Aliens in New York City


Alien (Photo credit: richiesoft)

Aliens disguised as caring humans have taken over the city of New York City.  The aliens came from the planet Liberal many years ago.  They have been patiently waiting for a disaster to strike the city.  And at the advent of this trauma they planned to withhold food, water, and necessary elements of human need.  While they waited they made sure that the people of that city turned over all their trust and preparedness to the Aliens.  So that when the time came the people would be as utterly vulnerable as they could be.

Don’t think I am poking fun at their plight.  Take a look around you and identify all the other Aliens which have crept in among us.  From the halls of the Church to the school class rooms, these Aliens from the planet Liberal have set their claws into society.  They are waiting for just the right moment to subvert truth.

Think you’re safe from their grasp?  Think again!

Have We Forgotten Something?

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A man went to the town’s banker.  He had known that this man was willing to help men start businesses.  The two sat down at the desk and bantered the man’s ideas for a business.  Having been part of thousands of successful businesses, the banker listened and gave advice to the business man.  Later, in that encounter, the banker pulled out two bundles of money.  One bundle was small and the other was much larger.  He placed the smaller bundle on the desk in front of the business man.  The larger bundle was placed on the right side of the desk near the banker’s elbow.

The business man smiled with a smile that belongs to a man of hope.  When they finally stood to end the conference, they shook hands and the banker watched the business man leave.  Reaching out, the banker took the larger bundle and put it back where he had gotten it from.  5 years passed and the business man had lost his business.  Through no fault of his own, the economy and society had changed.  His business no longer found a welcome at the wallets of the people.

One day, while having lunch with a friend, the business man saw the banker sitting by himself with his meal.  The business man went over to the table and thanked the banker for having helped him experience 5 years of profitability.  “Without you I would never have purchased my house.  Though I eventually lost the business, I am happy with what you were kind enough to help me start.”  The banker just smiled at the business man.  “I’m glad to have been of assistance”, the banker said. ” But you would still be in business had you asked me about the other bundle of money I had drawn out when you came to me.”  The business man looked at the banker with a puzzled look.  “What are you talking about?”  The banker told the business man that he was ready to supply far more money if he had only been asked.

We come to God and receive answers to our prayers.  And we go out and accomplish a great deal.  How much blessing was there left on the table?

Awake! They Also Rise.

“Early in the morning, while it was still dark, he [Jesus] rose up and went out, and departed into a deserted place, and prayed there.”

I rise at the call of the Spirit, “Enough sleep.  Rise and seek the God of your soul.  Search your heart before Him and ask the things which are life.  For the day is approaching, and the wicked stir in their beds.”

Soon, while the prayer ensues, the lights of houses from New York City to Los Angeles will shine.  The world around me begins to wake.  The wicked of the night stumble to their beds to sleep the sleep of thieves.  While the wicked of the day stumble to the bathroom to begin their assault on each other for the sake of “gain”. 

This was so in the very day when Jesus rose before sunrise to seek His Holy Father.  Frankly, it should be more so for those who love Him today.  I will say no more.

By His Grace.

911 and Beyond.

World Trade Center aerial view March 2001

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Americans are consumed with today.  And rightfully so.  It was a horrible loss of life for the sake of a false god.  Two things come to mind regarding America’s mourning for September 11, 2001:

God saw it all and has those souls placed in their proper place for eternity.

And there is no date on the calendar void of remembrance of horror.  All countries have their horror.  And there is a great more suffering yet to come. 

Though most will consider this day with a somber mind, will they turn to the One who places souls where they belong for eternity?  Will you allow the death of American citizens to provoke your understanding of eternity and the judgment to come?

Perhaps you think it crass of me to use this horrible day as an oportunity to speak about the Judgment to come.  Everyone who dies, dies as they are at that moment.  How many of those souls are wishing they could speak to you about where they are?  They were doing what you are doing now.  When it comes your turn will you wish you had listened?  And wouldn’t you want to tell others where you then find yourself? 

Death is absolutely necessary for every man, woman and child.  Don’t you find it interesting that we’re not allowed to speak of anything but consoling words when it is encountered?  Isn’t this the first place where the Gospel is challenged?  Challenged in that those who die, know without a doubt, that it is true.  And challenged by those who remain because it speaks of a greater horror than the death of flesh.

By His Grace.