Tim Linhart

Has he found a doorway?

By rationale, they say, “We can perceive the eternal things by the work of our own hands. We don’t need Christ Jesus to see God.”

Really now.

Then what is the use of Christ’s sacrifice?   What is the use of God the father elevating his Holy Son to first of all creation?  Why has he said to us, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to God but through me.”

If a man can save himself by the work of his own hands why did God bother to suffer for our sake?  If the work of our hands can bring us near to God, then we don’t need Christ!  SUCCESS!  Right?

Tim Linhart is famous for his ice music. A friend of mine says we should go and see this.  So I looked it up.  

I will not go and see it.  The what he has done is interesting and wonderful.  But in his explanation he attributes spiritual aspects he has no right to attribute.  He says that since we are made with melted water we find a connection to spiritual things through the music of ice.  Really?

Is there a door to eternity that a man may pass through by the work of his own hands?  Or is the spiritual emphasis only found in the imagination of a man with some talent to wield sharp objects against ice?  And, if self-salvation can be achieved through ice, why not cow pies too?

Read the Gospel. You determine for yourself what is true and what is imagination.  The entirety of eternity is at stake in such presumably small details.  Either Christ is King or he is of no value.  

Differences All the Same

I thought provoking question of the day.  

Are you able to explain the gospel. I mean, if someone was to ask you could you tell them what the gospel is?

This seems like a straightforward question. But add the following to it.  

A musician writes a song about the blue sky. The color and texture of his music is related to blue skies. He writes another song about mud. Agreeably the color and texture of that music will be different. He writes other songs. He writes about marriage, divorce, death, birth, roles in life, troubles galore, Freedom and joy. And every song is slightly different because of the material he deals with. If he only use the notes to “Mary had a little lamb”, the impact just wouldn’t be the same.  

So when I ask can you share the nature of the gospel of Christ, I’m talking about delivering it in a variety of ways depending on the person you’re sharing it with. Now that gets thought-provoking.  

River of Life

Find yourself a comfortable place beside a flowing stream. Listen to the myriad of sounds the water makes. Now let your mind marvel that a singular component of water can sing such a song of variety.   

Water is silent until it encounters and obstacle. The sound you hear is the water speaking of its encounter.  
Sit quietly in your chair and listen to the sound of the Holy Spirit. He is a river of truth. Just like the stream, he makes sounds when he encounters creation. Answer for yourself, what causes the greatest noises from the Holy Spirit?

Sad Songs?

Pretty much all the songs I play on guitar are sad songs.  Pretty much all the songs I love are sad songs.

Some may wonder why I don’t play happy music.  The answer is, I don’t have it in me.  If my heart has joy, it is held in reserve for the place when I see his beautiful face.

You see, the sadness in me is caused by an understanding of what I’ve done with my life.  And not only the things I have done with my life, but the things I see others do also.

In my heart there is a comparison between the gorgeous and beautiful love of God and the horror that belongs to Man. 

The price of sin is unspeakable by the Implements of Man’s communication.  We don’t have the words to describe the sorrow of Eternity as we destroy one another.  There are no notes on Earth that can depict the true mellody of death.

They may wonder why I can only play sad songs.  What would they say if I could lay my hands on the saddest of melodies that belong to God?

Righteous Cadence

Doesn’t language have a lilt?  The damsel in her joy shows it best.

Each according to the place he was born, bears the music of his words.

Every language of Man has a place of musical beauty; the place where his voice like a song.

Each according to the place he was born, bears the music of his words.

Janis Joplin, it was said, had a voice that sounded like many.  But I heard her noise, it was more a noise born of chaos to destruction.  That musical lilt I could do well without.

“His voice was like that of many waters.”  Like the place from which he was born, pure and full of beautiful music.

Undertones of peace and joy are the foundation of every sound.  Truth and purity radiate from his tongue.  The lilt of heaven embracing his commands.

The noise of Man is all we’ve heard.  But wait for the sound of the Lord!  Even if we fail to understand the meaning of his words, we would soon faint and swoon at the sound of his voice.

Glory, Glory, Glory is the Holy Son of the Living God!

Hope and Change

To the stars and beyond!”
How the worthless is praised.
On display before all –
With mindless eyes glazed.

Prayers by the billions
To the singers of song.
To these ones,
Prayer belongs?

The one who offers
Profitless words
Receives the greatest praise.
While the profit of Men
Is spent . . .
Futilely filling their days

Where is understanding?
Did wisdom go and hide?
A thrashing in the night,
Was missed,
As …………………
Wisdom died.

Did the Morning Sun change color?
Does the grass grow from the sky?
Does the wind secrete from below the ground?
Then why is wisdom not to be found?

The Knowledge of ancient ones,
Lay abandoned
On the ground.
Lifeless words have
Taken “PLACE
Gilded chants surround.

What gives them right
To change “What Is”
To an empty promise of Man?
What gives them right
To praise the ones
Who despise
“I AM”?