Where y’all going?

“Are you going to go to heaven?” Someone may ask you that. It’s the answer that I find very interesting. Perhaps we say “yes”. But isn’t that where our minds stop?

It’s not the arriving my friends. It’s the remaining.   We don’t go to heaven as if we mark it on our bucket list; as if someplace we have always wanted to go. 

 Those who trust the Lord Jesus, and count Him as their God, will THERE remain. His promise is to take us to a place we have never seen nor imagined.  Isn’t that true?

One might dare to say, “I’m already there”.  Isn’t his promise that solid and sure?

Belief Matters

What is it to believe in Christ? Is it just being righteous in some kind of religion? Is it just a clean conscience? How am I going to speak the answer I see?

If you believe the Living God has forgiven your sins. If you believe that you will live forever in a perfect body. What kind of joy you should fill your every day? What kind of love would you be pressingly anxious to deliver every moment in this life? I guarantee you it’s not the same joy and love the world talks about. They try to motivate each other all day long, but nothing ever changes does it.  

Look at this. These are just words. And that’s how most people take them. That’s not what they’re intended to be. They are the promise of the Living God in Jesus his honorable, faithful, righteous, and beautiful Son. And it is impossible for God to lie. They are words that are sealed with the blood of Christ, as if a wax seal on the scroll.  

Yes, I talk about God constantly. It’s because of his promise. And I would do it a lot more if I wasn’t shut down every place I turn.  

People say they believe in Jesus. There are a couple of definitions about believing. One definition is believing like a demon, “Yeah, I know God exists. And that doesn’t make me all too happy”. The only thing such a creature ever sees is sorrow and trouble. He thinks all there is to life is sorrow and trouble. He thinks all there is in eternity is sorrow and trouble. He thinks God is nothing more than sorrow and trouble. It’s no surprise that people who believe like the demons struggle in their faith and religion.  

Demons have a religion too you know; avoiding the Son of God if at all possible. They practice absolutely everything but what is good. They are eternally devoted to being utterly useless. And there are billions of people who follow their example.  

The other definition has to do with believing that God cannot lie. If he promised eternal life and forgiveness of sins, it is as if it has already been done. Such a creature lives for one specific purpose: to receive the things of God’s joyfully extended promise. And in the receiving there is a phenomenally generous giving. It’s impossible to shut that kind of person down.   

That’s what a Christian is. It’s got nothing to do with religion. It’s got to do with an enormously thankful heart. It’s got to do with the developing love for the One who has given life.  

Yeah, these are just words. But they are endlessly full of potential. Who will dare to believe? And how can such a believer be afraid of what others will think? Everyone will do what he has purposed in his own heart.  

The Living Promise 

The place where free will can be tested. A place where God’s commands can be broken. A place where free will can choose to love the One who made it, or despise Him forever.  

A place where it is possible for violence to be king. A place where it is possible for compassion to suffer seemingly endless sorrow. A place where there is no such thing as innocence, until God Himself comes to inhabit a body.  

That’s where we live, my Friends. Perhaps better said, that’s where we wait to die; when we will move into the next place of His creation. 

With deft and Holy intent, He made this place. He has set unimaginable rewards in a place we have yet to see. He has entered into chaos to give life to dead bones. And billions have already been sealed for eternal life and joy. 

Trust in Jesus cannot be useless. See how He delivered His promise. He did not come to deliver sorrow. He came into sorrow to deliver hope.  

Mistrust of everything in this world is appropriate. Not so with the promise of God. We restrain our joy at the things this world offers. But isn’t that because this world can not deliver what we need. Empty promises and broken hearts is all the world has in its hand.  

He promised you. It is impossible for Him to lie. When it comes to our Lord, we have every right to be full of joy and hope. If you have received the promise of God, you are engaged to be married to the King of all creation.  

He will never abandon you. He will never leave you hungry. You will not be dressed in rags, nor struggle to survive, alone. You will from eat all the beautiful things he desires to create. You will be full of joy, and that eternally.  

Measure the kind of hope He has delivered to our hearts. Measure, and be at peace.  

The Eternal Voice 

​You are a soul encapsulated in a body.  Here you are helpless.  Everything and everyone is an enemy and a threat.  Your deadly enemy walks in front of your house.  By the look on his face  you know he desires your end.

   But there is no reason to be afraid.

Remember what God Said.  He didn’t say it with words.  He said it with the sound of blood as it trickled down a wooden beam.  He said it with the sound of skin being pierced by Iron nails.  He said it with the sound of sweat breaking through to the surface of the skin.

“I love you.  I will help you.  I will bring you to be where I am.  I cannot lie.  I am more powerful than death itself.  I will provide for you.  I will sustain you, no matter what.  And all I want from you is trust.  Believe these things.”

