The Bride

The new bride came home to her new home!

She said a quick “Thank you and I love you” to her new husband. Then she went about adoring the walls and furniture, ceiling and floor.  

Not a problem you say. That was the last time she paid serious attention to her husband.  

She would cook for him is if it were a duty. And all the other chores of a wife she carried out without fail. She would let her lips brush his four head, as if that were a substantial sign of love.  

Her heart was so detached from him he might well have not been her husband at all.  

But do not judge her for infidelity. There was no other man in her life. The problem is, there was no man in her life at all. Still he was faithful to keep her as his wife.  

Does this draw a picture of your relationship with your husband Christ Jesus?

Useless Women

What’s called an argument can have two meanings. One is a volatile debate between two people who are not willing to see eye to eye. No, this is a bad thing. The other can be referred to as a substantiation of something true. Yeah, that’s what I’m about to do.  

The arguments for Christ are irrefutable. They can be denied, but that’s always at our loss. They can be taken wrong; that is to say, they can be taken personally as an offense. But that’s to misunderstand the entire purpose of such an argument.  

Here’s an interesting argument for Christ.  

The young man is out to seek a wife. He’s a good looking young boy, so there’s a lot of very beautiful and talented women who want his company. What should he choose?  

If he considers himself an ugly and useless young man he’ll choose wisely. But if what he’s looking for his beauty and talent and lots of joyful unions, he’ll choose wrong.  

When a man or woman except the gospel of Christ, they are taken into the house of Christ. From that vantage point they are shown numerous marvelous things. They become part of the bride of Christ. Then they are sent out into the world to be useful to their husband. They are to help him add to his bride. 

What if they consider themselves beautiful and talented? Won’t they become just as useless to their husband as all the beautiful women who chased after the young man?


     ​Did you know that the current divorce rate in America is 50%?
     I was thinking this morning about how I want my life to matter.  In the end, I came to the conclusion that I want to bring gifts to the Lord’s wedding.  It didn’t take a heartbeat for my mind to compare gifts at a wedding today with gifts at the wedding of the Lord.  
     People marry for their lifetime, at best.  The Lord’s wedding to his people will be a “once in eternity” event.  Never has it happened before, and never will it happen again.  It would be good to let that sink in.
     With divorce at 50%, what is the value of any gift we might bring to a wedding?  There’s a 50-50 chance they will only be useful in the division of things.  Our token of love might well become a token of division.
     But then it dawned on me, the importance of the Lord’s wedding to his people.  When the Lord marries us, it will be forever without the slightest chance of disillusionment.  What then is the value of the things I bring him on that Holy day?
     How do I bring him gifts?  What can my hands invent that I can bring him in my soul?  The Flesh, and all I can do,  will be nothing  on that day .  Nothing.  What then are these gifts I’m talking about?  Simply put, the gifts we bring the Lord are born of obedience to him today.  We bring honor to his wedding because we have let him do the work in us that brings his Father Glory.
     We know what he wants.  We know who he is.  And we know who he wants us to be.  I’m really not sure I need to say anymore.

“Get a Room!”

​You cannot take your love of God to the bank and ask for money.  You can’t tell them how you love God and expect them to hand you over $10,000.  That would be considered an insane attempt.  You’ll likely meet the men in blue in just a few minutes.
But I have seen that I cannot take my love for God anywhere and expect people to love me.  No, curiously enough, I am forced to keep my love for God suppressed when I’m face-to-face with another man.  To open my soul before another and openly praise the Living God’s Holy Son is often considered obscene.  Almost like they say, “Get a room”.
But I know of a place where the praise for the Living God will shake the foundations of Heaven.  Who knows how long that celebration will last.  Joy and love, like man has never seen, will fill the hearts of those who love the Lord Jesus.  They will sing and dance, yell and laugh.  They will hug each other with abandon.  And no one will ever be ashamed of His Holy name again.
This is a war zone.  A war of belief.  The question between the enemies is this: “Who is God, Man or Jesus”.  Choose your answer carefully.

