More Than Conquerors

Nothing warrants a red letter mark on the calendar than when you defy your fear.  How many people can say they remember the very moment they embraced the challenge with a death grip?

How many heroes were cowards until they faced an opportune moment to step up?  They will tell you they simply found a place where they had no further choice.

You likely know where I’m going with this.


The Message Lives


11 “Truly, truly, I say to you, we speak of what we know, and bear witness to what we have seen, but you do not receive our testimony. 12 If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things? 13 No one has ascended into heaven except he who descended from heaven, the Son of Man. 14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, 15 that whoever believes in him may have eternal life.” (John 3)

We do not speak of our glory; as if we are excellent examples of humanity, or heavenly beings sent to earth.  No, we witness to He who alone is Good.  We speak of the Righteousness of God; the Holy Son of God, Jesus.

We testify that Jesus, the Christ, is the singular way to eternal life.  Not only that, but we testify that Jesus will endow His people with power to overcome sins and master temptation.  In the process of this release, His people find companionship with the Holy Father of Life.  As the Sovereign God is eternal, Christ’s people are given eternal life; though they die in the flesh, they shall never die again.  This is the work of Christ in the souls of man.

If, in your looking around, you do not witness those who call themselves Christians overcoming, the message of the Gospel is not lessened.  For the Word of the Gospel does not have its root in the mannerisms of those who call themselves Christians.

The message is an eternal message.  It was before anything was made.  It will be long after all the things of this world, and even creation itself, is utterly destroyed.

Look to the message, do not keep your eyes on Christians.  For each Christian is but a witness to the truth, regardless the fullness of his witness.  The truth lives regardless the measure each Christian applies it.

Deal with it.  It’s your personal responsibility to look into these things.  God will not entertain blame on the Great, Holy, and Terrible day of judgment.  You have a mind.  You have eyes.  You have ears and a tongue.  You have hands.  And the Holy Word of the Bible is not too far beyond your reach to grasp.  Either you desire eternal life, thus looking into these things, or you desire the way things are with you now.

I have witnessed to the truth here.  It will not be taken out-of-the-way of man until the Lord returns to take His people, and seal this place for destruction.  What day that is, no man knows.  But it will surely come, even as your own death will usher you into the Judgment Day of God.

The witness about Jesus is quite abundant in this world.  But the day will come when the message of witness will draw silent.  The pleasure of Man will hold a short-lived triumph.  Grasp it while it is still offered; before the Holy Door is slammed closed on the souls of men.  Believe in the Holy Son of God, or perish in the sinful disrepair that is the flesh and soul of man without the power of God in Christ.

No one can understand these things unless the Holy Father opens their soul to receive it.  Pray, then, that God will open your soul to understanding.  Humble yourself before the Living God, that in due time He will lift you up.



How to Start Your Soul

A few years ago they gave me a tractor to drive that was rather odd.  In order to start it, you had to push two unmarked switches simultaneously while turning the key to start the engine. 

Anyone who was not trained how to start the tractor, could not possibly steal it (unless of course they towed it away).  Fortunately for me, the company wanted me to drive the tractor so they explain the process.

I know a man who is convinced that God has lied.  The man has a certain tendency toward sin.  He has heard what others have said.  They speak about freedom in Christ.  They speak about forgiveness and the power to overcome.  But in his search this man did not find either.  So he assumed that Jesus has lied.

God wants us to live a life of overcoming and freedom.  And he has written a manual as to how we can accomplish that.  But the man I spoke of does not read the manual.  How then can he know?

He refuses to believe the testimony of others.  He refuses to believe there’s something he doesn’t understand.  He cannot start his soul.  So he blames the one who made it.

Now, the way I explained it doesn’t sound reasonable at all.  But it makes perfect sense to this man.  And I will say he is not alone. 

There are millions who have not been able to grasp the freedom of forgiveness and strength to overcome.  Perhaps they are not as bold as this man, in that they do not call God a liar.

But if God has promised the freedom of forgiveness and the strength to overcome, their actions speak louder than their lips.  For they have ceased struggling for what is expected of them.  And they quietly wait their turn to be judged by God.  I really can’t imagine what they’ll tell him.

Let’s sum this article up with what is simple and obvious.  If you want the freedom of forgiveness and the strength to overcome sin, all you have to do is read the Bible and pray.  Yep.  It’s that easy.  (Did I mention you have to believe?  Yes those two unmarked buttons work just like they said they would.)

By His Grace

The Dent

There’s a dent in my hand,

In the palm near the side. 

I did not know it was there. 
But to my surprise,

A glorious great joy

Has appeared!

An object was taken by prayer. 

It does not impede my usefulness. 

To the contrary,

Now I can work.

But I marvel at the dent,

As it is;

That mark that had gone unnoticed. 

It has distinct markings

Of a well worn rope. 

Well formed calluses tell the tale.

I would never have known

The dent was there,

But that He took from me

A great heavy care. 

How pleased now

Is my soul to see!

To take note that He

Has sprung me


To serve him faithfully!

What would you have

My dear friend,

Oh so loving,

Dear friend?

Oh I’m willing! 

Employ me.

Restrained as I was,

The profit was half. 

But now when I lift my arms,

They extend to equal length. 

Now each

Embrace of Mercy is full.

Glory to God in the highest! 
All praise to his Holy Son!

He has set millions free for his service!

And now I perceive I am one!

By His Grace

The Nature of Temptation

What have I learned about temptation that is worthy of writing?  So much is written on the subject.  I did not dare write about it until I had something more to offer.

I have learned about its true nature.  It is not just an unwise choice, born of rebellion against God.  And it is not a single action. 

It always starts as something small.  It never comes upon us in its full-blown nature.  In this it is rightly called an enticement.

