Tools of the Trade

A curious observation:

The Romans were fixated on death. It was their form of authority, entertainment, and motivation to do what is right. Prosperity meant mingling of blood and money.

For the most part, today’s society is fixated on peace and longevity. It has to be said that they worship these. The majority of people don’t worship God they worship their own tranquility. Prosperity means apathy and money.

Still the world is no better off, because the presence of God is ignored just like it was in the days of Rome. The soul is only considered for the betterment of the man.

The tools of the trade have changed. But the trade remains, glorify Man.



​All the world wants to avoid sorrow.  They smack down poverty of every kind, as often as they possibly can; material things, financially, social, and poverty of the soul.  Yeah, they go after poverty with a vengeance.
But in my life I’ve noticed something interesting.  When I had things, and life seemed to go well, I tried to rest there.  “This is good enough”, I thought to myself.  I figured I could easily live this way all the rest of my life.  But sorrow came back.  The joy of peaceful stability was ruined.
Sorrow is a friend, it is not an enemy.  It does not come to destroy, it comes to teach.  Look how Innovative we become after a serious bout of sorrow.
Humanity is like a poor student in school.  No matter what needs to be learned there’s always resistance.  Humility and wisdom is the key.  They both force us to realize we don’t understand hardly anything.
Has your life been a series of sorrowful exploits?  Did you find that you just gave up?  I did.  I became innovative with the mud of my own mire.  I didn’t think it would ever stop.  
I have to say it was Jesus who transformed me.  His interaction with me through the last decade  would take volumes to write.  But I can summarize how he did it.  
He taught me how to make the bed in the morning.  He taught me how to do the dishes when I was done eating.  He taught me that when I see something needing picked up or done, do it.  He lifted me out of my mud pit by teaching me to be dutiful not dooless.
I still face sorrow.  It comes to visit nearly every day.  But I no longer look at it as an enemy.  It is filled with the lessons my teacher desires me to learn.  Prosperity is only an honest prayer away.

Owners of Decay, Owners of Eternity.

The prosperity of riches, among Man, is defined by those things a man might acquire. And so they bear their proper name.   Easily lost or destroyed by rust and various decay, such things have no right to bear the name “prosperity”.  For no sooner are they acquired (or even desired), they begin their demise.

Penniless paupers are those who desire only the things of this world.  But rich are those, and beyond voicing, who place their desire in the things of eternity.  This “hope” in Christ we own, is riches unspeakable.

Let the unbeliever ridicule the Christian.  Let them hope in every possible “value” in this world.  They stand as proud owners of decay.  But let understand sink in.  The Hope we own in Christ is given to us by He who is endlessly true.  Such a One cannot give any decay to anyone.  What He gives is a faith that cannot possibly die, except that a man might rise one day to choose doubt over belief.

Yet he who owns Prosperity of Eternity owns what is absolute.  This one is rich!  He is rich beyond his ability to know, yet he believes.

Doubt belongs to the owners of decay.  Belief is received by He who extends eternal riches.  Believe and prosper.  Doubt and remain a pauper.

The Dispassionate Objective of Death

I watch men live.  What am I seeing as I watch us?  I see men prosper in the way of man.

They work to gather food, shelter, prosperity of social standing, and some semblance of “worth”.  They create some form of religion for themselves, individually and corporate.  But do I see them prosper against death?  No.  I see death approach them regardless their toil.

Death has no regard for the diligent work they have done.  Death, not only has no respect for the things of man’s toil, it has no ability to recognize anything but demise.

Rust does not make any apology to metal as it reduces it back to the place from which it was taken.  And the flakes of dust rust causes, fall back to the earth without the slightest acknowledgment of metal’s history or accomplishment.  As it is with rust, so it is with death.  As it is with wickedness, so it is with the best “righteousness” of man’s intent.

Do you think you have become something because you have learned to prosper in the ways of man?  Frankly, you have no more right to consider your prosperity as “something”, any more than death recognizes any righteousness within you.

If you want to be something, appeal to the Holy One, Jesus The Christ of the Living God.  Only in Him will you find any lasting profit.  For He alone has hold of the two keys; the key of Life, and the key of Death.  Only in Jesus will you find direction to do and desire eternally good things.  Without Him, you can’t even read the Bible with any effective impact toward righteousness.

He has spoken a singular truth among us: “Without me you can do nothing”.  The longer I live, and the longer I witness the “doings” of man, the more vibrant the truth of that saying becomes.

Seek Him and learn what fullness of that saying you can.  Only then will you begin to do more than simply provide sustenance until death comes to claim what is rightfully his.  The fullness of what I am saying cannot be understood without His presence.

The East Fence

Snuggle up to the threshold of heaven.

There make your bed and wait.

Abandon the herd and wait by the East fence.

Lightning will splash on green grass and the lake.

But caring eternal fingers will pluck up those who wait.

Eat sparsely where the grass is dry.

The luscious fields that draw are a ruse.

The beckoning bellows of joy are a lie.

Listen for the voice of your herdsman’s truth.

To the East fence, and stay nearby.

By His Grace

To All Who Lead

How very typically pompous of men to create division in religion, or even civil matters.  Yet by the very nature of things in creation, hierarchy necessary.  For there are things among us that are holy.  And to our shame, there are things among us that are debased and thoroughly wicked.

Regulation of rebellion is required for the simple sake of life.  For the sake of even a semblance of order, hierarchy among men is required. 

You leaders of people; hundreds, thousands, or millions, have you considered what has given you your authority?  Have you considered what seals life among us?  Or do you believe that you have attained your position by your own strength of strategy?

The will of man can produce nothing but continuous death.  How then can hope prosper among us if the leader’s only visions produce destruction? 

The ways of Man are nothing but death.  Do you know this?  Have you even considered this? 

You are set in place by necessity.  Have you taken the time to consider the meaning of the word “righteous”?  Have you considered that there is a storehouse from which all things righteous come?  Have you appealed, continuously, to the Holy One of God for help in the decisions you make every moment?  If not, how can you hope to produce anything good from the very place you have been given to inhabit?

Holy Father I ask you to broadcast this message.  Even as you have done with all things in creation: glorify your Holy Son, that Your will may be accomplished among men.  I place this message in your Holy hands.  My hands have strung the letters together.  But the message belongs to your Holy Son, Your Righteous One, Jesus the Christ. 

May Your mercy allow understanding according to your excellent will.  By Your Grace alone my God, and this through faith, may Your Holy will be done forever.


By His Grace