Kiss the Son Lest He be Angry

Jesus became angry with the leaders of the Jews when they refused to strive to understand His words.  It’s not like His language was foreign,  or spoken in such a way as to cause confusion.  In fact we often see the Jews understanding quite fine when they perceived He spoke something against them.

He was from them.  They had the Law He had delivered to Moses.  And He made sure understanding was close at hand.  No, it wasn’t due to the Lord Jesus that confusion reigned in their rock hard hearts.

Look over your shoulder as you read this.  Take note that I am not speaking foreign words to those who read my posts.  And when I speak to the world, it’s not a people from some strange land I’m addressing.   Yet who responds by softening their rock hard heart?

I am not Jesus.  And you are not Jews.  We are gentiles together.  And I speak the same language as you.  So how come my words seem to be so hard to understand for so many?

Look to your heart.  He did not hold the Jews guiltless for their unwillingness to listen.  He is not likely to treat any other man any differently.  Why not just cut to the bone and soften that rock?  You don’t have to hear what I say.  But if I point to the Son of God, why not go to Him?

He’s been waiting since before you were born.

By His Grace

The Greatest Debate of All History

The Liberal International, a global federation...

The Liberal International, a global federation of liberal political parties and institutions, was founded in 1947. It represents one attempt in a long tradition of liberals trying to establish cross-cultural and transnational connections through global organizations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How I wish we could be at a debate between Abraham, Enoch, Moses, and Elijah, and the heads of the liberal movements today.  Let them present their liberal agendas and arguments to such men.  I’d love to hear what those men would have to say.

And let’s keep in mind: Those four men are only men.  There is a God who gave them life, and to whom they lived in earnest, to answer to also.

Family Matters

Ahnenblatt Family Tree Example

Ahnenblatt Family Tree Example (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In speaking with the Lord about who I have become, by His Grace, He showed me something of great value.  I was frustrated by the limits of righteous behavior I found in myself.  While I thought of Enoch, the seventh from Adam, and how he pleased the Lord so that God took him.  He lived for 365 years on this earth.  And he did not taste death because he lived in such  a way as to please the Holy and living God.

I looked at my life and wondered at my own wickedness.  As the sadness of my utter failure came seeping in, the Lord spoke an idea to me that has helped greatly.  I will try to convey the understanding with as little words as possible.

There are 12 tribes of Israel.  And each tribe has its own clans.  A clan represents a collection of families who trace their history to a common origin.  While they belong to a certain tribe they are identified under certain sub segments of that tribe.

Then the Lord showed me something I had not considered.  The Gentiles, that is those who are not Jews by birth but who belong to the line of  people who do not have the direct blessing under Moses, are divided into clans also.  Let me explain.

There are men who were raised in families who have passed on a love for the things of the Lord.  There are families who have passed on the love for traditions of men.  There are families who promote certain levels of sin in their lives as if it is their right to chase after a limited amount of wickedness.  And then, there is my clan.  Those who have passed on a boundless wickedness to their children.

The Lord in His mercy will judge us from the stock we were raised in.  What were we taught as children that has remained undetected within our memories?  A man who was raised by holy parents (gentiles, none the less) will remember things holy.  A man who was abused sexually and driven from holy behavior since he was old enough to speak will not know how to perform for the Lord like the former family.

But here is the rub.  Have you excelled beyond your clan?  Are you striving to rid yourself of the horrible wickedness that was passed down to you?  This is where He helped me understand.  There is a certain peace involved in understanding these things.  His expectation for those of the lesser clans is not as intense as those who were raised to know better.

There is a whole lot more to say about this.  But I think, for the sake of readability, this is enough to convey the message.

Why Write?

English: The Psalms scroll, one of the Dead Se...

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This morning I am wondering why I write these things.  Few read them, less care, most are irritated that I would point a finger so often and intently at sin.  Then I have relationships in my life to deal with.  There are many who do not subscribe to the harsh elements of the Lord’s teachings.  They would desire that the Lord simply save all mankind, regardless each man’s standing with sin or holiness.  It’s a puzzle to me why I continue to write.

One reason to write is that there are very few who will take a serious and active stand against the wickedness of man.  I would guess there are many reasons for that; shame, fear, unbelief, ignorance, and even a hatred for what is good.  So I write to fill the gap that they leave.

Another reason I write all these things is because they are true.  God has spoken all that man needs to know to be saved.  There are blessings to be had for those who listen to His warnings and obey.  And there are promises for those who remain in wickedness, unbelief, and hatred.  I will face Him soon enough, as will all men, and I don’t want to say, “I didn’t because . . .”

I write these things because of Elijah, Moses, Enoch, Gideon, Chuck Swindoll, Herman Wilson, Peter, Luke, Matthew, and the list can go on for a very long time.  They gave their lives, reputation, and earthly places for the Gospel.  Surely they pondered why they would risk everything for the sake of a message that few would hear, let alone respond favorably.

In the end, I write because the Lord Jesus is worthy of these words!  I do not write for me.  I write for the sake of my Lord, commander, and God.  May He bless the words with fruit as He sees fit.  In the mean time, I write.

God Will Forever be the Key

There are men who believe that the battle between The Righteousness of God and the wickedness of man is in the hands of men.   I will agree, in part, that man is directly involved in this war.  There is a saying being promoted, “We will be the key.”  um, I don’t think so.  The battle belongs to the Lord Most High through Jesus, His Righteous Son!

It was not the strength of man which parted the sea for God’s people.  It was not the strength of man which brought the Lord’s people out of Egypt.  It was not the strength of man which provided the manna every morning for 40 years.  It was not the strength of man that shut the lion’s mouths, rendered the flames harmless, brought droughts upon a wicked land, nor brought the rain at the prayer of a righteous man.  It was the Lord who did all this.  And we will remember that those who thought they could subdue demons (in the book of Acts) were beaten bloody because they relied on their own strength.  Those men might have been (at least to man’s perception) righteous men.  But they did not embrace the power of the Lord in their attempted conquest of evil.

It was, is, and always will be, the strength of the Lord which delivers His people; individually as well as nationally.  Be wise and remember.  Or at least be wise and read.


English: Moses and the Burning Bush, illustrat...

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I have searched out what is true between God and man.  And, from what God has been willing to divulge to man, I understand the reason for life;  To learn to live your life with a reverence and love for God, to do what is right in His Holy eyes, and to refrain from as much evil as you are blessed to refrain from.

I have searched out what is true between God and man.  And from what God has been willing to divulge to man, I understand that our perception of life is not at all what is true.  There is a life more living than we.  This life has been from eternity, is now the same as it was, and will forever be beyond this place of testing.

Man says to himself, “I think.  Therefore I am.”  God has said, “I AM.  Therefore you think.”  The pride of man cannot perceive this truth.  For he thinks to himself that he is the end of his life.  Or that man will be praised for the works he has done in this place of testing.  Yet all his days, the pride of man gives no accounting of the Holy God who was before the first shaft of darkness was created.

Humility, on the other hand, recognizes the plight of our limits.  It keeps in mind the Glory of the Most High God.  And never surrenders to the pride of man.  Humility is prime glory for man.  While pride is the abject loss of glory, humility is the crown on man’s head.