is He willing and desirous that we should become something astounding here.  Will we wait for the promised dawn of transformation?  Or are we willing to take what can BE today?