Among men there are things of beauty.  Among men there are things that can rightfully be desired under the right circumstances, and within a proper limit.  But the enticement of temptation will draw you a little farther.

Consider the beauty of woman.  Along with desire for wealth, her beauty rates very high in the failure of man.  What does temptation whisper, as it begins its routine enticements?  Doesn’t it make remark in regard to the things of our perceptions?

We say yes.  She is beautiful.  Then temptation agrees, adding an observation of your desire.  The enticement has begun.

Temptation whispers to you that lust is only natural.  By now you are ready to agree.

But as the foolish man enters in, temptation does not keep quiet.  He adds more shame upon shame.  By now you are not only too weak to resist, you encourage him to speak.  Pathetically, by now you consider temptation as an honorable teacher.

Before a short while is done abominable things have crossed your filthy heart.  Temptation does not end with enticement.  It takes a man or woman to the classroom of filthy thoughts and actions.  And when physical satisfaction has been found, it laughs at you!

Now temptation does what it is renowned to do.  Its strip you of pride, and rubs your face with all that is filthy.  You are a disgrace before God.  You are a disgrace before the Holy Angels.  You are a disgrace before all humanity.  You are a disgrace to yourself!  The only one who is pleased by your stupid choice is temptation.

Worse upon worse, temptation now knows your weakness!

Take note in all these things, I did not call temptation the devil.  The book of James tells us that we are tempted and drawn away by our own desires.  Yes he is called the tempter.  But we, my friends, are the ones pointedly to be blamed.

I have used the example of woman.  But I do not blame her singly.  It is the most pervasive temptation among man.  But it by no means stands alone.  Everything that draws us away from what is good and pure is sin.

To some it is lying.  To another is money.  To one it is gluttony.  To someone else it is self-abasement in any form.  And temptation will testify, “The myriad is large”!

Temptation knows your weakness.  Be honest with yourself, my friend, so do you!

I tell you a truth.  You will not overcome the things that tempt you from within.  Try as you might you will not find the strength.  You are bound like a prisoner to repeat your filthy ways.

The only one who can free us is Jesus the Christ of God.  And I do not say so with the slightest sliver of shame.  I testify to you that overcoming temptation is quite possible.  But you will not overcome if you do not call out to him.

Eternity will be purged.  Did you know that?  Once this place is done, this place of temptation and testing, nothing that is sin will ever find life.  If you needed provocation to consider resisting temptation, let eternal death sink into your mind.

Those who desire righteousness will seek His Holy face.  Those who are content to be filthy will never raise their eyes.  Death will cover them forever.  And no one will say, “Sweet dreams”.

By His Grace

The Storehouse of Determination

The house of light.

The storehouses of hail and snow.

The place where lightning and wind are cast abroad.

The father of rain and dew.

The womb of winter, with its ice and heavenly born frost.  (Reference job 38 for more.)

Only God knows these places and ways.  They are marvelous concepts to ponder.  Beautiful words that beckon understanding.  Yet who among us can hope to grasp their full meaning.  The fullness of them belongs to God alone.

As marvelous as they are, there is one more mystery I went to present before the Living God and His Holy Christ.  And in my presentation, I found a similarly mysterious quality.  So I write it here.  Let my fellow man ponder it while I wait for an answer. 

(Shall the answer come from the Holy Spirit of God, directly to my soul?  Or shall he send the testimony of a man, to humble my soul?  I will know I have received, when I see it appear in my will to obey.  Regardless its source of arrival, there will be joy and praise to God.)

“Where is the storehouse of determination?”

With righteous expectation, the Holy Lord commands all men to become holy before his sight.  And he does not ask too much!  For he willingly gives the strength to overcome the wickedness of this place of testing.  Let us be willing to confess, that it is we who do not provide his rightful expectation.

He has promised that a man may go to him for wisdom, with full expectation of receiving.  By this he provides the tools to accomplish His Holy will among men. 

But I find a mystery at work in this.  Why do so few accomplish his rightful expectation?  And what strength do those who overcome employ?  The answer has come to me in the form of a question.  “Where is the storehouse of determination?”

The Holy Son of God knew where it was.  And from it he drew consistently.  For he was found fully pleasing before his Father, the Living God.

It is as if each man lives in a spacious place.  It is as if his own land.  God Himself commands us to farm this place and to keep it in good order.  It is His righteous and Holy expectation that we obey.

But what should a man say if he finds a task he cannot accomplish?  Perhaps a rebellious tongue abides on his own land.  Perhaps his besetting sin grows weeds faster and taller than the righteous crop expected. 

Frustration attends the man’s land as if a rebellious servant.  What hope does such a man have to accomplish the righteous holy will of his God?  Such a man needs another tool.  Such a man needs determination!

He has seen that others have it.  He has also perceived his own lack.  Yet he knows that God is faithful to provide.  So he has searched among his things to find determination.  Still his farm proves his lack.

With the little time God gives us in our life, do we have time to search the vastness of our own land?  And what should we say, if in our search, we have not found the means to obey?  Time grows short and we are bound to appear before him.  “Do I dare appear with a lack?”

God has required it of him.  God is just in all his expectations.  But where is the storehouse of determination?  And it must be a storehouse for it is not a singular tool!  It is a constant, overflowing, and endless resource.  Therefore there must be a storehouse of vast potential.  But where is it?

Who has found this place on his own land?  It is he who has succeeded to give the Living God his rightful expectation.  It is he who can be relied upon with excellent faithfulness.  It is the kind of man who receives all the excellent titles, both from God and man.  It is he, of whom it can be said, “This one has accomplished”, or “Well done thou good and faithful servant”.

So I ask again, with a hope of mist around me, that some man may answer me.  Or that God himself will lead me to it.  “Where is the storehouse of determination?”

By His Grace