Crowd Control

They came in among them, but they did not know the God who gave the Christians their religion. So they practiced the words. They mimicked the faithful; for as their eyes could only see Man, the things of Man they used for their advantage.

They rose to powerful position, still not knowing the God of the Christians. They were just like Simon the magician. They exercised the power of Man’s laws of violence over as many men as they could gather. Imprisonment, torture and death were the tools of their ungodly trade.

They did not see themselves equal to the Pharisees who crucified Christ. No, in their mind they were exempt from the same judgment. They knew nothing of Holy, but they will.

1200 years after the birth of Christianity we can see history tell us what would have come if Simon had gotten his way.

But tattletales and spies are not enough to rule the masses. It is better to teach the children to be politically correct. They will rule their parents. And the devil will have his way.

Do you know the God behind the religion of the faithful? Or are you just a pawn of rulers like them; Control the mind and you have the man?


Proof By Adversity?

(I tried to comment on the writer’s article in his page.  But his page would not accept a WordPress login.  So I make this entry in my blog in the hopes that it will reach the writer.  Who knows, perhaps it will also reach a soul somewhere else.)

In that writers article he describes how the government legislates its own morality.  The writer says that he found the government’s methods and its operating premise to be at fault, simply by humanity’s insistent efforts to circumvent unjust laws.

The writer says this: “If the study of literature or history were really that pointless, a government trying to control the minds of its subjects would not go to the trouble of putting humanities students and professors in jail.”

Isn’t the same thing true of Jesus?  Part of the proof of his royalty is the venomous activity of his enemies.  And if all of Jesus is true, proved by the activity of his enemies alone, wouldn’t it be wise to consider his words.  If he is truly life are we wise to ignore him?