Stability, the Fragrance of Love

Night or day, rain or shine, storm or tranquil afternoon; I carry within me a Spring time born of eternity.  The Love of God in Christ Jesus plays out in my heart and mind without ceasing. 

This love is like a musical waterfall of exquisite emotions, thoughts, doings and experiences.  It’s no more a religion then the beautiful explosion of love between the young man and a woman, his new found lifelong best friend.

God’s love causes me to smell the colors of the world around me.  He shows me the dance of sound in the fabric of air.  Words, all words, become living creatures as the Word of Life comes near to caress with truth.

I am useless to man.   The Living promise has finally caught me in an eternal embrace.  I tried to pay attention to the things that matter most to men, but fail miserably and often .The beautiful patience of God stoked a fire in me to make him blessed with his desire.

All of this, and vastly more, gives me reason to ponder the definition of love among men.  So very much is made of the love between a man and a woman.  Books, songs, poetry, movies, and all the trinkets produced as a celebration of joy and longevity.  All this commotion for something that cannot possibly last.  The hurricane of reality sweeps down from the mountains to devastate the joy of first love between man and wife.  Most marriages disintegrate to a bond of friendship at best.  At worst, they disintegrate to nothing.

The captivating emotions of human love produce something similar to the love of God within his beloved ones.  But people are people.  They are everything but stable.  Greed, impatience, expectations, and everything associated with self begins to ruin first love’s beauty.  Eventually death takes it all away.

But how is it that so much is made of the love of man, which is so transitory, while virtually nothing is celebrated toward the love of God?  The love of God simply becomes a place to cry out for help when everything we wanted falls apart.

Christian Pornography

“Write of the things that please us and we will read what you say.  This life is full of toil and trouble and we have no time for more difficulty.  But give us the oil of joy with your words and we will love you and pay you handsomely.”

You already have many who do that.  They deliver to you the whisperings of a bride to her new husband.  The sweet and intimate words are given to you that belong in the inner room of love.

There are those who deliver you, words that should not belong on their lips, to be displayed in public.  They are made for the privacy of love.  How should such things be delivered to His enemy?

I will not deliver you the words of love, such words as are for the God who has purchased me with his Holy and perfect blood.  My love for him, that he has caused to be, belongs to him and I will not throw them on the battlefield.

Instead I will deliver to you what is helpful against your sin.  Words of despising what is unholy, these I will deliver to you.  For this you will despise me, for I will despise your wicked longing.  I will despise the heart of man.

Such writings are as of those which the world hides in a dark corner; the pictures and words of lust.  People giggle with delight as the things of the marriage bed are exposed to all; a thing that, by his command, should never be.

But you are outside the house.  What you will see and read from me are the things that deter your entry; those things which test your heart.  For such words will agree with the command of God toward those who hate him.

First pass by the guard.  Be willingly stripped of all that is abhorrent to my husband.  Be stripped of what is enemy; the weapons of slaughter you used to hang him on a cross.

Then allow yourself to be brought to the courtyard where you will learn the things that please him.  There you will be taught with relentless, vicious truth.  There you will learn to abhor what was yours.  And if you are willing they will be beaten from you.  Then your soul will wear the stripes that count you as one of his.

I will not write for you the things of lovely intent.  Such writings are a lie to those who are of the enemy of God.  They speak of his lovely promise unveiled.  They speak of an eternity that does not belong to the enemy of God.

Come and hate me with jealousy.  Come and ignore me for I will not give you your desire.  Desire with jealousy; for such has been the conversion of many.

Present yourself to him that he may cleanse you, and then we are brothers and sisters alike.  Then you yourself will hear the words that now you desire to know from me, a servant of the Most High, in Christ Jesus, blessed by his Holy promise and Holy will . 

He is faithful and trustworthy and strong.  He is the full promise of the Most High God.  Beautiful is he and glorious!   And sweet is he is Holy embrace!

But you O’ enemy of God, you desire to hear his beautiful words as if they are but pornography.