Being a Christian

This morning I see this:Darkness on the earth is witness to a hushed murmur of violence. The night is a cloak for the thieves.  

They steal what they will; property, life and peace.  

But this I perceived:

The world spins around causing the Sun to rise. And the noise of wickedness is no longer a murmur.  

Now it is a deafening roar of greedy desire and wicked intent.  

Their eyes open shooting fiery knives of blame. Dreams and nightmares give way to the reality of judgmental hearts.  

The peace of the wee hours of the morning.  

The time of prayer, time of reflection. The time to receive life from He who is Life. Clarity comes from Him. And in the clarity I can perceive as if indeed from some vast distance. The place where the splatter of blood cannot reach.  

The night will come again. The thieves will sleep, the thieves will tiptoe about. But He who lives forever is Peace.  

By the command of the Living God, His name is Jesus! Quiet your soul and trust Him. Listen intently for what cannot be heard. Search for what IS. His desire is for you. Doesn’t the blood beneath the cross prove His intent?

He is not a thief, unlike we who pray. He comes to grant life, wisdom, forgiveness, peace, joy, faithfulness, and doesn’t the list become endless? Those who learn to receive become like He. The spinning of the earth becomes far less fearsome.  

This, is to be a Christian.  


Eyes in the Night

I rose before dawn, as is the habit the Lord has taught me.  My little dog lingered with me while I dressed.  I asked her, “Do you wanna go out?”  Her excitement answered in a mute yell.  Down stairs we went.

Now, it’s not my habit to turn on the porch light when I let her out.  But darkness seemed really dark this morning.  And it’s not my habit to go out and stand on the porch when she ventures to the grass.  But I did both this morning.

We stood there in the silence of 4am.  But a soft “huff” broke the silence.  I thought it was a deer, sounding her alarm.  Then it came again.  “That’s not a deer.”  It was too short and lacked the same thrust of larger lungs.  As I listened, four glowing eyes came racing across the tiny road and were headed down the drive way right toward my little dog.

It was the fox!  And not just one, there were two!  With their razor-sharp teeth and trained violence of a hungry warrior, they intended to consume my dog.  She wouldn’t stand a chance.

Without a thought, I flew up my arms to out stretched position and gave a loud “huff” (somewhat like a growl).  I no longer saw the eyes.  They had turned faster than I could blink.  I heard that familiar scream they make.  Both of them screaming in fear as they turned like lightning and ran away.

No fear attended my dog.  Only a slight startle at their screaming retreat.  She came up to me and just sat waiting to go back in.  She was done.

No fear attended my mind or heart.  The Lord had given me immediate wisdom, strength and peace.  He had waken me for this display.  He had wakened my dog’s desire to go out.  She doesn’t always want to go with me on those early morning excursions.

He had brought us to the place of confrontation.  The foxes were ready and hungry enough to challenge the presence of a man.  My little dog was ignorant of their bloody intent, enough to remain still.  He caused me to know exactly what to do and at what moment to do it.  Then He dressed me with understanding as I peacefully sat to consume my first cup of coffee.

There is a hungry bunch of foxes who prowl throughout the world.  As He has protected me and my dog this morning, He protects all His children all night and day long.  HE  IS FAITHFUL.

Praise came from me as understanding came from Him.  Fearlessness is the outcome of such teachings.  But it is not the fearlessness of a warrior.  It is that lack of fear a child has when daddy is walking with him.

Praise God for Jesus, His Righteous Christ!  Let all creation praise the One who has overcome.  God alone is good and true.  His Holy Living Word is fully dependable, true, faultless in righteousness, full of mercy and love.  The Living Word is the very meaning of “Grace”.  May His Holy will be done forever.  Amen!

The Colors of Colorless Night

A close up side view of a (Nycticebus pygmaeus...

A close up side view of a (Nycticebus pygmaeus) at the in . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah the night; the dawn before light.

All is still. Or is it so?

It’s man who sleeps; greed repressed.

But teaming with colors, this silhouette place.

With noises to faint to see.

The creatures of innocence move about,

While You fulfill their every need.

The bat soars by; by inches past my head.

No noise is made my ears can hear.

No man is as spry as he.

The best among us is clumsy and lame.

While this little creature roars silent through the night.

What marvelous things dance for You while we sleep.

What beauty is in Your hand.

Dogs bark at things they know nothing about.

Panic fills their bones.

All night long they warn of what is no threat.

So much like the youngest of man.

A snap appears to my listening ear.

A creature is moving near.

Which one is this who announces his presence;

All the while he strives to blend in?

Yet caught by noise he slips on by.

And all I can testify,

Is that here he was and now is there.

Another noise is made other somewhere.

I rose to pray, to seek Your face,

While my brothers relax their grip.

I did not suppose that I would find,

Color midst the colorless night.

Glory to You for You are life continually.

Sleep never covers Your eyes.

Sustain is Your name, providing life to all things.

And even the darkness does not hide.

Once again I am struck by the awesome value of God.

While we sleep He dresses what is.

The Recluse

Log Cabin

Image by Dan around town via Flickr


More friendly than the open terrain of humanity.


More vibrant than the light of day.


A time to retreat from the empty sidewalks.


A time of sleeping while the noise of rebellion screams loud.


The time of awakening to the beauty the world never sees


A magnificent place where, in the end, the recluse finds release.



early 13c., “person shut up from the world for purposes of religious meditation,” from O.Fr. reclus (fem. recluse), noun use of reclus (adj.) “shut up,” from L.L. reclusus, pp. of recludere “to shut up, enclose” (but in classical L. “to throw open”), from L. re-, intensive prefix + claudere “to shut”