“Get a Room!”

​You cannot take your love of God to the bank and ask for money.  You can’t tell them how you love God and expect them to hand you over $10,000.  That would be considered an insane attempt.  You’ll likely meet the men in blue in just a few minutes.
But I have seen that I cannot take my love for God anywhere and expect people to love me.  No, curiously enough, I am forced to keep my love for God suppressed when I’m face-to-face with another man.  To open my soul before another and openly praise the Living God’s Holy Son is often considered obscene.  Almost like they say, “Get a room”.
But I know of a place where the praise for the Living God will shake the foundations of Heaven.  Who knows how long that celebration will last.  Joy and love, like man has never seen, will fill the hearts of those who love the Lord Jesus.  They will sing and dance, yell and laugh.  They will hug each other with abandon.  And no one will ever be ashamed of His Holy name again.
This is a war zone.  A war of belief.  The question between the enemies is this: “Who is God, Man or Jesus”.  Choose your answer carefully.


I sat in a darkened corner of the bar.  All alone and stupefied by the things I’ve seen.  Nursing my fourth drink, my mind was nearing numbness.   Ah, that familiar and welcome place.

My eyes were obliviously staring toward the front door.  The door opened and the shadow of a ragged man filled its frame.  “Ah, something to watch”, I thought to myself.

He walked straight to my table, and just stood there.  It takes a little longer for a fuzzy brain to process information.  Eventually I stop staring.  The blurry figure took focus.  Since he appeared to be in no hurry, and nowhere to go, I let a moment pass before I offered him a chair.  With lazy movements he sat down.  So the tone was set, an easy-going lazy, easy conversation.

He put his arms on the table, not taking his eyes from mine.  With an Indescribably steady voice he said, “What are you doing here”.  I told him I was drinking to numb the pain of life.

“Do you know why it hurts?”  Kind of a curious question.  It made me reach a little deeper than the surface.  I told him no.  “I really don’t have the slightest clue.”  But he didn’t offer anything more.  No answers, no reflections, no Nothin.  So we sat there in silence for a few minutes.

I was the one to break the silence.  “It’s like I live in a hurricane.  Everything I do, everything I am, everything I say, gets blown away and tore to pieces.  And I can’t seem to find shelter.  So I come in here to numb the pain of being tossed against the wall.”

He looked down thoughtfully.  It didn’t look like he had anything to say.  It seemed he was just waiting for my mind to listen to his words.  Like getting used to silence just before the Big Bang.  He started speaking before his eyes began to rise.

“Life is a storm from birth to death.  Most people prefer the depths of a cave.  But there are some who dare to wander about.  These are better fed.  These are far stronger and more able.  Frankly, these are more useful.”

He had set the tone so, again, I followed what he did.  I lowered my head and watched the top of the table stay still.  I thought about what he said.  I thought about how odd it was that he opened the door and came to my table to say these things.  I thought about the storm of my life.  Then I thought about my weakness; how he came to me in my cave.

“If this is the storm that comes into my cave to batter me against the wall, what is it like outside?”  I was sincerely curious about these strong people.

He didn’t pause this time.  “Outside is death.  What is it like inside?”  It seems like my answer came from somebody I didn’t know.  But I was sure it was my own lips that said this, “It’s useless, it’s mundane, it’s tedious, it’s insane.  In short and in truth, it’s a slow painful death.  But somehow it seems equitable, to be distant from the rest.”  (A poem?  Really!)

Now the conversation took a bit of a faster pace.  Without the slightest hesitation he shot back, “Do you want to work?”  I really don’t know how, but I understood what he meant.  My stomach convulsed and made me say, “Yes”.  (Alright, I thought, we’re having a conversation, and I’m really weirdly involved.)  “Then go outside and die with me.”

I know my eyes got wide.  I could feel it in my soul.  Could this man be the answer?  There wasn’t a shred of apology in his voice.

“No one has ever stayed with me.  How do I know you won’t take me outside and abandoned me in a worse place than this?”  His reply shut my mouth.  “Because I said so, and I cannot lie.”

Why should I believe him?  But look how strong my want-to is.  I looked down and thought again.  What’s the difference?  Die in here or die out there, what’s the difference?  Then I knew what to say.  Then I knew what to do.  I didn’t say anything.  I simply got up and put my coat on.  Within a few moments we were silhouetted against those in the cave.  We left.

I’m writing this, aren’t I.  Yes I’m still alive.  I have weathered the most magnificent storm my mind could possibly imagine.  He has never left me.  He has guided every step I took.  He has healed my wounds.  He has taught me how to fight.  He has encouraged me to take risks that men in their caves don’t even know exist.  And there ain’t no way I’m going back!

By the way.  His name is Jesus.