The Temple

How the relentless wind blows; chilling the bones and securing the approaching season’s home.

Plowing the earth for snow’s foundation. The blinding white temple will be built, regardless man’s desire for Spring.

The Gospel blows upon the earth, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful in all its Holy intent; chilling all souls and preparing for the approaching season of eternity.

The plow rips the ground. The foundation of Lovely is established. The blinding white temple will be built, regardless Man’s desire for Spring.

The reason for turmoil is exposed. Who is wise? Who prepares for Winter?

The Rising Din

Every man who ever lived has heard the murmur of noise.  It is like a quiet hum in the ears of our souls.   If you listen, you’ll hear it even now.

Activity in Heaven is the cause of the noise.  A sustaining of all the vastness of that Holy space.  All the preparing for those who are coming to love the Living God’s Christ.

Holy weapons of love for the Living God’s Christ have kept their place within the very essence of each creature who abides in Heaven.  The hum of truth from their activity reaches even to the depths of this unholy mob of creatures here.  If you listen, you’ll hear it even now.

What is the vastness of Heaven?  The answer is, “Endless volume of Life”.  But I will open a secret.  I will expose what has remained promised since the day of Adam and Eve.

A moment approaches.  Even now, as each letter is laid in its proper place, that moment draws closer.  Let your soul’s ears hear the impact of this revealing.  Draw close to listen, as one might, as friends gathered around the camp fire to hear the ending of a stimulating story.

That moment will come when the Holy Father speaks “the Ending” to His Holy Son.  Without a moment’s hesitation, the Holy Son will move to seal this place of testing forever.

And here is the impact of that revealing moment:

Every Holy Creature, which lives in the vastness of Heaven, will fix his Holy eyes on earth.  Countless billions of creatures will turn from their holy work, to work toward the end of this unholy place.  The entirety of Heaven will focus on this place of abhorrent wickedness.

Are men afraid of a mob, which comes against them to tear them apart?  Enough fear of such things rises to loose the bowels.  How much fear will rise up within every soul, when the Holy Mob of Heaven turns its attention to the annihilation of this unholy place.

For now, men live as if in secret.  As though every thing they do and desire are removed from the attention of the Living God.  As though no creature has any interest in men’s doings.  Blind!  Such understanding is utter blindness!   Attention is simply waiting to be unleashed.

Give these things what thought you might.  The Holy moment of attention will come!  It will happen, for the Living God cannot lie.

Seek the Gospel of Christ Jesus.  In that Gospel alone, does peace toward that moment exist.